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  1. Robin Ann

    What comes to mind for me is “We are the world” USA for Africa in 1985, “The Prayer” Celine Dion, “Wind Beneath my Wings” Bette Midler and “That’s what friends are for” Dionne Warwick.

    3 weeks ago
  2. Barb C

    Came back to add the music of Carrie Newcomer to this question.
    Take More Time, Cover Less Ground From the lyrics: “Not empty or full, just a big ol’ glass”
    Room at the Table for Everyone You’ll dance if you watch this one.

    3 weeks ago
  3. Lisa Kasper

    The Great Discovery by The Movement. <3

    3 weeks ago
  4. Dolores Kazanjian

    How could I forget Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah?

    3 weeks ago
    1. Nannette

      Oh yesm Dolores!!! One of my favorites! Thank you for the reminder!!

      3 weeks ago
  5. Dolores Kazanjian

    What a great question! Music is my way of expressing gratitude, joy, sadness, grief – you name the emotion. IMO it is one of the greatest gifts our Creator has given us.
    So many, but my favorites –
    Precious Lord, Take My Hand
    Abide With me
    Send in the Clowns – Judy Collins
    Both Sides Now – Joni Mitchell

    3 weeks ago
  6. m

    Intro: J Cole
    W.A.Y.S : Jhene Aiko
    Way Out: FKJ
    Frequency: Jhene Aiko
    Keep Looking: Sade
    Alive and Well Gratitude Mantra: Jhene Aiko
    Calm and Patient: Jhene Aiko
    Love Life: Doja Cat
    Higher: (((O)))
    External Sunshine: Jhene Aiko
    Peace and Love: Tall Black Guy & Masego
    Gratitude: Earth, Wind, and Fire
    Be Ever Wonderful: Earth, Wind, and Fire

    4 weeks ago
    1. Barb C

      Thank you for this list! I appreciate the chance to listen to new-to-me artists. Alive and Well Gratitude Mantra is beautiful. I started there, moving on to the others.

      3 weeks ago
  7. pkr

    Love this question. I feel a bit overwhelmed with it tho, because there are so many songs I am grateful for as well as the artists.
    My Sweet Lord – George Harrison
    Harvest Moon – Neil Young
    Scarlet Begonias – Grateful Dead
    Annie’s Song – John Denver
    …….so so many more; this is a snippet.❤️

    4 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      Love Harvest Moon starting with the title let alone the song lol.

      3 weeks ago
  8. Ms T

    This beautiful song is literally titled “Grateful”, written by John Buccino and performed by Brian Stokes Mitchell

    4 weeks ago
  9. lasvistasjeanne

    Kind and Generous by Natalie Merchant

    I want to thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you …….

    4 weeks ago
  10. Yram

    I am having a hard time coming up with titles.

    The one that keeps surfacing in my head is a song from Johnny Appleseed.
    “OH the Lord is good to me
    And so I thank the Lord
    For giving me
    The sun, the rain, and the Appleseed
    The Lord is good to me.

    With all the conflict in the world, any song of peace also surfaces for those whose lives have been so disrupted.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Kevin

      We sing the Johnny Appleseed song with children at our children’s retreat program. Nothing like hearing the voices of children singing these kinds of songs! Thanks Yram, for listing this tune in particular.

      3 weeks ago
    2. Michele

      I remember this song -it was a song we sang in fifth grade on a camping trip at meal time.

      3 weeks ago
  11. Charlie T

    What a great question!
    These are what come to mind at
    05:00. I could spend all day putting
    this together, but alas, I must get
    ready for work. I look forward to
    hearing what the rest of you have in

    “ Ripple” -Grateful Dead
    “Crazy” -Gnarls Barkley (CeeLo Green)
    “”Superstition” -Stevie Wonder
    “ Bridge over troubled water”
    – Simon and Garfunkel
    “ Imagine” -John Lennon
    “Sing a song” – Earth, wind, and fire
    “Lovely Day” -Bill Withers

    4 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      Agreed, great list.

      3 weeks ago
    2. Don Jones

      Great list!

      3 weeks ago
    3. pkr

      Yes, yes to Ripple. One of my favorites.
      Love me some Jerry.❤️

      4 weeks ago
      1. Joseph McCann

        Same here.

        3 weeks ago
  12. Barb C

    What a great question! I don’t listen to music as much as I used to and it’s something I’d like to get back into my life. The first song that popped into my head was Morning Has Broken sung by the man known as Cat Stevens at that time, now Yusuf.
    Some songs make my heart swell and I’m just not coming up with their titles right now. A couple more though: One Love by Bob Marley and Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World by Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwo’ole

    4 weeks ago
    1. Nannette

      Barb, Your list is right up my alley too!!! I love Israel’s rendition of Somewhere over the Rainbow!!! Thank you for the reminder!!

      3 weeks ago
  13. Nannette

    So many….But I cannot think of them all…”What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong, “Here I am, Lord”, by John Michael Talbot – and as Mary Mantel said, “Happy” by Pharrel Williams…makes me dance and smile. Certainly classics by the Beatles, John Denver, especially “Country Roads”, and James Taylor. I will need to play some music this morning after this question!!
    Wishing everyone a good Friday. Raining here in W.V. We had some sunshine yesterday- the first in several days. I was able to get some outside work completed- but not all I wanted to do!! Hopefully, there will be a few dry days ahead!!

    4 weeks ago
    1. S
      Ana Maria

      How I love the hymn “Here I am, Lord” . Thank you for the reminder of such beautiful words.

      4 weeks ago
    2. Barb C

      Oh, yes, Louis Armstrong!

      4 weeks ago
  14. sunnypatti

    There are way too many songs to list, but it would be a compilation of happy, positive music by artists like Jimmy Buffet, 311, Kenny Chesney, the Avett Brothers and more! Happy Friday 🎶

    4 weeks ago
  15. Pilgrim

    The Sound of Music sung by Julie Andrews, What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong, Take me Home by John Denver, Blessed are They by David Haas, I Have Loved You (Hymn) …

    4 weeks ago
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