Stories of Grateful Living

Gratefully Regaining Resilience

by Margaret Wakeley
I have always been a resilient person. I’ve had my fair share of tragedies and…
stones seen beneath blue sea waters

Is a Religious Site?

by Margaret Wakeley
Q: I wonder is your site religion-based?  I am a nontheist Quaker.  I love all the…

Honoring Peter Stewart, Founder of Thanks-giving Square

by Margaret Wakeley
"What he set in motion singlehandedly has become a worldwide groundswell of gratitude that keeps…


by Margaret Wakeley
Margaret Wakeley sings John Bucchino's song "Grateful" -- a heartfelt honoring of life's many blessings.…
Margaret Wakeley

Margaret Wakeley

About the author
Margaret Wakeley holds a degree in psychology from Tufts University, and has worked as a vocalist, recording artist, and voice-over actor, performing throughout the United States and Europe. As she started a family, her music shifted from venues around the world to local performances and benefits for various organizations and charities. For thirteen years, Margaret served as Program and Community Development Coordinator for A Network for Grateful Living, and helped Br. David Steindl-Rast with his engagements, archives, and publishing interests. Both her sons, Sam and Casey, are thriving as musicians in the band, X Ambassadors.