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  1. Maeve

    Seeing the myriad of pollinators on my large lavender bushes: butterflies, bumblebees, honeybees, hummingbird moths, and others that I can’t name.

    10 months ago
    1. Barb C

      Last night my husband and I walked to our local bakery, which is surrounded by plants. The lavender bushes were absolutely alive with bees–many types, sizes, and color variations busily working away. We stood and watched, knowing they wouldn’t hurt us because they were very focused on the bounty they collected.

      10 months ago
  2. Anna

    Enjoying the view of an awesome lake, surrounded by majestic mountains and green forests, while driving. This sight lights up my morning and gives some comfort for a somewhat rough day.

    10 months ago
  3. O.Christina

    The sun.

    10 months ago
  4. Robin Ann

    The Ocean!!

    10 months ago
  5. Emmaleah

    Oceans and rivers 💧🌊

    10 months ago
  6. Dragon Lady

    In praise of Mother Earth and all her glory, with deep apologies
    to William Carlos Williams and other authors unknown and anonymous.

    so much depends upon
    a red (and green to echo guardian frog) wheelbarrow
    set in the ivy and painted by a friend….
    an abundant black bamboo

    and two hissing cats and a dog
    chasing squirrels, and a loving gardener
    to weed and mulch and water, Ummm….
    the pungent smell of manure and dirt

    go outside, look at the sky
    let your mind get that big
    invite your heart to burst
    out of your chest

    feel the earth pulse of life
    birth, death, growing, fading

    isn’t it magnificent? Don’t despair
    just yet, don’t believe you are the only person
    on earth not entitled to a noble heart
    wait a few minutes

    lie with your ear to the earth
    listen to the grass grow
    the earth and the sky will save you!
    again, and again, and again

    10 months ago
    1. Barb C

      This is wonderful, Skye!

      10 months ago
  7. pkr

    Redwood Trees. I cannot get enough of their mighty glory. They are sacred. They are a direct link to the Divine for me. They have been & are my healing balm.
    I am so blessed that I get to live amongst them.
    Thank you Mother Earth.🙏🏻❤️

    10 months ago
  8. K

    Some of the gifts from earth that bring me joy are dogs and the rain. My dogs are my babies and they bring me so much joy. The rain makes the perfect atmosphere for reading a good book and cuddling up with a blanket. I am so grateful for these gifts.

    10 months ago
  9. Barb C

    And flowers.
    And raspberries.
    And arugula.
    This will be a very long list and you said “one gift”.

    10 months ago
  10. Marnie Jackson

    Summer and heat. The feeling of everything growing around me.

    10 months ago
  11. J

    I love going out in nature and looking at all the trees. Many of them standing sturdy, strong. But I am captivated by the trees that are bent, that are snapped in half, that have fallen. At first, I used to be upset thinking how they are not longer as strong as they used to be, but I began to realize they still give life, they still have a place in this world. Plants may bloom around it, other branches and trees adapt and grow alongside the fallen tree. To me, it is a reminder that although we become banged and bruised up in this life time, we still matter and can move forward. Things may be different, but you are still apart of something beautiful.

    10 months ago
    1. sparrow

      “To me, it is a reminder that although we become banged and bruised up in this life time, we still matter and can move forward. Things may be different, but you are still apart of something beautiful.”

      Love it!

      10 months ago
  12. Carol

    I will say that the gift from the earth that brings me immediate joy is the tree. Whether a tree is young, old or middle aged, I find it is my teacher. That said, my first reaction to the question was sorrow not joy. It reminded me of a poem I wrote after the massive Deep Water Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico in 2010. It personifies Mother Nature and I find when I do that I feel more deeply the importance of my relationship with her. I share the poem below:

    Ode to Mother Nature by Carol Ann Conner
    A Response to the 2010 Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

    O Mother of us all,
    We watch you while you bleed.
    We’ve drilled a hole in your heart.
    We’ve harmed your creative reed.

    O Mother of us all,
    Fingers point here and there.
    We want to blame and shame.
    Our guilt we cannot bear.

    O Mother of us all,
    When will we learn to see?
    We dwell within your womb.
    Without you, we cease to be.

    Orphans we’ve become
    Through our own collective fault
    When will we stop this rampage,
    this unrelenting assault

    on the Mother of us all?

    10 months ago
  13. Nannette

    Like others here have said…the ocean. But I live very far away from the ocean now- but happily do get to visit it usually in the winter. Many years ago, I lived on the island of Nantucket…when it was not as elite as it now seems to be…I loved the winters when the crowds dare not visit…the ferry sometimes would not be bale to get in for day…a shortage of bread and milk…but ohh what peace! Walking on the shores of a deserted beach…what a feeling.
    Nowadays…my home and solitude is found in the forests and mountains. I am grateful for all…I am at our cabin for a few days- as I look out the windeow…my view is trees, and trees, and the tops of some low mountains..with the sun streaming through. Yes, I am happy and blessed.

    10 months ago
    1. Robin Ann

      I sailed to Nantucket back in the 80’s and have also taken a ferry and just bikes for a week-end. I love it there but it is getting very elite. The second trip was during daffodil season in April, it was beautiful and quiet.

      10 months ago
    2. L

      Many years ago I dated a man from Nantucket, so I got a chance to spend some time there in the Winter, when no tourists were around. I remember feeling such peace and calm there during this time.

      10 months ago
  14. Diane

    There are many…our sister Mother Earth has so many gifts she wants us to receive. I’m thinking of St. Francis and his beautiful Canticle of Creation.
    However if I had to pick one it would be trees. As a biologist I appreciate the importance of trees and our (and all living creatures) dependence on them for so many things, not the least of which is the very air we breathe. But more than that, trees have always been my spirit sisters. I have a deep connection to them on a spiritual level. I have felt this even more strongly in my second half of life. I give my trees names and regularly thank them for their gifts. These days when I arise and begin my morning meditations, I say gracias and buenos dias to our maple tree “Esperanza” who stands majestically outside my window. It’s a ritual that grounds me in gratitude.

    10 months ago
    1. Carol

      Thanks for sharing, Diane. I, too, am a “tree” person.

      10 months ago
      1. Michele

        me too. weeping willows have always been my favorite – I planted 2 of them at the house in Pa where my daughter lives. I love the spanish moss on the oaks down here in Fl. Birch trees are so pretty too. Poinciana trees, list can go on and on.

        10 months ago
  15. Yram


    10 months ago
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