What are Grateful Gatherings?

Over twenty years ago, our founder Br. David Steindl-Rast articulated a compelling vision of groups of people around the globe coming together to discover, practice, and share how to live gratefully. He imagined a network of individuals and communities connected by the shared hope to transform themselves, their communities, and the world through the practice of gratefulness. Grateful Gatherings are the manifestation of that vision. 

Today, Grateful Gatherings around the globe foster rich and meaningful conversations exploring the transformative practice of grateful living. They take place in people’s homes, online, and in public spaces, providing community and connection, and empowering people to live meaningful lives of joy and belonging. When you join or host a Grateful Gathering, you become part of a growing, global community of grateful seekers and practitioners. 

How do I join a Grateful Gathering?

Explore our Directory to find a virtual gathering or an in-person gathering near you. The list features Grateful Gatherings hosts by their first name, preferred email address, and location in which their gatherings take place. To join a group near you, contact the host directly at the email address provided.

How do I host my own Grateful Gathering?

We’re glad you’re interested! Please visit this page to learn more.