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A Grateful Day

The Way of Grateful Living

As a way of life grounded in taking nothing for granted, Grateful Living brings deeper peace, greater well-being, and an enhanced capacity for joy to people all around the globe. As a moment-to-moment practice, it wakes us up to the opportunities always available to us, even in the most uncertain and challenging times. Join us to explore trustworthy pathways and practices that will help you approach, frame, and learn from everything that unfolds in your life. Bring the gifts of gratitude to life, and in so doing become a force for healing in your life and in the world. 

These Five Guiding Principles can serve as touchstones to support your practice:

Community Voices

A child at the top of a ladder reaching for the sky
Community Reflections

Community Reflections: Courage

by The Grateful Living Community
Our community reflects on the question “What have I done recently that has required courage?”
Woman's hand holding a shedded butterfly wing in her palm
Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude for Shedding

by Alex Elle
In this story of Grateful Living, Alex Elle shares insight on how gratefulness relates to…
Grateful Voices

Grateful Voices: Claire

by The Grateful Living Team
In this short film, Claire shares her story of deafness, defiance, grit, and gratitude.

Word for the Day

Photo Credit: Kai Oberhäuser

We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

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Every hour of every day, people around the globe count on us for comfort, encouragement, and hope. Each year over 1,000,000 people access our offerings — all delivered with love, all available for free. As a community-based nonprofit, 100% of our funding comes from people like you who help to sustain and share the blessings that Grateful Living offers. We are thankful.

This website has brought peace, hope, inspiration, and education worldwide. I’m honored to support this global work to enrich humanity, as you have enriched my life.


Thank you! The only words I would use to describe your dedication and mission are love and grace. Please continue the great work.


To all of you at Grateful Living…Thank you, thank you for your beautiful, inspired and loving work. You have blessed my life in amazing ways.


The words of the day form a beautiful spiritual path, providing not only direction but reassurance and hope daily. Thank you!


This site is truly beautiful. I can’t tell you how many people to whom I’ve sent it who go to it every day as do I. Thank you!


Thank you for the wonderful and uplifting resources you provide – and above all the reminder to be grateful!


Thank you for your daily support of who we are becoming!


Really appreciate your sane, thoughtful perspective on a challenging world.