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  1. O.Christina

    It takes a little more time to ponder, so hopefully, I will be able to reply a bit later. And later is now… The opportunity was to be together of service and of inspiration to other kindred hearts, which I guess arrived. And in it, there was also an opportunity to open up to a friend about my related fear, who then was very kindly reassuring and very helpful, for which I am so grateful also. The opportunity opened to be happily in contact with many kind and inspiring people. Wishing you a beautiful day despite the many challenging of this time. Greetings to all of you.

    1 year ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Learning and challenging people to be more aware of mental illness and not being so ignorant to it.

    1 year ago
  3. Erich617

    I can think of two challenging passages I am working through at the moment.

    One involves work some global/social issues that I have been working on for some time now. While I do see the significance of the issues at hand and the work being done, I am also getting burnt out, and I realized that the people involved can have a major impact on my mood. I am going to look for some new communities and/or reconnect with old ones moving forward.

    The other involves some seemingly intractable issues in close relationships. The most challenging issue for me is that I hear people express the desire for change but fail to act on that desire–at least in a way that I recognize. I have long tried to extend myself to support or accommodate these people. It is exhausting and breeds resentment. I am hopeful that, as I create some boundaries, I can relinquish the stress and anguish that comes with this.

    1 year ago
  4. Don Jones

    I read a beautiful line in a book the other day – “Moving at the speed of Love”. Meaning Love has its own speed, its own patience, its own unhurried momentum. As that came into awareness, I know I move too fast, too auto-pilot, too blind. There is a conscious slowing now which opens up a panorama. Hurriedness brings a narrowing of focus. And as I revisit scriptures, I see now more than ever the importance of moving at the speed of Love.

    1 year ago
    1. Avril

      Thank you, Don

      1 year ago
  5. pkr

    My recent life challenging experience is one of grief. I lost my dear brother, 18 months ago & my mom 8 months ago. After taking care of my brother for 10 months he succumbed to brain cancer. During this same time I had to place my mom in a nursing home due to dementia. After 1 year in the nursing home she went to Heaven.
    I was very close to both of them. They were a huge chunk of my life. So many shared life experiences, too many to enumerate.
    I have been left sad, hollow, empty, vacant, unsure of what’s next & how to go forward. I am absorbing this grief, this new way forward however it is challenging. I have been working hard on “shoring myself up”, but I feel rudderless.
    I am determined to keep looking for the light, for the joy in each day, for the Divine all around me. In spite of my grief I am immensely blessed.
    Coming here helps a lot. Thank you to All.

    1 year ago
  6. Barb C

    Breaking my right wrist in a fall September 1 has definitely been challenging, and yet I can identify some opportunities in it (stretching the definition of “opportunities” a bit). I tend to work very intensely at my computer all day long, meaning to set a timer and go for a quick walk around our block to clear my head periodically and then not doing that. Now I have pain remind me that it’s time to step away from the computer. In my work I advocate for accessibility and thinking inclusively about the needs of people with disabilities. I do authentically mean what I say, but most of my life I haven’t had any disability other than needing to wear glasses to see. Having this disability that limits physical range of motion and the things I can do for myself has been a preview of the possible issues that will increase with age, making me appreciate what I’m usually able to do and think about what may someday shift if I really can’t do something and there’s no way back. At least with my wrist I have PT and can tell my range of motion is increasing. I was able to play the piano a bit on Saturday–haltingly, with stiff and clumsy fingers, but I can still make music. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that I still have a reach of an octave plus one; hoping to get back the octave plus two ability I used to have if I really stretched, so that’s an opportunity that lies ahead.

    1 year ago
  7. Charlie T

    Every moment is an opportunity for me to practice. Just using the word “practice” has made a big difference in how I view and react in all situations. It has taken much of the pressure off. I’m “just” practicing mindfulness, fearlessness, compassion, non attachment, resilience, and now I’ll practice meditation. 😌
    Thank you all for being here ❤️

    1 year ago
  8. Chester

    Indeed challenges and opportunity are two sides of the same coin – not sure it is possible to have one without the other. While no one challenging life experiences stands out in the moment, indeed there are the common many – work demands, parenting, aging parents, balancing finances, health. Each challenge reflects values, commitments, inclinations to stretch and/or deepen, visions of what could be – collectively contributing to the boundless opportunity.

