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  1. Malag

    A reverence for the preciousness of this earth and this life 

    2 years ago
  2. Dusty Su

    What connects you to a sense of the sacred?

    I have said for decades that the ocean is my church. Music lifts my soul and moves me to other realms. Reading empathetically transports me. Simple acts of love and kindness can be a pure reflection of God’s hands in action. A sunrise, shooting stars, hummingbirds’ migration bring tears.

    But today, even in the most tragic of settings, the tranquil look on the face of my friend’s brother (my Thai family) who just passed is the most sacred of all. Gone is the cancer, struggle, pain, and discouragements of life. With tender love, his family has bathed and dressed him in a suit and placed him on a bed for a time of prayer with monks and well-wishers. The golden flowers in his hand at his breast have readied him to cross the bridge to the beyond. Those mourning his loss pour lustral water over his other outstretched hand to release any ill deeds between them.

    Even in the time of COVID-19 and forced distance, we send him off with love and gratitude. I whisper a prayer of sorts. “Don’t look down, nor back, our friend. Look ahead! May what greets you be better than you could ever expect. May the Angels gather you in love, and may those of us who remain journey on well until we meet again!” Sadhu/Amen!

    2 years ago
    1. Debra

      Beautifully expressed with so much feeling and love. Bless you,

      1 year ago
      1. Dusty Su

        Thank you. Bless you, too!

        1 year ago
    2. Michele

      Condolences to you on the loss of your friend from Thailand. What a beautiful reflection and description.

      2 years ago
      1. Dusty Su

        Thank you Michele…appreciated…

        2 years ago
  3. Antoinette

    Life -consciousness Connect me to the sacred.

    2 years ago
  4. L

    Being in nature and just being alone with my thoughts in my bedroom with a candle lit helps to keep me grounded. Spending time with my dogs and cuddling them is especially a connecting experience acknowledging how my time with them is in a sense limited. Going to temples and churches also connects me. Really anywhere peaceful & quiet with no distractions where I can be alone with my thoughts.

    2 years ago
    1. Michele

      yes, candlelight is peaceful and a bit magical too:)

      2 years ago
  5. Alexie

    What connects me to a sense of the sacred: nature, reading outside, music, and love.

    2 years ago
  6. s

    Nature – everytime!

    2 years ago
  7. Don Jones

    To realise my true nature is to realise that one is the only One that is. This is a paradoxical combination of worship, admiration, wonder, for the One, and at the same time realising that all this is the experience of the One by the One. That one’s own Self-awareness is none other than God’s own Self-awareness.

    2 years ago
  8. Hajira 💕 Buser

    What connects me to the sacred:
    Dancing 🩰
    Reading 📖 holy texts
    Hearing birds sing as I work my garden in the morning
    Loving & hurting
    In pausing and becoming aware

    Thus do I see and feel the divinity in the sacred place inside.

    2 years ago
  9. d

    The earth the earth the earth the earth the trees the trees the trees

    2 years ago
  10. Erica

    Being outside, listening to my children talking and laughing with each other, prayer, sitting quietly with my puppy, meditating, walking.

    2 years ago
  11. Mica

    My heart, sometimes –

    2 years ago
  12. Linda

    When I truly connect with another person. Be it a child who smiles at me in the mall, or a dear friend who patiently listens when I need it. The sacred is in all of us and I am grateful for this reminder to pay more attention.

    2 years ago
  13. Debra

    What connects me to a sense of the sacred? Love connects me in an ever-present way to the sacred and I am immensely grateful for those loved ones, acquaintances and strangers that bless my path with the guidance of Spirit.

    2 years ago
  14. L

    Nature is what comes to mind for me.

    2 years ago
  15. SK

    When the veil is lifted and I am in that “thin place ” (Celtic) for being in the presence of Holy. It is when I know God walks in my garden when I see the trees moved by the wind I cannot see; when the sunlight of the mornings and afternoons play against each leaf with brilliance; when the whooosh of life flows through me with such peace. That is the sacred to me.

    2 years ago
    1. Mica

      ‘Thin place’ – thank you, SK – I’ll try to be aware of that

      2 years ago
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