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  1. Amy

    Sounds: birds, wind chimes – especially the deep ones, aspen trees quaking in the wind, pine trees blowing gently in the wind so that it sounds like water, water flowing down a creek, a steady hum of people in a coffee shop where there is no one person or thing that sticks out, a choir that has a deep base part
    Sights: my little dog Rambo when he’s sleeping, sunrises and sunsets that have deep purple, reds, oranges, yellows, my husband’s smile, lack of clutter in my living space, my garden in the height of summer

    1 month ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Sunshine! Early morning birds singing in the spring and summer. The sights and sounds of the ocean (waves and seagulls).
    Spotting deer behind our house in the wooded area. Flowers blooming in the spring/summer.

    1 month ago
  3. Anna

    I love the mountains that crown the hills and the plain where I live. As my day begins, I often drive up and down these hills and see the mountains, the lower ones first and the higher ones behind.

    When I wear my two hearing aids, I feel a sense of wonder listening to the chirping of birds and the flow of water in a small river.

    1 month ago
  4. Dolores Kazanjian

    Many here have mentioned the birds chirping. I agree, but here in the NYC suburbs it is overlaid by the planes overhead, the dogs woofing, the lawn mowers and blowers, people walking by talking loudly on their phones, traffic sounds, and who knows what else.
    The most beautiful thing I woke up to was the silence outside our nyumba (fancy tent) in Tanzania. Not a sound – no planes, no traffic pedestrian or vehicular wild animals too far away to be heard. I will never forget those transformational moments.
    When I lived in Manhattan I loved the sounds of the city. The cars, the sirens, the pedestrians the ghetto blasters, all of it.

    1 month ago
  5. Don Jones

    Out on my early morning walk, there is a house on a street that is lined with beautiful trees that has a wind chime. The sound is sublime, and it is joined by the gentle sound of the wind rustling the leaves of the tree – whisper like.

    1 month ago
  6. A

    I love the sounds of water flowing!

    1 month ago
  7. S
    Ana Maria

    I am so grateful for the presence of my 20 months old granddaughter. Her laughter fills my world with so much joy. To see the world through the eyes of this beautiful soul is a blessing.

    1 month ago
  8. null

    There’s something about birds chirping that reminds me to take a breath and be more aware. It’s funny that I can almost always hear them but I’m usually too busy “being me” to notice.

    1 month ago
  9. pkr

    The birds waking me up in the morning. Their singing & chirping thru out the day.
    Hearing school kids laughing, talking on their way to school.
    The sun shining bright as it rises.
    Trees, flowers, everything Mother Nature has to offer. The moon, does not matter the phase I always feel such joy when I see her. 🙏🏻❤️

    1 month ago
  10. Charlie T

    The sound of my neighbors putting out
    their trash on Sunday evening is strangely
    comforting. I find the dawn of a new day
    calming. The sound of rain, as I sit in my
    warm and dry home. My wife, quietly
    sleeping next to me.
    As much as these are “everyday” sights
    and sounds, I try not to take them for

    1 month ago
    1. Avril

      I like the sound of my husband bringing the trash cans to the curb.

      1 month ago
      1. Michele


        1 month ago
  11. sunnypatti

    Birds singing in the morning. Waves rolling in at the beach and crashing on the shore. Laughter. Our younger dog’s funny “woo woo woo” bark that she does.

    These little yellow flowers that are a weed of some sort, but they’re blooming all over the trees in our area, giving some color and getting us ready for spring. The little buds on the twigs of my fig tree. Staring out into the big ocean.

    1 month ago
  12. Ngoc Nguyen

    Wake up before sunrise, I am happy to watch the sunrise through my office window. It’s the start of a new day filled with love and learning. I can’t wait for spring to come, so I am not only enjoy sunlight through the window but also walk under it on our new sidewalk.

    1 month ago
  13. Michele

    Sights ->Full moons, my backyard, my cat and now my daughters two cats, Spanish moss on the oak trees,neighborhood peacocks

    Sounds->Hearing the birds early in the morning, Rain/Thunderstorms, cat’s purring

    1 month ago
    1. null

      Thunderstorms ❤️

      1 month ago
  14. Yram

    The sights and sounds of everyday that I find comforting:
    The birds chirping and coming to the bird bath.
    The outside world.
    The sound of my husband’s cane on the floor.
    My green house plants.
    My son’s voices.

    1 month ago
  15. Carol

    Temperatures have been higher than normal and the birds are returning to NE Kansas. Many spend the Spring and Summer building nests in the bushes outside of my home office windows and utilizing the bird bath and bird feeders I faithfully fill with sunflower seeds. Their morning song greets me each day and it is so comforting to me. This past week a pair of Cardinals (one male and one female) arrived and some sparrows and finches began showing up. I love listening to the morning song of birds greeting the new day. Richard Rohr speaks of how nature can bring us into the NOW in his meditation for today. Here’s the link: In it, he speaks of how the natural world connects us with “what is.”

    1 month ago
    1. Barb C

      This morning I walked out onto our small back deck to listen to the birds. I hoped to use the Merlin app to identify one in particular with a two-tone call–didn’t catch that one but I heard six species in a few minutes.

      1 month ago
    2. S
      Ana Maria

      Thank you Carol for all your wisdom! I read the CAC meditation this morning and it sure brought me peace. These two sites center me and bring me peace to start my day.

      1 month ago
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