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  1. Anna

    I notice the beauty of a lot of people, objects, circumstances, feelings, that I would have not noticed, without intention.
    Have a good day, you all!

    10 months ago
  2. Robin Ann

    When I am out in nature my nerves are calm and I feel joy. If I have any anxiety it helps ease it.

    10 months ago
  3. O.Christina

    Opening up to it, hearts eye perceives beauty all over, is speaking to heart. Something becomes perceivable which is always there and shared by all around, resonating inside, still, humbling, opening to awe. Thank you dearly.

    10 months ago
  4. Linda

    My monkey mind slows down and I feel calmer.

    10 months ago
  5. pkr

    I notice everything. My day is much richer, fuller, complete when I notice the beauty I am surrounded by. I am so very blessed.🙏🏻

    10 months ago
  6. Charlie T

    I notice that my perspective changes.
    I start seeing the beauty that escaped
    my notice and my mental state becomes
    more balanced.

    10 months ago
  7. Barb C

    I’ve been noting “today’s delights” in my journal each day after reading Ross Gay’s “The Book of Delights.” Initially I was going to say they weren’t all moments of beauty, then realized that each of them is beautiful in some way. Our society has such stringent definitions of beauty and I’m explicitly reshaping my thoughts to move beyond those artificial constraints.
    I find that when I look for delights in each day, I find them. When I look for beauty, I find it. We find what we seek.

    10 months ago
  8. sunnypatti

    Color. Light. Details. Prana.

    10 months ago
  9. Nicki

    Simply, “What is” feels like enough.

    10 months ago
  10. Carol

    When you take time to appreciate anything or anyone, it energizes your perspective. It places your monkey mind in your heart and calms it. Many times practicing appreciation redefines beauty.

    10 months ago
  11. Chester

    The images that highlight the beauty in our world that accompany the word for the day, the well proportioned and beautifully designed interface on this site, the dotted samples of beauty on each person’s profile … a few things that stand out in the moment.

    10 months ago
    1. Carol

      Thank you….I feel your appreciation and I’m sure others who visit here each day, do, too.

      10 months ago
  12. Yram

    When I make space and time, I am more aware of intricacies.

    10 months ago
  13. Liza

    I notice the birds greeting the morning.

    10 months ago
  14. Laura

    I notice how much I don’t notice.

    10 months ago
  15. Joseph McCann

    I notice the varied colors, shapes and sizes of wildflowers. The same goes for our 2′ x 36′ flower garden that is allowed to reseed itself. It is comprised of about fifty percent of plants from seeds I have gathered over time, some purchased, along with some Day & Tiger Lilly bulbs, just add water. I notice the winged animals in all the different sizes, shapes and colors unbounded from gravity. I notice the sky and its myriad of colors. I notice the geology from the canyons to the mountain tops. Rocks great and small and the palette of colors that are present from their mineral make up that spring forth with interaction to the elements. All of the beauty keeps me in the moment and reminds me of the interconnectedness of all life and our place in the universe,

    10 months ago
    1. Robin Ann

      sounds beautiful!

      10 months ago
    2. Carol

      Joseph, Thanks for taking us for a visit to your home. It is appreciated.

      10 months ago
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