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  1. W

    Early morning …. before the sun comes up. I love being awake at 0400 to watch the sky gradually fill with light. The birds serenade the day to my doorstep. It’s like a blank page in a journal and I can decide how to fill it. Today is the start of our summer break from school. I have intentions for my mornings but I’m also open to new experiences.

    1 year ago
  2. Robin Ann

    For me it depends on the season but I think it is sunrise or sunset. I am also not generally a morning person. It takes me a while to wake up. In the summer I love to wake up at sunrise especially on the sailboat. Everything is so calm and peaceful but I also love the sunset too. I still work FT so mornings are rushing 3 days a week and 2 days I work from home and are more relaxed. In the evenings during the week I try to take the dogs for a walk and relax my mind and I do reflect on this website at the end of the day. Weekends are meant for at least one fun day hopefully after a busy work week.

    1 year ago
  3. devy

    The morning when I first wake up knowing that a new day and new experiences greet me.

    1 year ago
  4. Butterfly

    I like the end of the day when I write my diary. If something exciting or particularly happy happened during my day I write about it. And if it’s been a difficult day I write it all out which helps me to process what happened and then I can “put it to bed” and settle down to sleep.

    1 year ago
  5. Barb C

    I’m not a morning person per se, but my morning routine at home lets me start the day with quiet and connection time with my husband. He brings me a cup of coffee and we talk about what the day holds and what it means for our separate and mutual schedules and whatever else might come up that we want to share. I read poetry on several sites and come to this space. Sometimes the cat comes and sits on my lap while I do the physical therapy for my wrist (broke it last fall); he likes the heating pad I use to warm it up before I lift my small hand weight. I’ll be glad when that part can be eliminated from the routine, actually, but it’s a moment to recognize that I’m improving, and to pet the cat. I listen to the birds twittering all around our house and look at the sky to check the weather. I’m grateful for the home we have and that I can be warm and comfortable with a hot cup of coffee, with all the labor and resources that cup holds, for which I am also grateful. I’m especially grateful for having a 100% telework job that lets me ease into the day this way and not have to get out the door with transportation time built into my schedule.

    1 year ago
    1. L

      I also have a 100% telework job. Thank you for this reminder to be grateful for that as lately I have been focusing on how isolating it can feel sometimes. Not everyone gets to work with a kitty on their lap everyday.

      1 year ago
  6. N

    I love mornings with myself, I love the silence and stillness. I love sitting on my mat and stretching out my body while listening to slow / upbeat tunes. It’s funny, as peaceful as this time is, my brain always tries to take over and find things to fixate on. I find myself usually recycling thoughts from the day before. I used to get so mad and frustrated with myself for having what felt like “uncontrollable” thoughts, all I wanted was to start my day with peace. This would then lead to anxiety and that would linger throughout my day. However, I’ve recently put into practice this concept called unconditional welcome or in other words, acceptance – I like unconditional welcome, because the concept of welcoming is much easier to understand and actually put into practice. We welcome guests all of the time so we can do the same for our thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. This is a practice of detachment. Letting yourself be without trying to change or force anything, surrendering all judgement. Removing all personal meaning behind whatever arises.
    So, the mornings give me an opportunity to practice acceptance with myself, no matter what arises, I welcome it. When I catch myself spiralling into old thought patterns and attaching to them, I remind myself that it’s okay, removing myself from “center stage” and instead taking a front row seat. In doing this I am able to detach from those thoughts and truly observe them, creating space for myself. So with that being said, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice welcoming myself in the mornings.

    1 year ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Very good take on radical acceptance. Thank you, Nadiah.

      1 year ago
    2. Barb C

      I love this. Thank you for sharing it. The welcome concept really lands for me.

      1 year ago
  7. O.Christina

    Grateful for the still moments at dawn early morning. For silent reflection, reading, writing, meditating and preparing for the day to come. Thank you. πŸ™πŸ™‡

    1 year ago
  8. Yram

    Mornings by far! The mornings ground my day with a cup of hot beverage, sitting still, and getting on this site to read inspirational stories and connect with lovely searching souls.
    Thank you one and all!

    1 year ago
  9. Banning

    I really like the evening when the sun is setting and dusk approaches in the summer time. The heat of the day starts to cool down and sometimes there is a breeze and the fire flys start to come out… i miss those days as a kid

    1 year ago
  10. Carol

    I don’t think I have a favorite time of the day. For me it varies.

    1 year ago
  11. luv-1-nutter

    The Brahma-Murtya is auspicious time for me, to chant mantra… because each day between 5-7 AM represents the pastime with the Lord of the πŸ’œ is taking His birth, and the ceremonies that ensue such as bathing Him, anointing Him with oil, decorating and dressing His body with jewels, flowers and ornaments, and first grains etc praise God because it is a reflection of my own self image. πŸ™

    1 year ago
  12. Mary Pat

    OH! No matter what the time, it is when I am alone with my soul, my spirit. It is when the house is quiet, and I am able to meditate. And that is where I find Loving Awareness, Peace, and a deep connection with all beings everywhere.

    1 year ago
  13. Charlie T

    Early mornings are currently my
    favorite time of day. Particularly, if I’m
    not in a big rush to get out the door.
    I enjoy the quiet and seeing the change
    from dark to light. It’s also a time of reflection.
    For the majority of my life, I treated mornings
    as something to get through or with terrible
    apprehension. I would wake up with dread
    and a feeling of being overwhelmed.
    With medication, and changes of habit,
    I now look forward to this time of day.
    I am grateful for this change.

    1 year ago
  14. Pilgrim

    I appreciate the morning … coffee, reading, yoga, enjoying the birds out back also waking and often their singing. It is more of an unfolding than the remainder of the day will be when things are more likely to be “getting done.” These lyrics say it all:
    Morning has broken like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for them springing fresh from the world
    Sweet the rains new fall, sunlit from Heaven
    Like the first dewfall on the first grass
    Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden
    Sprung in completeness where His feet pass
    Mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning
    Born of the one light, Eden saw play
    Praise with elation, praise every morning
    God’s recreation of the new day
    Morning has broken like the first morning
    Blackbird has spoken like the first bird
    Praise for the singing, praise for the morning
    Praise for them springing fresh from the world

    1 year ago
    1. Diane

      Good morning my friend. I hope all is well. I so love Cat Stevens…and especially this song. I’m with you…mornings are sacred to me. Blessings.

      1 year ago
    2. Carol

      Have always loved that song.

      1 year ago
  15. Nannette

    I love the morning when I first awaken and look out the wondow and see the trees and the sky…Thankful for another day in my life. The time of getting my tea, saying good morning to my husband (who gets up an hour before me)…my one cat is waiting to greet me…and my dog is on the cuch waiting for a belly rub…and I realize how very Blessed I am. Then I cannot wait to “visit” here and reflect on the question and what each of you has contributed.
    My second favorite time of day is at days end…when we sit and read and then watch a show on “Acorn”. A day of things being accomplished, taking care of our home and one another.
    Good Morning Everyone and wishing you a day of promise and love.

    1 year ago
    1. Carol

      Nannette, Your loving and caring nature comes through your words loud and clear. Thank you for starting my day with such compassion.

      1 year ago
      1. Michele

        100% agree with you:)

        1 year ago
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