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  1. Elaine

    Whatever path you’re on or if you can’t find a path, the gentle accessible-to-all practice of grateful living is the not so secret secret to a good and happy life.

    11 months ago
  2. Honeybuns4

    I would tell the world how beautiful everything and everyone is. To stop and look at their surrounding because even the smallest of thing is there for them, as it is a gift from this earth. Yesterday I arose and the sky had the most beautiful hues. We must learn to look at the world and its blessings

    11 months ago
  3. Layla

    You are enough, just as you are. You were born worthy of love and acceptance. If you never earn another dollar, lose another pound, run another mile or do a single thing but take your next breath, you are still enough.

    11 months ago
  4. Mary Pat

    For me, John Lennon said it best,”Love is all there is.” And of course,

    11 months ago
  5. TS

    Be kind and compassionate to others.

    11 months ago
  6. Malag

    There are so many, centred around kindness, compassion and altruism. Any attempt by me to put this into a message would be poor at best.

    11 months ago
  7. Lou Mu

    Don’t let fear decide your actions. Be brave enough to express kindness, empathy and consideration towards everyone, especially those you don’t agree with or understand.

    11 months ago
  8. R
    Ravi Kapur

    Accept yourself with all your weaknesses and strengths.

    11 months ago
  9. Carol

    Be the peace you seek.

    11 months ago
  10. Melissa

    After all this time
    The sun never says to the earth,
    “You Owe Me”
    Look what happens
    With a love like that,
    It lights the
    Whole sky.
    Poem by Hafiz the Sufi Master

    11 months ago
  11. Don Jones

    Rediscover … remember … see … who you really are. Then go into the world and be the full expression of that person.

    11 months ago
  12. S
    Sydney Richmond

    You are worthy of love, a good life, a good relationship, and anything else you desire. You are enough exactly as you are in this day and time.

    11 months ago
  13. pkr

    Be nice to one another & yourself. It all starts with the self.

    11 months ago
  14. Linda

    Be kind.

    11 months ago
  15. Marnie Jackson

    Share your imperfect self with those that you love.

    11 months ago
  16. S
    Stephanie Ciechanski

    If I could share a message with the world it would be Don’t change who you are in order to get people to like you, they should like you for who you are and not who they want you to be.

    11 months ago
  17. Maurice Frank

    Understand how we are all connected to other people, all lifeforms, and our planet.

    11 months ago
  18. Antoinette

    Let go of all all of the illusions and delusions- which are disturbances of love and truth. Let go over anything and everything which isn’t Truth.

    11 months ago
  19. Holly in Ohio

    To listen to understand, particularly those voices different from our own.

    Start, or add to, your carbon reduction efforts each day, whether it is by buying less, putting the thermostat down a degree, carpooling, or shutting off lights and devices when you are not using them… there is an urgent need for each of us to do our part. Don’t live with regret later, start now. ♥🌎

    11 months ago
  20. Anica Naprta

    “Healing the Universe is an inside job.”

    11 months ago
  21. Carla

    We have stardust in our DNA. We are all connected and created by one Divine Source of Light and Love. May we each be willing to let that Light heal our individual wounds and historical trauma; drawing us towards being people of Peace. May we be willing to share the world’s wealth and goods globally, ceasing to engage in wars, choosing to respond in Love in all situations.

    11 months ago
  22. Hermann-Josef

    What i found out till now is, that in the end there is always the same i . Identifying this i with anything ( Body, mind, Charakter, Name, Fame abilities, Race , likes and dislikes and so on) always brings the feeling of being a seperate entitity which i have to protect, and creates all Kinds of fears, illusions, Phobies, complexes. Problems of all Kinds. To be able to have and use this wonderfull Body-mindcomplex should not force me to be completely identified with it. In truth we are love. Love is god…right Here, right now

    11 months ago
  23. S

    Always start your day with a Smile

    11 months ago
  24. Katrina

    God is love – no more; no less.

    11 months ago
  25. Avril

    We are not connected. We are one. There is only one of us here.

    11 months ago
  26. devy

    Love, compassion, kindness, gratitude.. all of us are a part of the big picture

    11 months ago
  27. Nelson

    Love yourself no matter what.

    11 months ago
  28. sunnypatti48317

    You are love; I am love; God is love – all you need is LOVE!

    11 months ago
  29. MEG

    Let us embrace universal wisdom to unite us and to generate more love and light, peace and joy, compassion and kindness in the world.

    11 months ago
  30. EJP

    Life is too short……enjoy every moment.

    11 months ago
  31. Patricia

    God’s first message at Creation is “It’s good….”

    11 months ago
  32. Kevin

    Stop the fighting and live love now.

    11 months ago
  33. Michele

    “You can’t tame the spirit of someone who has magic in their veins “

    11 months ago

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