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  1. Robin Ann

    That my sanity stays in check lol. Seriously though it helps me a great deal!

    10 months ago
  2. O.Christina

    You in my heart while fully and gratefully being there.

    10 months ago
  3. m
    margie b

    I have all that I need. I am enough and have enough – Life is a blessing full of many gifts

    10 months ago
  4. Carol

    It changes everything because it requires me to see the cup half full instead of half empty. It accents the positive not the negative. It reminds me that I can learn and I can grow no matter what the circumstance.

    10 months ago
  5. Nannette

    When I am greateful, I find everything is better…the world is brighter and life is good!!

    10 months ago
  6. Barb C

    That there is so much to be grateful for, everywhere, every day.

    10 months ago
  7. Charlie T

    I notice that I have less anxiety and a
    calmer outlook. I also notice that I seem
    to have more options and possibilities
    and really just a general lifting of my mood.
    How I perceive the world around me is
    something that I (surprisingly) have some
    control over. This has been the lesson for
    me and a big part of my practice.
    Opening up a new way of being in this world.
    Thank you all for sharing here.

    10 months ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      That is a nice photo Charlie!

      10 months ago
    2. Michele

      I like your new profile pic Charlie 🙂

      10 months ago
    3. S
      Ana Maria

      Thank you Charlie! Powerful!

      10 months ago
  8. Joseph McCann

    The sheer beauty and wonder of life. My life. This life and this planet I have been given to live on. I will cherish this from present moment to present moment and not squander my time nor my kindness.

    10 months ago
  9. Yram

    Serenity and purposefulness.

    10 months ago
  10. sunnypatti

    Joy, peace, connection.

    10 months ago
  11. Butterfly

    I notice how much calmer and happier I am. How present I feel and how much better my interactions are with others.

    10 months ago
  12. Laura

    I notice small things that suddenly amaze me — the intricate grain in the floor, the veins in a leaf, the velvet texture of a flower petal.

    10 months ago
  13. Carla

    There’s illumination and additional beauty in everything.

    10 months ago
  14. EJP

    I notice the multitude of blessings in my life and feel the fullness in my heart.

    10 months ago
  15. Don Jones

    Flow happens effortlessly and a smile comes to my lips.

    10 months ago

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