Deep trust in life is not a feeling but a stance that you deliberately take. It is the attitude we call courage.

Br. David Steindl-Rast

Some of you may have noticed (or are regularly visiting) our Practice Space where we offer a Daily Question to enhance grateful awareness. Each day we are moved by and learn from the responses that appear. The reflections are joyful, poignant, subtle, poetic, loving, generous, sophisticated, playful, vulnerable, and, of course, infused with gratitude.

We offer the following selection of responses to one of our recent Daily Questions. May these reflections serve to open a doorway to gratefully loving the world and finding ways to live accordingly.

When has trusting life given you insight?

When I let go of trying to control things and trust that what is meant for me will be, regardless of any actions I try to take or any thoughts I have about a situation. It gives me peace. ~sm

In very challenging situations, such as bereavements, I have maintained a perspective that there will be growth and something good will ultimately come of it. ~malag

I am going through a very difficult time at the moment at work. I went to lunch with a new trainee a few days ago. We were talking about how we had both ended up where we are now; career choices etc. We talked about the paths in life we have taken which lead us to were we are now. I explained to the trainee that I ended up in my dream career now when I failed the interview for the job I had always wanted since I left high school. I explained that I believed that so far everything in my life on was right on track and that failing to get my childhood dream job lead to: traveling internationally, meeting my husband, finding my vocation, 100os of marvelous memories and 100 of wonderful and deverse friends.

And in that moment in the staff canteen. I realised that my difficult time now is the next phase of life and it will lead to more years of wonderful memories. I just have to ride out this storm to get to experience the next period of wonderful weather. ~nadders

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When I can surrender to just the moment and live in that, it really helps. I can stay much calmer. ~Melissa

A few years ago, I found myself being particularly open to synchronicities in my life. Because of this openness, I had a dream that guided me to watch a particular documentary film; a fortune cookie that warned me that my shoes were about to break and that I needed new ones; and a divinely guided knowing that I was to attend Eden Theological Seminary for my graduate degree. I still have these insights at times even now, such as my current insight, based on the intellectual struggles I’ve had lately, that I am to be an expert on the psychology of forgiveness.
~Hot Sauce

Whenever things end up not as bad as I think they will be. ~Lauryn

At times when I have felt like reacting to something, I am able to wait and see what the eventual outcome is. It has served me well in emotionally charged situations. If I could just remember to do it all the time! ~Linda

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I’ve really been given tremendous comfort from the fact that the biggest struggles in my life have turned out to be “blessings in disguise” in one way or another: growing up painfully shy has turned me to be more empathetic, inclusive, and good with children; battling depression has turned me into a mental health advocate, a voice, given me perspective, and also just helps to appreciate the good days and small things (seriously, light bulbs make me very happy and I know that sounds strange but it’s a thing!) But then also bad events and bad people have turned out to be a good thing: getting fired from one job led to my finally finishing and getting my degree at age 29 – something that had made me feel terrible about and something I felt compelled to lie about for years! Even then losing my job again during this pandemic led to another degree, this time finally for the thing I’ve always wanted to do.

As for everything regarding this pandemic – there’s no denying that it’s been an incredibly painful and challenging year for the whole world. In trusting life and going off of history, I do believe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I do think that there is some good to come from it all, namely: being reminded to be made grateful for what we do have amongst the great loss, the rising unity despite the division, the growing awareness – of social issues, of injustices, etc., the rise/revival of so much creativity & refocusing on community – I could go on! ~Stewhan

When I hitch-hiked through Europe with very little money and relied on day-labor options and then when no work, people’s generosity. ~Cathie

By doing nothing, it can often be the best course of action. Stop and create a space and listen. ~Don

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When I can calm and trust my history/life or life-history, I know I can face almost anything and come out the other side well, blessed, and even end up in a better place with gains. The insight is one that engenders peace, courage, a deep knowing. It can be a struggle to get to that place, but better than mountain climbing over molehills. ~Dusty Su

I have anxiety and panic disorder for close to 6yrs now. I was experiencing many attacks on my way to work and in social events. I felt as if my social life was over since almost anything triggered me. I began to isolate myself and build a fear of crowds and not being home. I speak to you now a TRAVELER and specialist in Habit Revision/Change. Don’t get me wrong I still experience panic however I am more comfortable and at ease when thinking about my life and trusting my process.~k’Care-Reena

In the past I had trust issues in a lot of different areas. I am realizing that sometimes things come into my life and I have to trust myself that my instincts will guide me in making the best decision possible. ~Devy

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Most of the time I’m unaware whether I’m trusting life or not. Let Go Let God is probably the best I can do, and when I do that I feel like a weight has been lifted. ~Peter

This question causes the hair on my neck to rise. Which tells me I need to spend some time with it….Trust is a gigantic word, with many meanings. I can look at it like this: I see life as a sky above me, and the particular event I am in as an airplane, zooming through this skyline….so if I sit back and look at the whole picture, I relax because this event is moving through my life/sky and will be gone soon. Then, and only then, can I trust that it will not overtake the whole of my life. ~Mary Pat

Through difficult times trusting life has given me insight. Having this website as a daily routine has been a huge help for me. I value everyone’s responses and love this community. ~Michele

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