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  1. Robin Ann

    My stranger now friend that has come into my life to help me with my daughter named Ben. I have not met him yet but he is truly A Godsent (a guardian angel to her) and my cyber support buddy for now.

    11 months ago
  2. O.Christina

    Someone very kind designed a huge piece of beautiful artwork, a website of sorts and with it, much needed technical support to a group of people, and even when now much needed work was done to rebuild all of it´s capacities and beauty, she once , and now again gave it all for free, and, most beautiful, with a free heart. Her generosity and kindness, contributing from her heart such aesthetic artwork for the well being of all touched me deeply. A gift of sorts for the community. May it be honored by the ones who use it. With a deep bow and much love, thank you dearly, my dear friend. 🙏🙇🙏

    11 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    I wonder if the reason I can’t recall being moved by kindness is due to the community in which I live or my state of mind?

    11 months ago
  4. P

    Earlier this year I lost my wallet. I was feeding a parking meter while on a downtown shopping trip. It was raining, I was holding an umbrella and carelessly dropped my wallet on the sidewalk. When I returned home a 1/2 hour later, I learned that a woman had found it and drove to my house to return it. This happened before I got home. I never had a chance to thank her. I am still moved (and grateful) that good Samaritans still walk amongst us. I was lucky that a less conscientious person, or a more desperate person did not find it first.

    11 months ago
  5. Dolores Kazanjian

    Yesterday! Although not exactly a stranger, this story is worth telling.
    A neighbor who occasionally does handyman work for us has taken us under his wing as my husband and I are having serious aging-related health issues. He took me yesterday to get my cell phone fixed, something essential at this point. While I sat in the SUV, he negotiated the Verizon, then the Apple store, then back to Verizon. Took the better part of the day, and a lot of schmooozing. (At first, Apple told him there would be a 2-4 hour wait.) The young techies = they were “strangers” – were also very kind, coming out to the vehicle to verify IDs, passwords and the like.
    So many people have been so kind.

    11 months ago
  6. Maeve

    I am sure we all have experienced kindness from an unknown person, even if it’s a small experience.
    I have had strangers bring me my cellphone when I inadvertently left it on a store counter, and even a credit card, on a few occasions.
    I have had strangers stand up on a crowded bus and offer me their seat.
    I have received smiles from strangers- which has often felt heartwarming and comforting in the moment.

    My experience traveling in the “south” this summer (in my case, Maryland and Virginia!) , I was taken aback and heartened by the way strangers smiled and greeted me when I was walking down the street, or held a store door open for me. I am not used to many smiles from passersby here in New England: a more wary culture, I suppose.

    11 months ago
  7. Diane

    This is such a great question that brings awareness. I so appreciate reading/hearing about acts of kindness….a reminder that, despite what we see and hear on the news, there is so much goodness in this world. Thank you all for sharing your stories…they bring hope to my spirit.

    2 years ago we moved into our new 55+ community in Colorado after spending the first 65 years of my life in NJ. Although we have gotten to know our neighbors, we are meeting new “strangers” still as it is a fairly large community. Indeed I feel somewhat like a “stranger in a strange land” but each day gets a little easier. It helps of course that we are surrounded by so much beauty. One thing that I appreciate as I try to adjust is the friendliness of each new person that we have met here. Always a cheerful “good morning” when I take my prayer walk around the community.
    Have a blessed day all 🙏

    ps. A special good morning to my “old” friend Pilgrim on this our Prayer Tuesday. I hope all is well with you this day….perhaps you will be enjoying a walk on the Lake Michigan beach today? Namaste friend.

    11 months ago
    1. Pilgrim

      Dear Diane, I actually just returned from a walk on the beach. Quite windy! I always have extra layers of clothing/jackets, and they were much needed today. Lots of groups were gathered in close and trying to stay warm. It was also pretty foggy … I could only see a bit of the top of the lighthouse. Nevertheless, it is fun to watch all the groups making the very best of the day. And I was glad to get my steps in. Time for coffee/lunch! Be well, my friend.

      11 months ago
  8. Barb C

    At first I couldn’t think of anything notable, but EJP’s mention of an accident reminded me of something that happened nearly a year ago.

