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  1. Robin Ann

    Somehow I found this site when life became very overwhelming for me. My daughter suffers from severe addiction, mental health issues and Diabetes 1. This became a life threatening situation. Practicing gratefulness has helped me calm my storm and helped give me relief from my anxiety. It allowed me to take a pause and know what I could take action on. Practicing Gratefulness helps me stay focused on the good instead of drowning in the negative. Thank you and God Bless this site and all that share reflections daily.

    6 months ago
    1. Ngoc Nguyen

      God bless you and yourdaughter, too!

      6 months ago
  2. J
    Joe Jinks

    All of the times I’ve practiced gratefulness it has only contributed to my well-being. It brings me back to my center, and allows me to see all of the good that would just pass me by if I wasn’t sitting down and appreciating it actively. It allows me to see a bright clear picture of the good in my life, and I am grateful for the ability to be grateful (which probably sounds weird).

    6 months ago
    1. Charlie T

      Not weird at all 😁

      6 months ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    There is no question that my gratefulness practice has contributed significantly to my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. I am so grateful for this site and the generosity all of you in sharing so honestly and openly.

    6 months ago
    1. Anna

      I join you, Dolores, and with you I thank the staff, and you all.

      6 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    I feel it is a daily reminder – that quiet whisper, to lift my gaze beyond self-centeredness. I feel it is an invitation to pause and reflect on the richness of Grace. It is a gentle invitation to extend a hand to those about me whose need is greater than mine. It is a light that shines a path towards the use of my talent and skills for the benefit of those in need. It is a hand extended to me to join with all of those other outstretched hands in my community.

    6 months ago
    1. Anna

      Beautifully said, Don Jones.

      6 months ago
  5. A

    When I remember to think about gratitude, it brings me less stress. I also am grateful for my friendships with little to no judgement. Able to be grateful for what people bring to my life and those things that maybe bother me, well, I just ignore them and have no stress.

    6 months ago
  6. Carol

    Practicing gratefulness is my life-line…It orients me to be open to what Life is offering me moment to moment…It helps me maintain a positive perspective…It makes me self aware. I’m more mindful of my self-talk and that monkey Joseph speaks of can’t sneak up on me unannounced…It nurtures an open mind and open heart and invites me to go with the flow…

    6 months ago
  7. a

    Practicing gratefulness forces me to take a step back from my every day life and look at the bigger picture. It makes me feel so small, and I think we all need that in a sense. Noticing how I’m not the entire world helps calm my anxiety and makes me grateful for the little things I have in my every day life.

    6 months ago
  8. Yram

    It helps me not to be too undone or rattled.

    6 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    Practicing gratefulness helps to bring
    balance to my life. Counteracting the
    pessimism, doubt, and cynicism, that
    seems to be an automatic response
    with me.

    6 months ago
  10. sunnypatti

    Practicing gratefulness reminds me of all the good there is in my life. It helps me see the bigger picture and keeps me at ease. It’s good for the mind, body & soul!

    6 months ago
  11. Butterfly

    Even when I feel very ill I can now always find many things to be grateful for. Being grateful keeps my heart light and joyful and prevents my mind dragging me into dark places.

    6 months ago
  12. Michele

    Practicing gratefulness contributes to my overall well-being by grounding me as well as keeping me on my spiritual path.

    6 months ago
  13. Joseph McCann

    I was introduced to this site by way of an eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Seduction (MBSR) course from Palouse Mindfulness. There I watched one of Brother Davids videos. The course was recommended to me by an addiction therapist from NorthStar Transitions. My daily reflection here has become an integral portion of my discovery. I like to use that term instead of recovery for I began drinking at a young age and the past 21 months have become an age of discovery about life and my gratefulness for having lived and my gratefulness for having the gift of one more day and one more day alcohol free. Thanks to each and every one who reflects on this wonderful site and the Gratefulness Team for keeping the lights on for all of us,

    6 months ago
    1. Josie

      And my reading of your well-crafted, honest reflections has become an integral part of my daily practice, Joseph. I am grateful for your presence on this site. Happy Thanksgiving to all.

      6 months ago
  14. Ngoc Nguyen

    I continuously remind myself of how fortune I have; a house to live in, lots of delicious foods to eat, physical health to enjoy those material things. My life is filled with lots of love and kindness from my loved ones and strangers. How valuable it is for such a simple gift of life, but not everyone in the world receives it.

    6 months ago
  15. EJP

    Living gratefully enables me to free my heart from hatred, free my mind from worries, live simply, give more, expect less and enjoy every moment…..all contributing to my overall well-being.

    6 months ago
    1. Carol

      Yes, freedom to BE

      6 months ago
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