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  1. Yram

    To be present to all possibilities!

    2 hours ago
  2. m

    I can embody gratefulness by appreciating the good energy I am blessed with receiving throughout the day. Not everyone can have people around them that can put a smile on their faces and I am grateful that I always have at least one person around me who can make me smile throughout the daily transitions.

    3 hours ago
  3. Barb C

    This is a good day for me to have to think about this. I have a very long drive ahead of me for a work trip. I usually bike or take transit and I no longer love driving the way I did as a young woman, so “road trip!” doesn’t engender any anticipation. I can be grateful that I’ll take a carafe of good, hot coffee with me and a sandwich on some really good bread I baked; that I’ll have a box of CDs I haven’t listened to in a long time and that I’ll spend hours with music, which isn’t a part of my everyday routine; and that I’m doing this while the mountain passes are open and I’ll only encounter rain, not snow or ice. All things to feel grateful for!

    5 hours ago
  4. Carol

    By consciously remembering that everything belongs. Creation is One and that compassion (to be with) is needed in all situations.

    5 hours ago
  5. Charlie T

    I can embody gratitude today, the
    same way I attempt every day.
    By being conscious of the world
    around me and make intentional
    choices. I will choose gratitude
    instead of pessimism, hopelessness,
    or cynicism.

    6 hours ago
  6. Nannette

    For me today..that is easy! Yesterday my cat, Finn seemed to not be feeling well. As the day went on it became clear that he really was sick. He wouldn’t eat and he lay facing the wall. When I went to talk to him and pet him- he looked sadly and twitched his tail….very unlike it. By now it was 5 PM…and our vet was closed. We had to take him to the Emergency Clinic an hour and 20 minutes away. My husband had been changing the oil in the motor home and was filthy. He was still working when I said we had to go. Finn just layed in the carrier- not a sound. I prayed all the way there. Our visit was long- of course there were other animals to tend to. Finn had a series of x-rays, blood work, physical exam and several medications. We arrived back home at 10 PM…I was emotionally exhausted….but Finn was feeling better. He ate a little, sat on my lap and then settled to sleep. This morning he was just about his normal self…woke us up- had some breakfast and asked to go outside. Later this morning we have to return to the Emergency vet for a re-check of abdominal x-rays. The doctor said she could not really see the intestines well- but they seemed “bunched up”…I pray that there is better visualization today. He is better and I am so thankful for the clinic and those that work there. I said thank you many times…it comes from my heart. I will be patient and pleasant with all I meet and offer those people in prayer for whatever they need. I am also so very grateful for this site and all who come daily. I am also very grateful that we could go to the Emergency clinic- that we can pay for their services without hardship….many can not,

    6 hours ago
    1. Barb C

      Our cat Tiggs (short for Tigger) is on my lap as I write this. I hope Finn is better! I share your gratitude for those who help our animals and that I could pay for help if we had an emergency.

      5 hours ago
  7. sunnypatti

    By staying in the moment and remembering what a blessing it is to be alive.

    7 hours ago
  8. Josie

    As I journey to my 0ncologist today for a routine check-up, I can lead with gratitude for enjoying the past six months cancer-free vs. focusing on limiting side effects of my treatment.

    7 hours ago
    1. Nannette

      Thinking of you in prayer, josie as you visit your oncologist today.

      7 hours ago
  9. Joseph McCann

    Reflecting here is always a good start. Yesterday I was sawing firewood. For some reason I had a hard time starting my chain saw. Thought I may have flooded it. I got it started and cut one tank of fuel. I needed to shut down and restart several times while using up that tank of fuel. After piling up the wood I blocked, I refueled. The saw would not start. I had a new spark plug. replaced the old with the new. Still no go. Maybe it is the magneto. Checked to make sure all wires were connected. Still no go. I then got a bit upset, just what I need, an unexpected expense. Then I shifted my perspective to how old was that saw. I remember I was building a corral when the last one crapped out. The year 2000. That saw has been of good service for twenty-three years. I became grateful for that longevity and realized that it only had cost me about $20 a year to own. I have enough money to purchase a new one. I am able to get to town to shop for a new one. For all these reasons I let gratefulness take over and calm my anxious mind. This morning I will go to town.

    8 hours ago
    1. Nannette

      Good Luck getting your new chain saw, Joseph. Sounds like my house!! My husband was a forester so a chain saw is always handy. He would be lost without it. Living in the country…is a great thing! Best wishes getting your winter wood cut.

      6 hours ago
  10. Laura

    I can share my own gratefulness with the people I encounter today.

    8 hours ago
  11. Antoinette

    I will embody gratefulness by knowing every moment as a gift, and even if it’s not going my way, or I feel badly, it is still a moment to be grateful for. I will let go of the pain and worry. Thank you 🙏

    8 hours ago
  12. EJP

    I will embody gratefulness today with every heartbeat and every breath.

    9 hours ago
  13. Kevin

    By living the minutes and hours of this day as they come.

    9 hours ago
  14. Don Jones

    I feel it is for this life experience. As I have journeyed inwards, that feeling of being a stranger in my own skin has been a curious exploration, but one that I am very grateful for.

    10 hours ago
  15. Michele

    I’m grateful that I work with a great team and love my co-workers. Grateful for my job and teammates.

    10 hours ago

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