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  1. Robin Ann

    Going to my weekly church Mass which has a beautiful music ministry and a great Pastor. He is equally very serious but also extremely funny.
    Often everyone claps after his homily. Community is very important at my church. I have been going to this church for like 30 yrs!

    1 week ago
  2. A

    Recently, I have felt stuck in a state of “fight or flight.” I have been so go go go, trying to check everything off my to do list, that I have ignored the simple pleasures and happiness in life. I feel I have taken things slightly too seriously, and have had trouble having fun and engaging in my life and connecting with others. I have ignored my mental health and internal state in an effort to complete and better my outward, external state. That being said, I have been working hard these past few days to step into the light, and out of the dark hole I feel I am close to being thrown into. I have been working more on my mental health through journaling, reflecting, and meditating every day.

    Journaling, reflecting, and meditating have helped me helped me develop a sense of connection to the sacred. By connecting with myself, I feel like I am connecting with something higher, something beyond the materialistic and achievements of life. I am looking internally for love and by doing so, am cultivating an internal love that can spread outwards to others and create a pure sense of connection.

    1 week ago
    1. S
      Ana Maria

      Sending lots of love your way. Good for you for taking care of your self so you can do for others.

      1 week ago
  3. Don Jones

    I think it those day-to-day moments and decisions. When confronted by an opportunity to gossiping and choosing not to. When confronted by someone driving in a dangerous manner but deciding not to get angry. When confronted by rudeness but deciding to respond with compassion. The sum of these day-to-day choices have a guiding hand for me.

    1 week ago
    1. Carol

      Don, I see that as a sacred response.

      1 week ago
  4. S
    Ana Maria

    Beautiful day to connect to my sacred. Today is a very special birthday of someone I love tha is not longer physically with us. My heart aches for all the loved ones that miss this beautiful soul, leaving us way too young. Today I will dedicate my thoughts and the sacreness of the day to her. Thank you to all of you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on this page. You are a gift!

    1 week ago
  5. Charlie T

    Nature usually does it for me.
    Or the night sky. Or maybe a
    particularly personal piece of
    music. A deep meditation can
    make me feel connected to
    something bigger than me.
    All of this and more are always
    available, if I’m open to receiving.

    1 week ago
  6. Carol

    “We are all Leaves of One Tree. We are all Waves of One Sea.” Thich Nhat Hanh

    “When we acknowledge that all life is sacred and that each act is an act of choice and therefore sacred, then life is a sacred dance lived consciously each moment. When we live at this level, we participate in the creation of a better world.”
    –Scout Cloud Lee

    I tend to shy away from the word “sacred.” I prefer the word “grace.” But, I have no doubt we walk on Holy Ground.

    Recognizing Our Own Truth or Matter Matters by C. Conner
    We have trouble recognizing,
    because we are geared to denying
    our own truth.

    We’re hung up on analyzing,
    collecting and fantasizing
    our own story.

    We’re so busy knowledge-ing,
    there’s no room left for knowing
    our true Self.

    We’re so intent on fact finding,
    finite and dualistic thought-mining
    we miss the heart of the matter.

    You matter
    I matter
    Our choices Matter!

    Behold the gift of life
    Share and care for it

    1 week ago
  7. Avril

    I’m aware the sacred is all around. I missed posting here yesterday. That supports my need for a routine connecting me to the sacred. My rituals bring the principles of “stop, look, and go” into the forefront of my consciousness. When I rush, or I’m mindless, the mundane is just that: when I am established in my practices, everything becomes extraordinary.

    1 week ago
    1. Carol

      Avril, Thank You! Early this morning I was stuck in the rush and I was mind-filled not mindful!

      1 week ago
      1. L
        Loc Tran

        Carol. That’s a great line; mind-filled vs mindful.

        1 week ago
  8. Kevin

    Meeting for worship among fellow Quakers.

    1 week ago
    1. Carol

      I wish there was a Quaker worship gathering offered in my area, Kevin.

      1 week ago
      1. Kevin

        I am not sure where you are, Carol, but if you go to, that site will show you where we are, and are not. If that’s not helpful, let me know. We can zero in closer to your area and I’m guessing we’ll find something. (Sorry for the delay in getting back.)

        7 days ago
        1. Carol

          Thanks, Kevin

          6 days ago
  9. Yram

    The awareness of a Presence in my life.
    The budding of nature now.

    1 week ago
    1. Avril

      Hi Yram❤️

      1 week ago
  10. pkr

    Meditation & Prayer. Reading scripture.
    Mother Nature. Trees, Birdsong, watching spring unfold. Flowers, the moon, stars, the wind, the sky, clouds.
    Walking amongst the Redwoods & breathing their restorative air.
    Babies….cats & dogs.
    All of it. I feel the sacred everywhere.❤️🙏🏻

    1 week ago
  11. C
    Carissa Thomas

    Cultivating mindfulness through meditation and staying present throughout the day. Noticing and slowing down.

    1 week ago
    1. L
      Loc Tran

      Carissa, perfect response. Nice and succint.

      1 week ago
  12. L
    Loc Tran

    meditation and being able to feel a sense of belonging in a social group

    1 week ago
  13. Ngoc Nguyen

    Kindness of strangers that I encounter in my life.

    1 week ago
  14. Laura

    Stillness within me. Gratitude for this abundant life. Witnessing joy in others.

    1 week ago
  15. Michele

    Ancient sacred sites

    1 week ago
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