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  1. Misty

    Humbling because when you acknowledge all your blessings, in their many forms, you become more aware of others who are less fortunate, through no fault of their own.

    2 years ago
  2. Emily

    I agree that Gratefulness can be humbling and I have to say that this statement does resonate with me. Gratefulness can help me to grow as a person and have a good attitude in life. Gratefulness can help me to be happy, positive, joyful, considerate, caring, compassionate and thankful. I want to try to be Grateful on a daily basis.

    2 years ago
  3. k'Care-Reena

    Gratitude Attitude is the way to go!!.
    Being appreciative has impacted my mental health condition as well as my client’s.
    Being grateful allowed me to reduce any tension or stress I had in my day to day routine.
    Being grateful allowed me to travel and scuba dive even with Anxiety. Being grateful has enhanced my relationships with my parents.
    Being grateful has allowed me to give recognition and acknowledgement especially in difficult times.
    Being grateful has allowed me to grow into my desired career field, that I would degrade and belittle in my past.
    Being grateful has allowed me to love myself and understand what TRUE LOVE is; which will allow me to LOVE OTHERS genuinely and have valuable long term relationships.
    Being grateful has allowed me to leave behind my old life (9-5 stressful, living paycheck to paycheck, not going on vacation, being unhappy lifestyle).
    Being grateful has allowed me to meet SOME AMAZING PEOPLE that I most likely would of not met.

    Being grateful has allowed me to see the warrior in myself and truly appreciate myself

    2 years ago
  4. Anna

    I feel connnected with something greater than me. I am not greater than other human fellow. My joy is pure.

    2 years ago
  5. Malag

    1 connecting to something much greater
    2 Realising the good fortune surrounding me is not because of anything more special about me – I don’t “deserve” it any more than someone else
    3 When I remember that I forgot to be grateful I know I’ll forget again. We are far from all powerful and perfect.

    2 years ago
  6. Hot Sauce

    This resonates with me because, when I look at the moon and the stars and planets outside, I kind of feel insignificant, but in a sacred, holy way. When we look at the vastness of the universe, our affairs don’t seem to matter much.

    2 years ago
  7. Kristi

    When I am grateful I am much happier! There is so much good in my life that sometimes I choose not to share as I feel way to blessed. There is so much good when I look for it, and it can be humbling to know how lucky I am!

    2 years ago
  8. O.Christina

    To me gratefulness is deeply humbling. When I feel the love of my dear ones, for their kindness and care, and trust. For my life and for the gift of sharing this precious life with all of you. For you all here, where often enough, your comments are inspiring transformation. It still may happen that I loose this thread of gratitude, especially when allowing doubts to enter my mind. In the mean time, coming back to gratefulness then shows the way. I am deeply grateful for having been inspired to start the gratefulness journal while sharing here, as this daily turning to it already helped a lot to brighten what had been quite dark inside. I am deeply grateful for this change and feel deeply humbled.

    2 years ago
  9. Melissa

    When gratefulness humbles me it is when I realize how incredibly lucky I was before I lost something. Like now in the pandemic being able to hug my son and grandchildren. Until we are all vaccinated.

    2 years ago
  10. Don Jones

    Whenever I gain new insights and grow in awareness. They always remind me just how little I really know.

    2 years ago
  11. Linda

    Today I took my husband to get his first Covid shot. I was deeply moved by the dedication and kindness of all the volunteers working the event, mostly from the local fire and rescue groups. It reminded me of the greatness of this nation, politics aside, that I am privileged to live in. I am a grateful person today.

    2 years ago
  12. L

    When I think of things I am grateful for – nature, sunshine, my partners love, my cats, etc – it’s humbling because all those little things that get me upset – a bad day at work, my lack of exercise, the fact that I can’t travel – are so minor and narrow in scope- it makes us re-frame our points of reference.

    2 years ago
  13. Antoinette

    I’m humbled by gratitude for this precious human life that I have. It’s an amazing gift to be alive and be breathing freely. This body is a wonder and this earth and all its beings are wonders. It’s humbling to be a part of it all.

    2 years ago
  14. pkr

    Being grateful, living grateful reminds me how truly blessed I am. I am thankful for all the riches in my life. Happy Saturday All, make it a great day. 🙏❤️

    2 years ago
  15. Chester

    Experiencing all that I have been provided and all the greatness within individuals, the natural world, the spiritual world, the history that preceded me, all vital parts of who I am, how can I be anything but humble, while sitting with gratitude and orienting towards just doing my part. Individually humbling, but collectively and universally magnifying.

    2 years ago
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