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Stories of Grateful Living

Benefits of Practicing Radical Gratitude

by J. Richelle Joe
How I found healing through journaling and reminiscing about photographs.... I decided to find a…
Stories of Grateful Living

Moving Past Resentment to Grateful Living

by Dr. Kerry Howells
"The deepest craving of human nature is the need to be appreciated." ~ William James…
Stories of Grateful Living

Living Gratefully Through Sharing a Kidney

by Jan Passion
To radically transform someone else's life at -- in the grand scheme of things --…
Stories of Grateful Living

Love Connects Us: 7 Ways to Live in Love, Every Day!

by Colette Lafia
We must ask ourselves, “How can I bring love forward and be a part of…
Stories of Grateful Living

You Never Know Until You Ask

by Elizabeth Brando
The possibility for connecting is always available to us, we just have to believe in…
Stories of Grateful Living

Olive Tree Books-n-Voices: A Calling and a Community

by Zelmon Johnson
I was more interested in a community bookstore where people could walk to it and…
Stories of Grateful Living

Seven Lessons Learned from Leaves

by Paul Cotter
In March 2020, I wrote a piece titled I Am a Leaf that appeared on…
Stories of Grateful Living

Vote with Love

by the Vote With Love team
In order to see a world that reflects our hearts, it takes challenging ourselves and…
Stories of Grateful Living

Sauntering with Gratitude

by Jotipālo Bhikkhu
Here in our Stories of Grateful Living, we honor the voices of our community as…
Stories of Grateful Living

Mygration Story: On Grit and Gratitude

by Nava Hinrichs-Pasutto
...any challenges I may have faced as a migrant led me to acquire a crucial…
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Stories of Grateful Living

Gratitude Behind Bars: Ashley Law

by Ashley Law
A moving response received from one of the participants in Grateful Anyhow, a project in…
Stories of Grateful Living

A Heart with Wings

by Katie Rubinstein
The practice of grateful living has had something to teach me about the tenacity of…
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