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  1. Charlie T

    I know that I feel more connected to
    all of life, when I am engaged. When I
    am out and of my own head. When I am
    distracted from my revolving inner story.
    It’s that outward focus that’s hard to
    maintain. On a few occasions, in my
    younger years, I felt a deep connection
    while under the influence of psychedelics.

    2 weeks ago
  2. Robin Ann

    For me it was travelling to Ireland and visiting ancient ruins, prehistoric sites, monuments and cathedrals.

    2 weeks ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    On a one-shot, in Tanzania when we took a day off from the safari to sit outside our nyumba in total silence, with only the sounds of the wild animals from afar. No planes, no cell phones, no traffic, no lawn mowers or blowers, no chatter, just silence. We never experience that here.
    Ongoingly, when singing with a group, especially my beloved choir (which I can no longer do on a regular basis) and most especially the Messiah at Christmastime.

    2 weeks ago
  4. Don Jones

    I feel it is when I am creating – that special place where the energy flows through me and guides my hand. I also feel that one of the challenges of the human condition is our history of brokenness and disconnection. But at the same time, I don’t feel the past defines who I am. Sure, it is part of the journey, but I always see choices. I can choose to make decisions and act in a way where the brokenness comes to an end, a new beginning. I don’t know for sure, but I sense that the connection that we all seek will come from those choices.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Yes Don, the baggage of the past is, well, past. The present is where I must stay, as there truly is no other time but the present.

      2 weeks ago
      1. L
        Loc Tran

        Yes Joseph. The present is the time where we can be closest to having a deep connection to all of life; not the past or future.

        2 weeks ago
    2. L
      Loc Tran

      Good response. As a musician myself and having writen my own songs before, I totally understand the creative energy. It opens up many doors.

      2 weeks ago
  5. O.Christina

    When having been gifted with the possibility of snorkeling at the Barrier Reef many years ago while just being carried weightless in crystal clear water, eyes and heart wide open, just merging while all around and being in awe about the uttmost beauty of a most colorful surrounding of groups of fish, huge venus shells being open, reflections of sunlight adding to its beauty in light transparent blue and rosecolors, and corals of all sorts and shapes softly wavering in the stillness and silent flow of the water. It was one of the most touching experiences of awe in nature. Deeply grateful for having had the gift of being there and of experiencing this, and deeply sad when recently in a documentary movie the state of the reef was shown.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Robin Ann

      Wow, glad you were able to experience this, was one of my dreams to. I did experience snorkeling in cancun and the beautiful fish at least. I literally cried when i saw a documentary on corral reefs dying but they are working on it at least slowly buy surely they will recover! .

      2 weeks ago
  6. Cathie

    Connection to life? I feel it when I look at the night sky, stand by the ocean, watch a sunrise or sunset, or hike in nature. Yet I also feel connected to all life at times in crowds of people, sometimes a feeling of belonging to the life that we all are – both individually but also collectively. That we are all expressions of the Same – and I am part of it. (Hard to explain)

    2 weeks ago
    1. Charlie T

      I think you explained it quite well!
      And I agree with the night sky, the ocean,
      Sunrises and sunsets, making me feel

      2 weeks ago
  7. D

    When I am in less developed forested areas with plenty of hills and streams and ravines all kinds of waterfronts where nature is still unbroken

    Placid pristine woodland waterways I also enjoy two Great Lakes nearby I feel rejuvenated refreshed I regret not living in such a place one of my biggest annoyances but this is a grateful practice oops sometimes you have to settle where you are at least the nature isn’t far

    Looking on the bright side is the only sensible choice I suppose almost fell out of the chair I am sitting in also I can browse such areas and dream of moving one day

    2 weeks ago
  8. R

    As a young boy, on a canoeing trip, after we broke camp and set out on the river in our canoes, not fully awake yet, so quiet, as the sun was coming up, cutting through the still dark water, imaging the indigenous ones who also floated on these same waters for a millennium, the timelessness of our ancestor’s ancestors and the stillness of all things, the aliveness of the all the plants and trees and hidden animals and all life forms, in that moment of young wonder and awe.

    2 weeks ago
  9. Yram

    When I experience AWE I experience a connection. I don’t think it is to all of life but a strong sensation to that moment. It can be simple as the taste of a juicy fresh peach, a rainbow, the sound of a mourning dove in the early morning, or the sound of a stranger asking if they can be of help.

