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  1. Robin Ann

    To be honest this site brings me a lot of comfort and peace. I have been coming here for about a year now.
    I notice that I am more spiritual, compassionate, aware of my beautiful surroundings. I agree with more balanced too.
    I am able to handle my challenges with a calmer manner as well make sure I am taking care of myself thru practicing yoga
    and exercise. I look forward to the daily questions and reading everyone’s reflections. I love that this group is so kind and open.
    Happy Winter Solstice!

    6 months ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      And a Happy Winter Solstice to you Ronin Ann!

      6 months ago
  2. O.Christina

    Gratefulness as an inner position towards life has become a perspective always possible to be chosen any time and then immediately brightens up the world in and around, is also supporting the sense of belonging. Sometimes more prominent, sometimes overruled by the daily affairs or difficulties. Being grateful supports peace.

    6 months ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Anything that supports peace is a good thing.

      6 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    Living on an island deep in the southern hemisphere, it is easy to lose sight on my Neighbour’s. Communing in this lovely oasis of gratitude brings a gentle opening and inclusiveness.

    6 months ago
  4. Dolores Kazanjian

    Positive changes? Absolutely. What? Just about everything, I am more mellow, more serene, more optimistic, happier, kinder, more grateful (!), less likely to complain, more focused on what’s right with my life, not what’s “wrong.” It’s literally the best thing that’s happened to me.

    6 months ago
  5. pkr

    My life feels more full, richer, deeper, since actively making gratefulness an integral part of my life. Being grateful is a choice I consciously made awhile back, and because of that choice my attitude in general changed. I realized how blessed I am on so many levels. I find joy in the smallest of things. Life got sweeter with my gratefulness practice.❤️
    Thank you to All here & behind the scenes.
    Happy Winter Solstice….✨

    6 months ago
  6. Carol

    Practicing gratefulness has created the opportunity to live a better more fulfilling life.

    6 months ago
  7. Pilgrim

    I am going to go with a lot of noticing as a practice. I know I have mentioned before the activities in my backyard. But this morning I am rather flabbergasted by Eagles in the trees nearby, robins all over the backyard playing around and munching on leaves, even with some snow out there. It is cloudy and 32, but that isn’t stopping them. Squirrels are also running around – black, grey and the occasional brown one. Who needs a TV?!
    Blessings on the day, my friends.

    6 months ago
  8. Charlie T

    I am so grateful that a friend sent me
    the link to this website. Timing is
    everything. Practicing gratitude has
    helped me live a more balanced life.
    Helping me notice and appreciate the
    positive things that are all around me.

    6 months ago
  9. Yram

    I have had a grateful living practice for many years without naming it. I am not sure when I was introduced to this site but it has been a life changer in keeping me in the present. All folks involved in keeping the site going are amazing. This means all who respond to the question and are in the community room. Without you I would have a deep hole in my spirituality.

    6 months ago
  10. Journey

    In meditation it says every time your mind wanders, come back to your breath. So also, every time I feel stressed or upset about something, coming back to Gratitude and giving thanks for what I do have is the same as coming back to your breath. This site and all the posts is a wonderful daily practice to start my day grateful.

    6 months ago
  11. sunnypatti

    I worry less, and I am usually able to find something positive in the negative. I trust God/the Universe more, and I feel like I have a relationship to spirit.

    6 months ago
  12. Josie

    While I have accessed the Gratefulness site daily for 10+ years, this added ” Be Reflective” component has been a wonderful group support addition to my life.
    It has enhanced my grateful living. Thanks to all who post, read & manage this site. Namaste!!

    6 months ago
  13. Avril

    Like Kevin, I can’t say there was a formal beginning. I’ve been dabbling on this site for about 10 years lighting candles and reading brother David. Over the last two or three years, I’ve tried to be fairly consistent with some lapses. However, I noticed when I am consistent with this daily reflection, there are palpable changes. it’s a bit like a chicken i and an egg. The consistency here loops back into consistency, other places loops back into here, etc. I can say when I’m on here I’m generally doing better staying connected to the center. What I need to do is drill down when things are difficult. Reading your posts and knowing you’re all out there is such comfort. Such positivity. Even in some of my other circles of traditional yoga and meditation there can be a cerebral and sterile quality. The heart in here is overwhelming. Thank you.

    6 months ago
    1. Josie

      “The heart in here is overwhelming.”
      So true, Avril.

      6 months ago
      1. lasvistasjeanne

        yes, what a beautiful choice of words. Thank you!

        6 months ago
  14. Mary Mantei

    I have been an optimist for most of my life. I believe I learned that optimism just worked better than other perspectives for me in my life. I’ve also been criticized or chided for my optimism more than once., and I am okay with that, we all operate from a perspective for a reason.
    So what does this have to do with changes in my life in relationship to gratefulness? Gratefulness, or gratitude might seem like an optimistic stance one takes. What I have learned is that it is different, for me quite different. Gratefulness slows me down. It reinforces so much good around me. I appreciate what Kevin said about the “osmosis” effect of gratefulness. It does seem to seep in more and more as time goes on, and often but not always as the initial response.
    The other thing I notice is the value of this online community in relationship to living a life of gratefulness. Your lives inspire me, teach me, make me smile, and stimulate my imagination. Participating with all of you has been a new experience regarding what I consider my spiritual development. Indeed a positive experience. Thank you each.

    6 months ago
    1. Dolores Kazanjian

      Speaking as someone who is married to an optimist like yourself, some of what comes out as criticism is envy. The gratitude practice has helped me a lot to have a more optimistic attitude. Don’t ever lose your optimism!

      6 months ago
      1. Mary Mantei

        Oh Dolores, thank you for your enthusiastic support.❤️

        6 months ago
    2. Avril

      Thank you, too, Mary

      6 months ago
  15. Michele

    I find myself looking forward to coming on this site each day to see what the Daily Question will be and reading all the responses.
    This website definitely is a positive change. With tomorrow’s paycheck, I plan on making a donation.

    6 months ago
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