    Sept. 1, 2022, while on vacation in our former hometown I tripped while backing up trying to take a picture, fell, and broke my wrist. (PSA: Always look behind you before backing up! You never know what will be on the sidewalk.)

    We were right outside a little local ice cream shop and I was holding a glorious double-scoop ice cream cone that went flying, adding to the tragedy of the moment. The owner and people in the outdoor seating area were all so kind. They talked with me while my husband ran several blocks back to the place we were staying to get the car so he could take me to the hospital. The talking really helped because I thought I might pass out and that would have hurt the wrist even more if I fell off the chair. The owner brought out a bag of frozen strawberries to serve as an ice pack (which caused some alarm when I arrived at the ER looking as if my entire arm was encased in blood–a funny moment in the middle of all of this). He also put my husband’s cone into their freezer to be picked up the next day, and when my husband went back he gave him a replacement for my double-scoop so I got ice cream after all (butter brickle and caramel apple–fantastic).

    Recently I was back and hoped to go get a double scoop but they were closed for a camping trip. If you’re ever in Spokane, Washington, please go to Doyle’s Ice Cream and tell them it’s because of their kindness to the lady who tripped and broke her wrist in 2022. You won’t regret it–fantastic ice cream!

    11 months ago
    1. Maeve

      Great story!

      11 months ago
    2. Diane

      That is a great story and you told it so well Barb! Made me smile…and not just because I am a big fan of ice cream!

      11 months ago
  9. Carol

    A specific incident does not come to mind. At present, I am seldom around a stranger but my next door neighbors, who are not strangers as I have lived here for over 4 years, are so very thoughtful and kind. They check on me regularly and I know I can reach out to them if need be.

    11 months ago
    1. Diane

      Carol….It is a gift to have next door neighbors like yours!

      11 months ago
  10. Nannette

    As others have commented….I also do not spend much time amongst strangers or other people….living in a very rural area of WV. Nothing comes to mind at the present…although the other day I brought a chair to a friend. The chair was one we no longer used and it is a good chair which we hated to discard. Nowadays it seems that donating furniture is very difficult. My friend was more than happy to get the chair- in return she gave Peter and I – four beautiful summer squash from her garden…a dinner delight!!

    11 months ago
  11. Chester

    My usual “nextdoor” email alert yesterday was more pleasant than most – impressed by the poster’s generosity and initiative. A gentleman in the neighborhood posted regarding wanting to give to a family member/teacher’s classroom. Being unable to follow through with the full extent of his desired generosity, he posted the opportunity to support a 1st grade classroom to the neighborhood “nextdoor” post, which is a posting typically filled with comments about neighborhood animal sittings or thefts. The link worked seamlessly and suspect will lead to a 1st grade classroom that is more full of tools than it otherwise would have been. Great example of generosity and initiative – two vital ingredients to adding goodness to this world.

    11 months ago
    1. Barb C

      I appreciate this story because my brief encounters with NextDoor were so poisonous I left the space. So much fear of the other expressed there, and lack of empathy for unhoused, and other negative things. Glad the flavor of at least this post and responses was positive, and what a kind thing for him to do.

      11 months ago
  12. sunnypatti

    Sunday Brunch at my restaurant. I had a table with 3 police officers dining, and two different couples offered to pay for their meals. We split the checks so both couples could do it, and the officers were so grateful. It was a beautiful thing!

    11 months ago
    1. Diane

      Sunnypatti…..I love stories like this! People acknowledging the hard work and bravery of our first responders. They have a special place in my heart. You have inspired me to look for an opportunity to do the same. Thank you!

      11 months ago
  13. Liza

    The smallest acts of everyday kindness, someone letting me make a left turn though they had the right of way. If we all did more of the small acts of simple kindness every day what a world it would be.

    11 months ago
  14. Charlie T

    Last night, while driving home, I listened
    to an interview with a musician/songwriter
    on the radio.
    Everything they said rang true. And when they
    sang, I felt it. Such a beautiful person.

    11 months ago
  15. Yram

    I don’t have a chance to be among strangers much but I have been moved when friends, acquaintances or family members do an un expected action. We have been gifted with extra harvest items, flowers and plants.

    11 months ago
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