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  1. Reuben Nathaniel

    Health is often taken for granted. Most times it is not worth the trade off. I really want to be able to take better care of my health.

    3 weeks ago
  2. Rabbit

    Life after heart surgery. 💕

    3 weeks ago
  3. Robin Ann

    My work since covid has had many “virtual learning events”. One in the past few months was about Transvestite/Cross dressing. I have to say I definitely have more of an understanding and different perspective after the presentation. I was one of those college students back in l980’s that went to see the “Rocky Horror picture show” with knowing absolutely nothing about it and was horrified!!

    3 weeks ago
  4. Maeve

    After seeing the short documentary “Stranger at the Gate”, I have an even deeper respect for many of our fellow American Muslims. In this story the members of the mosque in a midwestern town put their faith into practice in a powerful way. Humbling for me to watch.
    I recommend it highly. A New Yorker documentary and one of this year’s “Oscar nominated short documentary” films. Also available on for free online:

    3 weeks ago
    1. Robin Ann

      Thank you for sharing Maeve! That was very humbling.

      3 weeks ago
  5. Don Jones

    I do lots of renovation projects in my workshop. The other day I realized a project I had been neglecting for a very long time was the renovation of my heart. It is time to start that project.

    3 weeks ago
  6. devy

    To be at peace with myself by not letting all the atrocities going on be my going following. I can care about them but I know that that there are things that i cannot control. Being a « worry wart » or being in discussion with others who have opposite views than me wont solve things. My personal mental health is more important.

    3 weeks ago
  7. Barb C

    More like “new again”: I keep relearning the truth that I can’t change someone else’s perspective by talking at them. I know that, I really do, and yet I’ll forget and try to persuade when it would likely be better to listen.
    Separate topic: I have new insights into a family member who is identifying as genderqueer. They did something a while back that I thought was meant to be playful or humorous when it was a test of how I would respond to them with a different gender presentation. Fortunately, they felt comfortable raising this so we could talk it through and I apologized. I’m learning some things about how I do and don’t perceive things the same way someone else would and miss cues at times, which has me thinking about my neuro patterns in new ways. At 60 years old I thought I knew how my mind worked, but I keep learning new things about it.

    3 weeks ago
  8. Charlie T

    Hmmm, I don’t think anything new
    has opened up for me lately.
    I am exposed to other people’s
    perspectives whenever I can ask
    a few questions and hear about
    their experiences. I have certainly
    had big perspective shifts in my
    life, but nothing lately. This question
    has me a bit stumped. I’m curious
    to read the other responses and
    experience your perspectives 😁

    3 weeks ago
  9. c

    every person is unique therefor their path in life must also be unique, there is a sharing of within generalities that is important for connection and safety and expansion of capacities, at our best we are happy for others and wish them well on their journeys

    3 weeks ago
  10. Carol

    I can’t say that it’s a new perspective but the awareness that some of my old life-limiting messages have reared their heads has made me more mindful of the importance of monitoring my thoughts.

    3 weeks ago
  11. Michele

    changing the 40 hr work week to a 32 hr one, apparently there is a House Bill for this. 4:3 is more balanced then the 5:2 work week. I sure hope this doesn’t continue to sit in the House and that it passes … has a lot of good points to it. [H.R.4728 – Thirty-Two Hour Workweek Act]

    3 weeks ago
  12. Y

    Nothing really new just more aware.

    3 weeks ago
  13. Laura

    What I’ve noticed lately is additional aspects of patience. I don’t consider them new because patience — in all of its many forms — is an ongoing lesson for me. Lately it’s been patience with my body as it continues to heal from surgery.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Rabbit

      I can relate Laura. At this age, it seems like another one looms before you are fully healed from the first one. Just be thankful for each day right?

      3 weeks ago
      1. Laura

        Amen, Rabbit!

        3 weeks ago
  14. Joseph McCann

    I am an old man who has known many troubles in my life, most of which never came to pass. Attributed to Mark Twain

    Most things I have been monkey minded about in my life have eventually worked out. Practicing living in the present and gratitude for the day I have, today……….I have known fewer troubles.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Barb C

      Love this Mark Twain (attributed) quotation. So true! Thank you for sharing it.

      3 weeks ago
    2. Rabbit

      So wise, thank you Joseph.

      3 weeks ago
      1. Josie


        3 weeks ago
  15. EJP

    Life is not what happens to you, it’s how you react to what happens to you.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Laura

      I’m going to add this to my collection of wise words, EJP. Thank you.

      3 weeks ago
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