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  1. Robin Ann

    For me living with less (material items) allows for more quality time. Happy Easter all.
    I just got back from a nice Easter Vigil and reception at my Church. The church is in total darkness
    and we light it up with candles one by one. It is very beautiful with full Choir and accompanying instruments.

    4 months ago
  2. Dolores Kazanjian

    The first thing that came to mind is getting rid of “stuff.” De-cluttering always makes me feel better and provides an energy burst.
    Charlie T’s wise comment about paring down to the essential made me think of the years when I was writing for the local paper and I had to trim an article to fit the space available. My first reaction was always “It’s not possible” and my second, after editing, “It’s actually much better.”

    4 months ago
  3. Kevin

    Just this morning our rowing team was in the process of deciding whether we could row or if we needed to cancel due to creasing wind speeds. As the boat steerer it is my job to make the call one way or the other. Our crew of six were eager to get back on the water, having canceled more rows than we can remember due to recent high winds and rain here in southern New England.

    Sadly, as the forecast for wind gusts kept climbing, I texted everyone and said that I had made the decision to cancel. I also called one of our team members because cell service in his area was spotty and I didn’t want him making the forty five minute drive to the harbor only to find that the row had been canceled.

    We ended up talking half an hour, covering a topic tender and private, which would not have happened if we had ended up rowing. After we hung up I thought, how wonderful, the wind made it all possible.

    4 months ago
    1. Michele

      Your reflection about the wind made me think of my Mom’s Wind poem, I share below: This was read at her funeral.

      From the Four Comers of the Earth, the wind will rise and greet us in anticipation of its surprise
      “I Love the Wind”
      Over the ocean the Wind wiII go, telling the waves to say hello
      “I Love the Wind”
      The trees are next in the winds path, swaying branch by branch as they dance
      “I Love the Wind’ ‘
      See the Wind pick up the leaf , floating around and around until it hits the ground
      “I Love the Wind”
      The Wind has kissed the lake, its ripple you can’t mistake
      “I Love the Wind’ ,
      Listen and you can hear the Wind is talking in our ear, it’s very near
      “I Love the Wind”
      The Wind is swirling around me, in my hair, in my face, I feel its Grace
      “I Love the Wind”
      The day will come when my Soul will rise and the Wind and I will go for a ride
      “I Love the Wind”
      And the Wind and I will never die
      “I Love the Wind”
      So, if you love the Wind as I, my Soul will touch you as we go by
      “I Love the Wind”
      By: Christine Kane

      4 months ago
  4. C
    Carissa Thomas

    Less friends equating to better quality of friends; choosing the people to spend time with based on their character rather than to not feel alone. Having less material things and designer clothes makes me feel fuller and at peace with what I have, rather than constantly grasping for more.

    4 months ago
  5. pkr

    I have let go of so much in my life, my home, in these last 6 months. I feel lighter. I feel free. I feel whole. Less is liberating.

    4 months ago
  6. Charlie T

    It seems like, life is always seeking
    equilibrium. While I can’t think of an
    instants where less was more, I know
    that when something goes away,
    something else fills in. Kind of like digging
    in sand. At times in my life where there has
    been a hole or void created, sure enough,
    something else comes along to fill that
    void. Of course I can only see this in
    Now, on a more day to day level, in my job
    editing video, less is definitely more. That’s
    the whole job! Less is more impactful and
    reveals the subject. Pairing down to the
    essential. It is a lesson in letting go and
    not clinging. It is something that has taken
    me a while to learn.

    4 months ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      “Kind of like digging in sand.” That sums a lot of my experiences, Charlie. Thank you.

      4 months ago
    2. S
      Ana Maria

      Thank you Charlie! Pairing down to the essential. How I love this sentence. It is what I need to do. I appreciate your wisdom! I thank you!

      4 months ago
  7. sunnypatti

    Every time I donate clothing and household items. It feels good to have more space, and it’s about time to do that again.
    I lived with a friend for a few years after I left my ex, and then I was able to get my own little apartment. It was a tiny, two room apartment, but it had everything I needed. It was less space, less rent, less fuss of living with someone who treated me like I was her child. My cat BC & I were very happy there before the next chapter came along.