    1 year ago
    1. Carol

      Chester, Thanks for your wisdom. Indeed, challenges and opportunity are two sides of the same coin. I’m putting your words in my Quote File with the title, Boundless Opportunity. I’m one of those aging parents that my son calls a “welcome burden.” He also reminds me often that “Every day’s a good day, Mama.”

      1 year ago
  9. Cathie

    With Hurricane Nicole visiting Florida, we have a flight delay. Though challenging being in an A/P for hours, it allowed me to slooow down, pray, journal and read! This was an unexpected gift.

    1 year ago
  10. Liza

    My current challenge is an accumulation of the stress of the last three years and really a lifetime. It’s just been pushed forward in the last two or three years. I’m realizing the need to let go and not try to fix everything, especially if it is beyond my control. I need to move forward, still loving and caring for others but I need to give myself more love and care.

    1 year ago
  11. sunnypatti

    My current challenge is my left foot. I had been having some pain, it was effecting my sleep, and it had me limping one morning about a week and a half ago when my husband asked me what was going on. It had been over a week that I’d been dealing with it, so he told me to call the doctor. I have been known to avoid doctors, but as I age it gets a little easier, so I did and got an appointment the next day. Xray showed a bone spur and she sent me to a specialist. Turns out that not only do I have a tiny spur that is not even connected to my heel, but also tendonitis, plantars fasciitis, and a small fracture in a bone. No wonder I was in pain! Being the emotional me that I am, I cried when the doctor told me all of this. She assured me that I would heal and has me in a funny sock with an air pocket under the arch of my foot and around my ankle along with heal inserts.

    I work on my feet and am worn out by the time my shift is over. I’m also very active and am really having a hard time not being able to exercise, practice yoga the way I like to practice, take the dog to the beach/park for a long walk. The lack of movement is tough, but I want to heal and not make it worse, so I’m following doctor’s orders. I have a follow-up next week and am praying she sees improvement. It doesn’t help that I also turn 50 next week, so this body stuff is making me feel old! For what it’s worth, I totally embrace aging and see it as a gift, but all of this happening at once is challenging to say the least. I tell myself every day that I’m grateful it isn’t worse – which is the truth!

    1 year ago
    1. Michele

      Sunnypatti – I can relate to this as I have been having foot pain the past two weeks or so … I need to make an appt, thinking I have plantars faciitis. I wish you a speedy recovery:)

      1 year ago
    2. Cathie

      Good luck, and I will share with you my experience that the body has an amazing ability to heal if you listen to it (and your docs) and give it the time.

      1 year ago
      1. sunnypatti

        Thank you, Cathie!

        I came back because I realized I forgot the opportunities, which are listening to my body, acting on what it tells me, and trusting the medical system. Being the active person I am, I have suffered thru injuries that had me laid up for longer than the week and a half that I’m so far dealing with. A reminder that the body can and does heal so long as we do the right things for it.

        1 year ago
  12. Nannette

    Anymore, I find it a challenge to go out and about. I don’t want to be around the general public…My husband and I are so very Blessed to live in a rural area and our home and property are not near any neighbors. My life is my home, my husband and my animals (just two cats and a dog). However; I do have to do the activities of daily life- such as going to the grocery store. Yesterday, I had to go to another store…my husband had bought a pair of work boots…they cost $155. He wore them three weeks and they were coming apart. He took them back to the store- and they would not refund his money. They said that their policy is to exchange..and that there are signs all over saying that. They also have a sign reading that they will not take back worn shoes!! My husband got mad…and left the boots on the counter. He also took a photo of the boots on the counter (and a clerk was in the photo). We tried to dispute the charge…and our credit card company was great…but no go. So yesterday, I went back to the store. My husband had said to forget it…but $155 is a lot of money. The manager was curt …came out with my husband’s boots and said “We do not want to do business with you- and are not exchanging the boots”. The whole interaction shook me…I was very upset…but was not rude or nasty. I asked for the address of the manufacturer..the manager said…:you can find it online…” I tried and did not. My lesson came from Kevin…”This is not a hill that I want to die on today”. I kept saying that to myself and praying.. Perhaps this man has problems at home…maybe someone is sick. My husband learned a lesson too…he lost his temper. He wanted a refund…not another pair of boots that he may have the same problem with….BUT you can’t act that way…there is no excuse for impatience and rudeness.
    I was upset and sick to my stomach for the entire day- and the day had just started. I had many errands to run. At the end…I had Kevin’s mantra..and kept saying it…and also knowing that I have to limit my time in “town”. The country is my solitude…where I need to be, I am so very grateful that I have a home surrounded by trees and birds and deer. However; I am also very grateful to have the people here. My story is perhaps not worthy of being upset- it is shallow and there are far worse things happening to people every minute…but at that time- it was important to me. Now…it is something to forget and get on with this beautiful day that God has given me. Thank you all once again for your reflections and strength.

