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  1. Robin Ann

    I worked from home today so I was not around anyone today. It has been rainy for a few days here but had the opportunity to take our dog Stanley for a walk in between any rain, that always creates joy in him!

    7 months ago
  2. Nannette

    The only other person I will see today is my husband…so hopefully I will be kind, and pleasant to him…and perhaps add a bit of joy to share!

    7 months ago
  3. Linda

    A friend asked me to accompany her to her company’s Christmas party. She is from another country and some of her coworkers haven’t been very friendly. I am happy to go with her and chat up the sourpusses!

    7 months ago
  4. O.Christina

    Finally after accompanying a friend all day with difficult themes, related pain has come to rest in him almost unexpectedly. He started talking to his mother and joy appeared in both of them – and so in me also. Such a gift. It could not be created, only invited, and that it appeared was grace. Thank you dearly.

    7 months ago
  5. pkr

    I just did, earlier today. I texted a friend who has been having an issue with her knee asking how it was, how she was & included words of encouragement. She texted me back thanking me & said she was uplifted by my “kindness”.
    I believe she had a “joyful” moment.
    I try to be kind & helpful daily. It makes me feel good.
    Have a joy-filled day all.✨🌟😊

    7 months ago
  6. Amy

    I would have to agree with Kevin. I need to smile, look someone in the eye and say hello to someone today.

    7 months ago
  7. Emmaleah

    I will spend the majority of my day “in character.” My son, who is on the Autism spectrum, lives most of his life “acting out” whatever hilarious and dramatic scenarios spark his interest at the moment and he LOVES it when I play along. Right now, he is enamored with Lilo and Stitch so I will probably spend my day pretending to be an alien henchman who kidnaps Stitch. I know it will bring him great amounts of joy.

    7 months ago
  8. Barb C

    Love this question!
    I’m preparing for a weekend visit with my younger sister. I haven’t seen her in in person in quite a while. I’m packing up goodies to take with me–she’ll get a whole slew of things I made and preserved over the fall along with a tin of Cougar Gold cheese (best aged white cheddar in the world, I kid you not, made by our mutual alma mater Washington State University). I’m buying some vanilla syrup for lattes for her partner because that’s his favorite. Because it’s harder to get things on the island she lives on and everything costs more I’ve asked what groceries I can get for her too.
    I’m taking the afternoon off from work and my husband and I are going for a walk and then on a simple quest: We both want some really good slippers. Finding those would spark some joy for both of us.
    Last night one of my newest staff was working late and I told her she should stop–it was dinnertime. She wanted to finish the project and asked if she could keep working if she takes off early today. I said yes, and this afternoon I’ll send a message to remind her that I really meant that. I don’t want to set the precedent of her putting in overtime as an eager contributor and getting worn out by overwork. I emphasize balance with all my staff and I know she’ll appreciate the evidence that I really mean it–maybe even feel joy, since she made a big decision to leave her other job and come work for me.

    7 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    Well, today I get to help a friend buy a
    used car. So, I think he’s pretty joyful
    about having a car once again. It’s been
    a process, but luckily, I have some time
    right now to do this with him.
    In general, I try to be joyful. Or maybe
    I should say, I am joyful. Trying to force
    being joyful seems like a difficult task.
    The more I think about it, the more I
    realize that, I set the stage for joy.
    By taking care of myself and taking care
    of the business of my life, and helping
    those around me, joy is right there. I
    don’t have to create anything. Joy is
    the natural state when my life is in
    balance, or at least a proximity to
    balance. This really is my selfish goal.

    7 months ago
    1. Barb C

      “I set the stage for joy” is a great way to approach life, Charlie!

      7 months ago
  10. sunnypatti

    I have to get some groceries today, so I’ll be sure to smile at strangers and be kind to my cashier – pretty standard for me, and I do hope it gives joy to those I interact with.

    7 months ago
  11. Kevin

    Simple. Smile, make eye contact, and say hello!

    7 months ago
  12. Yram

    To be myself in reaching out with small acts of kindness.

    7 months ago
  13. Carol

    I will do my best to truly be present to those who cross my path today. I’m not sure that will bring them joy but hopefully it will make my day and their day more enjoyable! We all have a need to be seen and heard. I did have an interesting experience yesterday. I was at the grocery store and they always have a greeter stationed at the door. I realized as I entered the store that it was the same gentleman whose presence had touched me deeply a couple of weeks ago. An energy I can only describe as loving and caring emanates from him and it is obvious he does not realize it. Well, there it was again yesterday. I felt it immediately. I got my groceries and as I left the store, I was compelled to speak to him one on one. I shared my experience, what I felt two weeks ago and again yesterday when in his presence. He looked down at his feet with such humility and in a quiet voice, he said “You are a blessing. You’ve made my day.” I replied, “The first time it happened, I didn’t speak but when it happened again, I had to tell you.”

    7 months ago
    1. Michele

      this brings tears of joy to my eyes – thank you Carol.

      7 months ago
    2. Nannette

      Carol, What a wonderful experience and so kind of you to tell the man. He has a special gift…and so do you!

      7 months ago
  14. J

    A co-worker of mine recently lost her mother. She is not the type to open up, and I don’t expect her to. I want to let her know I am thinking of her and here for her, but unsure of how to do so. Any suggestions?

    7 months ago
    1. Michele

      I use this website to light a candle – you can do that and send it to her.

      7 months ago
    2. Charlie T

      A gentle and quiet and private
      acknowledgment of her situation,
      is usually well received.
      Even a card handed to her quietly
      can be helpful.

      7 months ago
      1. Barb C

        I agree with Charlie. Later, when it isn’t so raw, if you have the chance you might find an opportunity to invite her to share some favorite memories. Being able to speak about a loved one after they’re gone to someone who listens is a gift.
        A year from now people will have forgotten. If you mark your calendar and on the anniversary of her death (if you know the date–or around it), saying that you imagine she must be thinking of her mom and missing her will also be a gift. The grief isn’t gone after a certain number of days; it becomes part of who you are.

        7 months ago
  15. Laura

    I have a call today with one of my oldest and dearest friends. It will bring joy to us both.

    7 months ago

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