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  1. Anna

    This site is where my gratefulness evolves, since 2015.
    Thank you to everyone here and to the staff.
    With love.

    8 months ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Wow, looks like I have been coming to this site for quite a while. It certainly has helped me with my life’s challenges!

    8 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    I think I landed here when I was studying some of Ken Wilbur’s work. He mentioned the site in passing and it piqued my curiosity enough to have a look. I am glad I did.

    8 months ago
  4. pkr

    My gratefulness practice has/is part of me, part of my daily routine, my day, my being. It is firmly planted in me, thanks in part to this site & its participants.
    Giving thanks upon waking is how I begin my day. Thanking the Creator as I fall asleep is how I end my day. I try to give a multitude of thanks between those 2 bookends. My blessings are unlimited.

    8 months ago
  5. KC

    I have lost track of how long I have been visiting this daily question most days. It could be five or seven years.
    I want to believe that my practice is becoming more important, and deepening (I hope/ pray!?), as life evolves.
    I am very grateful for this website, the team, and all who have shared, share and contribute. I am on the west coast of Canada, and look forward to each of your day in the life reflections. I look forward to reading the reflections of Christine, Kevin, Antoinette and so many in earlier time zones. It makes a huge difference each day, to connect, anchor and steer in a life honouring direction as the day begins. My gratefulness practice feels a bit like a spiral. Each time I return to the same place, it feels a bit different. This is the first time since joining the site that I am anchored at home, rather than off adventuring somewhere on land or water, during the summer. Many new challenges and gifts to explore and discover. Deep gratitude to all.

    8 months ago
  6. Linda

    I now include the words “thank you” in almost every part of my life. I have worries just like everyone else, but now I can balance them better with an attitude of gratitude. My husband follows this practice as well, through his 12 step programs. I love this site and read it every day to remind me to stay grateful.

    8 months ago
  7. Charlie T

    A friend sent me “the word of the day”
    at a time in my life when I was raw and
    open to change. I was trying new things,
    Reading a lot, and attempting to heal.
    One thing I had decided, was that I would
    no longer just be an observer and I would
    participate whenever I could. This led me
    here and practicing gratitude. It has
    become an integral part of my life.
    I rely on the things I have learned here, to
    get me through those rough spots. Having
    practices like this seem to be making a
    difference on my general wellbeing.
    Thank you all so much for your participation
    In this wonderful resource. And thank you
    to those that keep the lights on at 🙏

    8 months ago
  8. Barb C

    Being conscious of gratefulness leads me to apply that label to moments of recognition of how deeply fortunate I am. My readings and work to understand privilege and social justice have helped me recognize just how much of that fortune comes from bigger systems around me. It isn’t simply a matter of trying not to take things for granted–mindful gratefulness, or grateful mindfulness. It’s a matter of thinking about what I can do so more and more people have the same things to be grateful FOR, and taking actions toward that end. “Applied gratefulness”, perhaps? If I were only grateful and didn’t pay attention to the needs of others and of the planet, it would feel more like selfishness.

    8 months ago
  9. Carol

    I was introduced to this website in 2003 after receiving a DVD featuring Br. David from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. That DVD stirred my interest in a gratefulness practice. Having been brought up in a pessimistic atmosphere my adaptation to the practice was not easy but something Br. David shared told me that persevering was important. I paraphrase his words: Being grateful opens the door to opportunity and it precedes the ability to give thanks. For me, that was quite a wake-up call. For me now, the practice of gratefulness is a way of life. It frames all situations with the opportunity to learn, to grow in self awareness. It is highly akin to the art of acceptance and flow. Makes me think of the hymn, “Peace is flowing like a River. Gratitude helps me negotiate the ripples, the currents, the water falls of my life. It has graced my life.

    8 months ago
  10. Chester

    Not sure it has. I believe it is fundamentally rooted in the concepts so nicely and succinctly summarized by Brother David’s, “Stop. Look. And Go.” In that space of stopping and looking, gratitude inevitably emerges then and now just the same.

    8 months ago
  11. Yram

    Several years ago I was introduced to writing 10 things that I was grateful for.
    As time went by I reduced it to 3.
    As time went by I verbally said thanks when a situation went my way.
    Now, at the end of the day I do write down my grateful list but discoveries are much more intricate and expansive. I also tend to be more present to the wonders of the day.

    8 months ago
    1. Carol

      What a beautiful practice that appears to lead to greater self awareness. Thank you.

      8 months ago
  12. sunnypatti

    The practice has become a routine, the routine keeps me grounded. The happiness that comes from it is also much appreciated 😊

    8 months ago
  13. EJP

    Evolved with baby steps……

    8 months ago
  14. Joseph McCann

    My practice of gratefulness began at the tail end of March 2022. I was asked by Bryan Handwork, if I would like him to share an article titled Gratitude: How To Change Negative Beliefs, Be Happy, and Become Successful. There was no author credited. He is a doctor who did my medical intake for an Intensive Outpatient Therapy. This article is still on my coffee table, and I read it every so often. My therapist soon after introduced me to the Palouse Mindfulness web site. It was an eight-week course on mindfulness base stress reduction. During that course I was introduced to a video by Brother David which led me to this site. My practice has evolved as one more way to explore and soothe my mind from many years of alcohol use and abuse. This daily reflection and my attitude of gratitude have become an integral and essential part of my life, each new day I have been gifted. I am truly grateful and fortunate to have journeyed down this path. Thank you all who reflect on these pages and the good people that keep the lights on for each of us. Namaste.

    8 months ago
    1. Kevin

      And thank you, Joseph! And this site is the richer for your arrival my friend, full stop!!

      8 months ago
    2. Carol

      Joseph, I’m wondering if the video you saw is the same one that I saw in 2023! So glad whatever video it was brought you here to I, too, am very thankful for all who reflect on these pages. It is truly a life and light giving community.

      8 months ago
  15. Michele

    Since this site has become my routine for years now, I find myself talking about it to my kids/sharing the E-cards with family/friends – spreading the gratefulness around:)

    8 months ago
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