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  1. M

    Be happy read more books be healthy be open minded be strong be top g

    3 weeks ago
  2. coleeniversity

    You can’t skip chapters, that’s how life works. You have to read every line, meet every character. You won’t enjoy all of it.
    Hell, some chapters will make you cry for weeks. You will read things you don’t want to read, you will have moments when you don’t want the pages to end. But you have to keep going. Stories keep the world revolving. Live yours, don’t miss out. – credits to ..??

    1 month ago
  3. a

    I have a few that come to mind –
    1- be kind to everyone you come into contact with. You never know what someone might be going through. Just a simple friendly smile or hello could be the one thing a person needs to get through what they’re going through. Give people hope when they’re feeling hopeless.

    2- Never compare your situation with someone else’s. People only show you what they want you to see, especially online. You don’t know what that person may have been through to get where they are or it could simply be a facade. Focus on your own path, one foot in front of the other.

    3- Only surround yourself with people who are good for you and will take you farther in life. If that means you’re only left with one or two friends in the end then so be it. There’s nothing wrong with being alone either, sometimes thats just what you need to find out what you really need.

    1 month ago
  4. O.Christina

    What if life is a gift we share
    and would imagine All of its beauty
    right here, right now?
    Wouldn´t awe wash over us?

    What if we´d be aware of the Grace
    to being with each other
    right here, right now?
    Wouldn´t Peace have a chance?

    What if we´d share life
    in kindness and love
    right here, right now?
    Oh my God!

    1 month ago
  5. Robin Ann

    Be Kind!! Everyone has something they are going through now or did. Just be Kind!!

    1 month ago
  6. Charlie T

    Practice kindness and empathy.

    1 month ago
    1. Michele

      love this💜

      1 month ago
  7. Don Jones

    Develop an intimate relationship with the Creator of this universe. As many who have gone before us can attest, if you trust your deepest desires, you will find yourself living another kind of life.

    1 month ago
    1. Robin Ann

      Love this!

      1 month ago
  8. Yram

    We are alike than different!

    1 month ago
  9. Liza

    Live in peace. Let others live in peace.

    1 month ago
  10. Barb C

    There is more than enough for all of us. Give.

    1 month ago
  11. Linda

    Be here now.

    1 month ago
  12. Chester

    True contentment or happiness is a byproduct of doing what we believe in, working toward meaningful goals. It is not an end to be found, but a byproduct of the process.

    1 month ago
  13. Pilgrim

    What comes to mind is the song “We are the World, We are the Children …” (Song by USA for Africa, released 1985)

    1 month ago
    1. Robin Ann

      I love this song!!

      1 month ago
  14. Maeve

    As our indigenous peoples said: Cherish and care for our Mother Earth which sustains and supports us. She is our home and as we care for her, we care for ourselves. We are connected deeply and without her there us no life. We are not separate from the earth.
    That is a message I want every child I teach, and every person on our planet to realize on a deep level . Now more than ever.

    Please let’s not give in to greed or carelessness in how we treat her. I have been dismayed and aghast at the recent fires in Maui and the burning forests. So troubling.

    1 month ago
  15. freda blackerby

    The most precious inheritance parents can leave their children is their own happiness. Thich Nhat Hanh

    1 month ago
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