    2 weeks ago
  10. Ngoc Nguyen

    To me, I don’t think I have ever experienced a deep connection to all of life. This question reminds me of a stranger, a man to whom I lit a candle perhaps three weeks ago. At the time, he was on the border between life and death. He shared a poem about the beauty he had received from his loved ones. I think that guy was the one who experienced a deep connection to all of life in that moment of peaceful farewell. The deep connection was drawn from the deep gratitude he had obtained.
    Here is the poem that he left on Facebook. I don’t know what is the poem’s name. He was Tan Phung:
    In this final chapter, where shadows fall, I’ve waged wars with treatments, endured them all. Four times I’ve braved the storm, hopes held tight, Yet three have faltered, and the fourth loses light.
    With each attempt, a glimmer of hope did shine, But now, after two months, fate draws the line. Side effects, pain, a relentless, cruel spree, And new lumps emerge, a desperate plea.
    A mass, so vast, within my belly lies, Six inches long, its agony defies. Four inches wide, it marks the end of my fight, Snuffing out the hope that once burned so bright.
    The pain, unbearable, ceases not to relent, My fourth endeavor now, sadly, spent. No more treatments, no more battles to face, I yearn for home, in a familiar embrace.
    To be surrounded by those I hold dear, Loved ones and friends from far and near. Through Facebook’s reach, support has flowed, In this difficult journey, love has glowed.
    I ask for kindness, for prayers, for care, To ease my passage, a burden I can no longer bear. Your words, your love, give meaning to my plight, In these final moments, they bring light.
    So here is my plea, in this poem of sorrow, For all my tomorrows, there is no borrow. May it touch your heart, bring tears to your eyes, As I embrace the end, under familiar skies.
    In love, in pain, in the beauty of final days, I find solace in your compassionate gaze. Let this poem be a testament, of a battle worn, A soul departing, yet in your memories, reborn.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      Thank you for sharing his poem. May he RIP. 🕊☮

      2 weeks ago
  11. sunnypatti

    I’ve had moments in the ocean, sitting on my surfboard, when I feel totally connected to everything… the sky above me, the ocean below me, and all the people around me. And then there are moments on my mat when I’m in my yoga room all by myself, and through my practice, I feel the energy of the Universe and I feel very much a part of it.

    2 weeks ago
  12. Carol

    When have I experienced a feeling of deep connection to all of life?
    When I feed and watch the squirrels and birds who live in my evergreen tree and my neighbor’s oak tree; when I plant flowers and herbs in my yard and both indoor and outdoor pots and beds; whenever I think of my beloved cat who graced me with his presence and love for over 16 years; whenever I recall nursing my children in their infancy; when a dear friend took me in when I had no where to go and told me that her home was my home for as long as I needed it;

    This question is a reminder that there is nothing more real than relationship and the relationship I nurture with both self and others, determines my awareness of the my deep connection and responsibility to all of life. Creation is One.

    “Spiritually speaking, we live in a world of abundance, of infinity. But most of us walk around as if it were not true, operating in a world of scarcity where there’s never enough. There’s not enough for me, there’s not enough for you, there’s not enough for everybody.  And so we hoard it—Spirit, Love, Life—to ourselves. We hoard grace, we hoard mercy. We don’t allow ourselves to be conduits through which it pours into the world. Truly, the only way we can hold onto grace, mercy, love, joy—any spiritual gift—is to give them away consciously and intentionally. Once we stop acting as a conduit, we lose them ourselves. That’s why there are so many sad, bitter, and angry people. Disconnected from God [from the Oneness of Life*], we choose death. We ourselves contribute to negativity, cynicism, anger, and even to the oppression of other races and religions. In that state, it’s always other people who are wrong.” Richard Rohr 
    *my words CC 

    “Life is the Dancer and You are the Dance” Eckhart Tolle

    The Dance by Carol Ann Conner
    Can I BE the Dance—
    the Dance that is Life?

    Can I be a Witness—
    that lets in the light?

    When there is Oneness,
    Life shines oh so bright.

    Can I BE the Dance—
    the Dancer’s delight.

    2 weeks ago
  13. L
    Loc Tran

    I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the point where I experienced a deep connection to all of life. Meditation is the closest it gets to that.

    2 weeks ago
  14. Avril

    When I ponder the phrase “all of life”, what resonates with me is what dancer and percussionist Gabrielle Roth calls “stillpoint.” In traditional yoga meditation the center of consciousness is many named, among them, bindu, turiya, and the Silence. When you reach this point everything collapses. This is the place (if you can call it a place) of deep meditation. Yes, I have experienced it many times. It’s the reason I do my practices and my ecstatic dancing. I don’t feel aware of every living beings personality. But, I am fully aware I am in a space that is transcendent and where all beings emanate from. That place is in all wisdom traditions, it is zen, satori, and where the Sufi’s go when they turn. It’s accessible to everyone. It’s right here now when I breathe and allow myself to feel the depth of this contemplation.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Kevin

      Beautiful, Avril, thank you.

      2 weeks ago
    2. Carol

      Avril, Thank you so much…I’ve copied your words to ponder…”stillpoint” the point of surrender and oneness.

      2 weeks ago
    3. Josie

      Beautifully inspiring to me, Avril. Namaste.

      2 weeks ago
  15. Pilgrim

    Walking the beach at Lake Michigan in the earlier hours of the day.

    2 weeks ago
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