    4 months ago
  8. Carol

    I am no longer willing to put my life on the scales of less or more. For me, each day of my life is like a new recipe. Sometimes, I decide to add more spice and other times I cut the amount of seasoning in half because from experience, I have learned that less will be more agreeable to my palate. The only time I find that “more” is most important is when it comes to my willingness to trust. More willingness…Less stress.

    I share a Shamanic Blessing I thought you might enjoy reading:
    I release my partner
    from the obligation to complete me.
    I release my parents
    from the feeling they failed with me.
    I release my children
    from the need to bring me pride
    so they can write their own paths
    to the rhythm of their hearts.
    I don’t lack anything.
    I cherish my essence,
    my way of expressing it,
    even if not everyone can understand me.
    I learn from all beings,
    all the time.
    I honor
    the divinity
    in me
    and you.
    – Shamanic Blessing

    4 months ago
    1. Michele

      Beautiful poem. Thank you Carol.

      4 months ago
    2. Dolores Kazanjian

      Beautiful. Thank you, Carol.

      4 months ago
    3. S
      Ana Maria

      WOW! Thank you Carol, how I needed this blessing this morning. Forty three years ago on a Saturday before Easter I met the man that would become my husband. Never did we think we will be spending our lives together. What a journey it has been. This poems sums up how I feel. I have a lot to be thankful for, life has giving a lot more that I expected. What a blessing. Happy Easter to all of you that celebrates this special day of rebirth. Just like Spring!

      4 months ago
  9. Yram

    Right now, my husband’s lack of mobility has granted us more time together!

    4 months ago
  10. Michele

    My youngest daughter endorses and practices minimalism. I am trying to do this too. Having less stuff to deal with for my kids when my time is up is on my mind. My dad is now starting to do this too.

    Have a good weekend everyone:)

    4 months ago
  11. Joseph McCann

    I experience less being more on a daily basis. It took a bit but by abstaining from alcohol these past 25 months, each day I am gifted, becomes more. More gratitude, calmer, more joy, more wonder, more love, more freedom from the monkey in my mind. That damn monkey is still residing in that addicted room of my mind. He likes the accommodations and cannot be evicted. The truce we share is at times shaky but mostly it is amicable. For now, we have made peace.

    4 months ago
    1. Josie

      I appreciate your image of the monkey in your mind, Joseph. These words are particularly helpful to me today: “The truce we share is at times shaky but mostly it is amicable. For now, we have made peace.” They become an invitation to do the same rather than getting caught in the futility of trying to ‘evict’ her (in my case.) As always, thanks for sharing so honestly.

      4 months ago
  12. EJP

    Living simply as a minimalist enables me to free my heart from hatred, free my mind from worries, give more, expect less and enjoy every moment gratefully.

    4 months ago
  13. Carla

    Today, 3/30, marks 3 years since my younger brother died via manipulating his heart and blood pressure meds. We didn’t know these facts at first, His absence is still felt by many. A part of one’s childhood is lost when a sibling dies. We held each others memories. Oh My! I just re-read the question! I read loss not less. Since his passing I experience him and his energy in much broader ways in the Universe. The less has become more.

    4 months ago
    1. pkr

      Carla, thank you for sharing.
      It will be 3 years next month that I lost my younger brother, who I was very very close to. My life, my world is forever changed. I understand your sentiment.
      Prayers for you & your family. His spirit is with you.✨🙏🏻❤️
      Blessings & love….🤗

      4 months ago
    2. Charlie T

      Interestingly, I read the question as
      “Loss” also, at first.
      I feel for you, as this is a subject close
      to me too. ❤️

      4 months ago
    3. Michele

      I will light a candle for your and your family on this site Carla. Loving kindness to you on your brother’s anniversary.

      4 months ago
    4. Yram

      The loss of a sibling is very tender to the heart. In some ways it gives me more love for others.

      4 months ago
    5. Joseph McCann

      Last September was 21 years since my youngest brother died by his own hand. I know of what you speak Carla.

      4 months ago
  14. Antoinette

    Right now ! In this moment I am so grateful that I am letting go of clutter in my mind and my life is changing bit by bit. Natures flow is beautiful! I have faith that we all can work together to achieve this for everyone!
    Let’s do this!

    4 months ago

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