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  1. k'Care-Reena


    I can be more generous with the knowledge that I have (power of our emotions/thoughts/behaviors) by practicing patience with myself and my family. There is a lot of trauma within our family and I have noticed it has developed a way of being/living “I have to do more, its not enough, I HAVE TO GIVE”. The way of being is impacting our relationships and I have. been a bit pushy with. my attempts to introduce relaxation and calmness to our ways being. Patience is something we have not practiced, I at time have hard times being patience w/ myself and lately I have been therefore I am practicing it with my loved ones. [practicing my peaceful warrior].

    3 years ago
  2. Kevin

    I am comfortable with the level of giving that my wife and I are able to do that benefits other people and organizations that we support. Today’s question, in my view, also contains a hidden “should,” which I find off-putting for several reasons, chief among them being that the question assumes that the reader is not being generous enough. I think that people who frequent this site regularly have demonstrated repeatedly, through actions, deeds, and expressions of kindness, how generous they are with all that they have.

    3 years ago
  3. Malag

    There’s always more I could do on all fronts with generosity of time, spirit and material things. I could seek inspiration on the how.

    3 years ago
  4. J

    I think I need to be more generous with my love. I don’t say that in a cocky way, or in a way that puts me on a pedestal saying that everyone needs to get my love, but I say that phrase from a place of fear and anxiety. I feel like I’m a very loving person that will go the extra mile, even for a stranger, or someone I just met. When that love isn’t reciprocated, even if it’s not necessarily on the same level as the love given, it hurts me, which is why I tend to give the same amount of love that others give to me, to protect me from getting hurt or disappointed that it isn’t reciprocated back. Today’s question made me ponder on how love is a gift that people need in their everyday lives. Because my heart “overflows” with it on most days, haha, I think it’s better to love freely and abundantly, and to not be scared when others don’t give that same love back, because maybe, they need some extra love first before they can pour it back into another’s cup.

    3 years ago
  5. V
    Veronika GRAY

    Interesting question. I listened to an audio book about a young lady who was from a war torn country and although in her early years life was a happy one for her one day that changed. Her tribe had been targeted for the slaughter. She eventually found refuge at a priests home sent by her father to stay there and she did for around 3 months during that time she prayed and she began to visualise what she wanted and where she wanted to be all while she was locked away in a small bathroom with 6 other women, and whilst their people were being slaughtered and they were being hunted down. when I read that passage it made me think realise that I should be even more grateful for my life and the life that I have right here and now that I could have been delt the card this lady had been given what she had endured and seen was nothing compared to what I was not being grateful for this story allowed me to be thankful everyday for where I live and what I have. Although I am still working on all of this.

    3 years ago
  6. G
    Greta Gaul-Wood

    Self reflection, and reflecting back on my progress over the whole year. I admit that this is a really hard question for me to answer.
    Savouring each thing that I have.

    3 years ago
  7. KC

    Will call generosity a work in progress. And, I can set an intention to practice generosity each day, and see where that goes. Will write and sent a card now …

    In the Book of Joy, the Dalai Lama says “we have to take care of ourselves without selfishly taking care of ourselves. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot survive. We need to do that. We should have wise selfishness rather than foolish selfishness. Foolish selfishness means you just think only of yourself, don’t care about others, bully others, exploit others. In fact, taking care of others, helping others, ultimately is the way to discover your own joy and to have a happy life. … it is what I call wise selfishness’.

    In response, Archbishop Desmond Tutu offered ‘You are wise… I wouldn’t just say wise selfish. You are wise’.

    3 years ago
  8. d

    I think i could auto tithe.

    3 years ago
  9. TofuLove

    I think people are as generous as they can be, a lot of times it’s easy to generous if you have a glut haha. I don’t know … maybe I need to be more understanding of other’s perspectives and what it’s like to be in their circumstances day in and out, what their background might be, and how all that forms the person I deal with in that moment. The difficult person being rude in front of me, didn’t form overnight, there’s a long chain of circumstance, genetics, experience that are forming that person and I need to be OK with who I deal with in that moment.

    3 years ago
  10. Don Jones

    To be 100% clear what the most important thing is in my life. Not my top 10 or top 3… my number 1. And make sure I keep doing that, no matter what.

    3 years ago
  11. O.Christina

    I don´t know, but I would for example happily and gratefully offer my bit of know how to a friend for may be joint ventures or which form whatsoever might be convenient, if he would think it could be of support to him related to helping people who might be interested in opening up to life more deeply to gaining substantial awareness. Since many years, I accompanied kindred people in various ways. May be, this could be an exciting experience shared with several people interested.

    3 years ago
  12. Mica

    I need to be less generous in what I agree to do, in at least one instance. I need to check out the person for whom I agreed to write a visa letter – and the category of visa they were applying for. How was I to know that ‘E’ in the visa meant exceptional? Hopefully I’m wiser now. I’ve been old for a long time now.

    3 years ago
    1. L

      I work as an immigration paralegal …I know these letters well….extraordinary ability….there’s a high standard for approval anyways, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much

      3 years ago
      1. Mica

        He’s going to seek ‘other experts’ now! I didn’t want to sign my name to the crazy long letter he drafted, and I didn’t want to edit it to suit me. I’d edited my qualifications – not ‘professor’ but ’emeritus research professor’, etc. I know a wonderful woman from the same country who’s so much more talented than he, and she’s back in the country. I was supportive of his getting some sort of visa to stay in the US – but not Exceptional! Thanks, Lauryn, for your reply 🤗🙃

        3 years ago
  13. Elaine

    Be openly affirming of close ones, acquaintances, public officials at every opportunity! Make the good vibes the most audible and visible.

    3 years ago
    1. Linda

      Elaine, I so agree with this! I think we need to acknowledge our public officials for their hard work on our behalf, and of course the people that add so much to our lives. 🙂

      3 years ago
      1. Elaine

        Right on Linda!

        3 years ago
  14. Katrina

    There are so many ways to be generous with my resources – time, energy, money, talents, hospitality…COVID has interrupted and challenged the ways I have lived generously in the past. I have learned that gift-giving is not what most of my family appreciates. I have noticed that in the absence of them being able to come to our house and experience our hospitality, I rarely hear from any of them – that I was the initiator of our connectedness. I have noticed that I can be more generous through organizations that are opening up their services like Habitat for Humanity or Meals on Wheels, through which I can share my time. I have noticed that I can be generous with comments, compliments, and listening to those on social media who are hurting, suffering, frustrated – I can call and send cards, when before COVID that was something I rarely did. And I”m finding out it is something people really appreciate. But I’m also noticing that I must be careful about feeling obligated to give, as opposed to feeling led to give through my heart (or the Spirit).

    3 years ago
  15. d

    Live in amity. 🧚‍♀️

    3 years ago

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