    1 year ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      I get the “Going to town ” thing Nannette. I haven’t gone to town for a couple of days. Besides my wife the only beings I’ve seen are the dog, cat and the steers. I understand not wanting a replacement of the same item. Quite a few tears back I purchased a stiff garden rake, It promptly broke where the tang goes into the wood. My wife and daughter saw me fixing it by drilling a new hole for the tang. Cheryl said why don’t you take it back. I retorted “Why, so they can give me another piece of s_ _t rake? Then my wife said to my daughter “Don’t laugh at him. You only encourage him.” Jackie now has children she say’s the same thing to. I also am still using the garden rake I fixed.

      1 year ago
      1. Nannette

        Thank you so much for your reply, Joseph! After writing it…I thought…now who wants to read that…will it help anyone else? Thank you for validating my thoughts. It is so good to hear that someone else lives similarly to the way we do…it is a good life. You sound like my husband…he would fix the rake too!! You are a good person, Joseph McCann!!

        1 year ago
    2. pkr

      Nannette, thank you for sharing your challenging experience. I don’t feel your story is shallow, it is a personal experience & one that upset you & your husband. I applaud your resolve to take the “high road” & let it go. It is hard but sometimes releasing an unpleasant experience is the only way forward.
      I too do not enjoy mixing with the public.
      I worked retail for many years, was laid off 2 years ago, & really have no desire to tolerate the public & often unpleasant behavior anymore. I am burned out on the masses!
      Blessings to you & your husband. Enjoy your day in the country.

      1 year ago
      1. Nannette

        I can surely understand your decision not to work with the public anymore!! Thank you so very much for your reply…it sure helps me feel a bit better. Yesterday, I felt the whole aftermath of my encounter…but today although it is pouring out..I know it will be a better day! Thank you, PKR for your kindness.

        1 year ago
  13. Avril

    Two challenging situations. One is dealing with a difficult relationship with a stepdaughter who is adopted, emotionally volatile, has severe adhd, and is the product of fetal alcohol syndrome. She’s in a place of deep antagonism, rebellion, and deceit. Learning to pause, ground myself, remember her as a child of God, and connect with Center. The second is feeling unfocused with tedium at work. I have a great job and I get to help a lot of people. But then there’s this very unorganized process of documentation and we’ve been promised help for a long time. I need to dig in and do what needs to be done until the new system is enacted. Working for healthcare I know that it may take a lot longer than we’d hoped. But I need to hang on to the gift that is service and the joy I feel in my work when I’m feeling utterly distracted by the mundane.

    1 year ago
  14. Eeevvv

    My challenging life experience right now is to work with a rude boss.
    After all the anger, frustration and indignation she causes to me and to all my colleagues, I always try to ask myself what could be the reason of her bad behavior, what is the trauma behind her temper.
    Like Michele says, I’m grateful for my job, so I’m trying to emphasize the positive aspects like my kind colleagues and the beautiful space I work in. After this reflection I think I will write down all the positive aspects of my job.

    1 year ago
  15. Carla

    Almost three years ago, there were changes in a work situation, initiated and organized by a “think tank” followed by elected individuals implementing the plan. It’s been disastrous for me emotionally, spiritually and physically. Morale was impacted, 7 co-works left with no re-hiring. I maintained the discipline of spiritual direction, Soul Collage and talking with supportive friends. Grateful I didn’t become enmeshed with my go-to behavior of wise-cracking cynicism. Rumor has it the work place will transition back to the former organizational structure in Dec or Jan 2023. My Grateful heart & being can sing again.

    1 year ago
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