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  1. b

    It’s difficult to find the nuances in life, as we get older. As we experience things, move in autopilot, apply value to things without even really digging into the uniqueness of the situation.

    Sure history may repeat itself, and things may be somewhat predictable, but how interesting is that? Personally i think, not very.

    I never want to stop thinking critically. I never want to settle for a life that is already planned out for me.

    2 months ago
  2. A

    Viewing every moment as a gift positively changes my perspective. When I am busy, I am begging for a day to do nothing and relax. When I have a day to relax, it can sometimes feel mundane and like I should be doing more. But when I feel myself start to become restless, I remind myself how lucky I am to be able to relax like this. How lucky I am to be able to slow down, breathe more slowly, work on myself, get creative, spend time with loved ones. Instead of wishing I was doing nothing or wishing I had something to do, I am working on cultivating a love for the present moment. I am working on being present and loving what is in front of me and around me and beiny my authentic self through it all.

    2 months ago
  3. Robin Ann

    My daughter was very close to death and I have experienced 2 co-workers deaths in the past year as well as a few friends and my Mother during my life time so far. So YES, to me life is a very precious gift. Practicing grateful living allows me to try to focus on what is good and to try to to share some of that wisdom to others in my path. Funny that when I hear someone complaining lately about something trivial I immediately try to redirect their thought now lol! The mind wants to go to negative thoughts so we want to train it otherwise!!

    2 months ago
  4. I
    Inah Sung

    It makes me more grateful for the moments I get to experience. They are also learning experiences for me to grow as a person.

    2 months ago
  5. Dolores Kazanjian

    Reaching almost-90 certainly makes me appreciate every moment of life, every breath I take. I went from a driven overachiever to someone who is more mellow, kinder, and more spiritual.

    2 months ago
  6. sunnypatti

    When I remember each moment is a gift, it helps me stay grounded and the world outside of me just is, and I am. I am here. I am present. I am alive. I am!

    2 months ago
  7. Carol

    It gives me eyes willing to see and ears willing to hear.

    2 months ago
  8. A
    Adrian Arvizu

    It has shifted my perspective from “one day at a time” to “one moment at a time.” What is a day if not a series of moments? This has helped me stay in the fight, go another mile, and take another swing after you strikeout the first at bat. Moments have helped me keep going. Moments have helped me learn. Moments are opportunities to practice stillness or move into action. The day is never waisted for me when viewing moments as gifts.

    2 months ago
    1. Michele

      Love your perspective, thank you.

      2 months ago
    2. L
      Loc Tran

      Very motivating, Adrian.

      2 months ago
    3. Linda

      This is so wise, Adrian.

      2 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    I don’t, or I am not able, to view every
    moment as a gift. I understand the
    concept, but reality and cynicism
    creeps in. In retrospect, or even when
    preparing for future challenges, I can view
    most moments as an opportunity to
    put into use some if the things that I am
    practicing. And yes, indeed, many things
    and situations have been a gift. But in the
    moment, it’s easy to see positive things as
    gifts, but not so much when tragedy
    strikes or things are extremely difficult.
    This morning, this ordinary morning, I
    definitely consider a gift. It’s easy.
    Upon reflection, I don’t think this was
    always available to me. I mean, I’m up
    early to go to work. This used to be viewed
    as pure drudgery. Now, I’m grateful for
    this, not so ordinary, morning.

    2 months ago
    1. Dolores Kazanjian

      Your honesty is so refreshing, Charlie T. I wish you well on your journey.

      2 months ago
  10. Kathryn

    When I pause and remind myself of this, I experience a physical reaction. I take a deep breath and my shoulder relax and drop. My crazy thoughts stop, and: there is peace and softness. Sometimes I even feel lighter.

    2 months ago
  11. D

    I will let you know when I have mastered the ability to view every moment as a gift. I am a work in progress. But in those moments when I pause and be grateful I realize there is beauty all around and always something to be be grateful for; a person, a sound, a thought or beauty around me. It’s the constant notice I struggle with but there are pauses throughout the day that change my perspective to feeling blessed and content.

    2 months ago
    1. A
      Adrian Arvizu

      A work in progress – one moment at a time.

      2 months ago
    2. Yram

      Agreed. It is a goal to work toward.

      2 months ago
  12. Mary Mantei

    I have been traveling for several weeks now and overall, it has been a good ride. However, I have not created the opportunity/s for solo time. We have been visiting a lot of my husband’s family and they have been wonderful hosts. However, I am not at my best when there is a constant flow of interacting with others, no matter how wonderful they are. So it is becoming an effort at times to appreciate the moment because I find myself wanting to have space. I find myself thinking of home. So I have accepted the challenge, and at times it has been a challenge, to be where I am. Good practice. Thanks for « listening ». Good to get it out of my head and into the air.

    2 months ago
    1. D

      My daughter says she needs to recharge her social battery.

      2 months ago
    2. Dolores Kazanjian

      I can relate. I call it “peopled out.” That’s when it’s time to retreat and take some :me time.”

      2 months ago
    3. Ngoc Nguyen

      Mary, I often find myself challenged when interacting with others, especially in crowded environments. I’m glad to hear that you’re doing well right now and accepting this experience as a practice. Regardless of how it went, well done!

      2 months ago
  13. Ngoc Nguyen

    I try to view the present moment as a gift whenever I remember to (although most of the time, I don’t). I often find myself appreciating a moment only after it has passed. This teaches me not to delay enjoying present moments as gifts, as I cannot reclaim them once they’re gone. Therefore, I am practicing to accept unexpected moments as gifts of life lessons, and joyful moments as gifts of gratitude. Thank you for the reminder provided by this question.

    2 months ago
  14. Antoinette

    I wish I could say I was an expert at this, but clearly that is not always the case. Just the other day I fell flat on my face due to drowning in overwhelming emotions.
    Sometimes I wonder how this can still happen to me !
    I feel like I have been meditating so long now that I should know way better! lol !
    I guess we live and learn from whatever comes up and seeing it as an opportunity to learn more how to let go.
    It’s a gift to see where I still fall into thoughts and emotions and see where exactly I bite the hook still.
    Paying close attention to my relationship with when I bite the hook is important because it shows me when I’m still living in my human mind world and not Truth .
    We all have human minds overlapping the Truth and when we are awake enough to discard the human mind Truth lives. The question is who will win ?
    Thank you for this question to help remind me to wake up to whatever the present moment is showing me so that I am able to surrender and repent my opinions, my feelings, my greed, my wants, my expectations and opinions about everything. I must keep letting go.

    2 months ago
    1. L
      Loc Tran

      Antoinette, well said. It takes practice. This takes a lifetime to master.

      2 months ago
  15. Joseph McCann

    I am not able to view every moment as a gift. I do view each new day that my eyes open as a gift. I strive to have presence with the present of today, the day I have been given to see the earth for what it is, marvelous, beautiful, sometimes stormy or full of foul weather, life giving and life taking. Observing the day and appreciating the fact that all life is fickle, impermanent and I have been gifted one more day to enjoy.

    2 months ago
    1. Robin Ann

      Very thought provoking and I do agree!!

      2 months ago
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