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  1. O.Christina


    8 months ago
  2. Linda

    People seem to work things out on their own just by talking things through. Often I don’t even have to say much!

    8 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    I think I would characterize it as listening with a care-free mindset. It is listening from an open space without hinderance or distractions. What unfolds? There is space for whatever needs to come forth.

    8 months ago
  4. Charlie T

    When I can actually manage to listen
    without judgment (which is sadly
    rare for me), I mostly notice what’s
    happening with the other person.
    I think I notice a slight relaxing of
    defenses and a transfer of information
    and energy. One of my goals every
    day, is to listen with intention and
    without judgment. I fail and I try again.

    8 months ago
  5. Barb C

    Possibilities unfold if I can listen with curiosity instead of judgment. “Why do you think that?” or “What made you decide on this course of action?” can lead to more depth and to a more expansive understanding of the other person. Time also unfolds. If I’m not judging, I’m allowing time for thoughts that aren’t just my own, and I can’t know how long those will take to unpack.
    The challenge is to pause and allow of all this unfolding to take place.

    8 months ago
    1. Charlie T

      Very very well said, Barb.
      Questions are so important.

      8 months ago
  6. Jackie

    What unfolds when I listen without judgement?
    Reasoning, understanding, perspective are a few words that come to mind when I ask myself today’s question. I do my best to always listen with an open heart and without judgement. We don’t know the walk that other people may be on so it really isn’t up to us to judge that person’s journey/walk in life. Trust may also be something that unfolds to us when listening without judgement. You have created a safe space of trust and openness within you. It’s a very welcoming feeling when I have someone like that for me so creating that space for those around me only makes sense.

    8 months ago
  7. Ngoc Nguyen

    It is suffering. When I listen about someone’s suffering, I can’t say that is the result of what they did. Because in our life, fortune and unfortune may come by it time and it doesn’t ask do we want its coming? Judgement currently helps nothing. Instead, use the time of judgement for healing. Healing our compassion. By doing so, we can help ourselves live in a healthy mind and may help people in suffering.

    8 months ago
  8. Mary Mantei

    Presence. Possibilities. Stretching of my thinking.

    8 months ago
    1. Freda

      How lovely and well said Mary.

      8 months ago
  9. Nannette

    Happiness unfolds as I listen without judgement. Happiness that I can actually hear what the other person is saying..and not be listening to my mind whirl with all different thoughts. When speaking to another…and having a conversation it is important to just listen. I am not here to judge.

    8 months ago
  10. Yram

    Undivided attention
    Kevin’s word SPACE
    The opportunity for love

    8 months ago
  11. Laura

    Compassion unfolds when I take the time to listen with me heart, not my head.

    8 months ago
    1. Carol


      8 months ago
  12. sunnypatti

    Compassion, love… life!

    8 months ago
  13. Butterfly

    Compassion and a better understanding of another person’s situation.

    8 months ago
  14. Joseph McCann

    When I have no preconceived notions, I am more able to listen with an open mind and open heart. I have created much chaos in my life, who am I to judge others and/or the thoughts that they vocalize. To truly listen to others without judgment I just might glean some new information about life, theirs and mine.

    8 months ago
  15. Carol

    What unfolds when I listen without judgement?
    Kevin’s answer (“space and understanding) nailed it for me and reminded me of a short poem I wrote in 2009 called Place or Space?…

    Stop worrying about place.
    Start focusing on space.
    Am I giving myself space—
    To see
    To hear
    To care
    To share
    To Be all I want to Be
    An instrument of compassion
    For both you and me.

    8 months ago
    1. Laura

      Thank you for the poem, Carol. It really hits home for me.

      8 months ago
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