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  1. Barb C

    My dear love, my husband. My daughters, one of whom is very far away in Albania and the other I will see this weekend on a quick trip. My best friend in that former hometown and my best friend in the town I live in now, both of them fun and funny and loving and supportive and very good for me. My fantastic team of colleagues doing work we believe in together and making a difference. The relationships in communities including this one and a couple of other online spaces where I feel warmth and caring and appreciation for each other.

    3 months ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Right now I am grateful for close steady relationships. This week my son gave up our dog Stanley to his Ex Fiance. It was heart breaking but I think I will still be able to spend time with him taking him for walks. It has only been a couple of days and his Ex lives near by. My son is dating a young lady also with 2 dogs. Stanley was very high maintenance and territorial. In the long run, it will be easier to have 1 dog for now. Brady is very quiet and easy going dog. Still, I will miss my daily relationship with Stanley.

    3 months ago
    1. Michele

      I know how much you love Stanley and wrote about him often…. hopefully you still have a cordial relationship with your son’s ex that you will still be able to see him.

      3 months ago
      1. Robin Ann

        Hoping so thanks Michele !

        3 months ago
  3. O.Christina

    Yes, forall of them, and some are just heartwarming and kind souls full of love for fellow friends. Grateful for them and all in my life.

    3 months ago
  4. Dolores Kazanjian

    For all of them, but first and foremost my husband of almost 44 years. Followed closely by Helios, our four-legged boy, and dear friends.

    3 months ago
  5. T
    Tyler Muskrat

    The ones I drifted away from but will be rekindled upon my return to the mutual meeting points also new ones to be sparked on a purely not for profit spiritual plane of bonding

    If I told you the ones earning them and I the most money what kind…?

    3 months ago
  6. Linda

    I am deeply grateful for my women friends. I have known them all for 30+ years. It is so comforting to know that they are there for me, and I for them, as we get older.

    3 months ago
    1. S
      Ana Maria

      How wonderful! I too have a small circle of friends of 30 plus years, we raised our kids together and we continue to see each other celebrating life and celebrating one another. What a blessing they are in my life.

      3 months ago
  7. Avril

    I don’t think there is a relationship I am ungrateful for. I am not saying that they are all easy or pleasant. However, too much regret is not healthy and I know that the relationships which are difficult have still shaped who I am today. My father, my sister, and my step-daughter are painful relationships. But, they are teaching me, challenging me and stretching me to grow into new conformations. I am learning about my own short fallings and I am hoping to establish peace in these places in the future.

    3 months ago
  8. V
    Visakha Biswas

    I am grateful for having the relationships I have, even if the relationship I have is not that great I am still grateful that I at least have it. The nice ones are with my mom, dad, and some of my friends.

    3 months ago
  9. pkr

    I am grateful for my family, my friends & aquaintances too. And I am most grateful for my relationship with the Divine & Mother Nature.

    3 months ago
  10. Charlie T

    I am grateful for all relationships.
    Being connected and staying connected
    is my goal and a project. The people that
    are important to me, are good for me, have
    helped me in some way, are worth the effort
    to stay connected to. And it does take effort.
    Of course, my relationship with my lovely wife,
    Elena, is and has been such a gift.
    As the days turn into years, it’s easy to take
    this relationship for granted. Thank you for
    this reminder. 🙏

    3 months ago
  11. C
    Carissa Thomas

    I am grateful for my partner and his devotion to our relationship. We have grown so much over the years and it seems to only get better and stronger. I’m grateful that we listen to each other during arguments and can resolve them so quickly, and that we can have fun together, playing co-op games and wrestling around. I’m grateful for my mother and how much stronger our relationship has gotten recently and that she is opening up to me about her life. I’m grateful for my sister for being so resilient and kind throughout her life and how much fun we have together when she’s here.

    3 months ago
  12. S
    Ana Maria

    Lovely question to make me stop and be grateful for the people and envirinment that enrich my life every single day. My family is most important to me, my chosen friends that are also my chosen family. What a gift all of them are in my life. I am a better human because of all of them. My faith keeps me grounded and keeps me humble, I am grateful to my church family for making our community a better place to live. Thank you to all of you that share on this site every single day, I am grateful to you as well. Have a wonderful day!

    3 months ago
  13. Yram

    I feel very connected to many folks even if the encounter is brief. My long term relationships seem to need the most nourishment to keep them fresh and viable. I am grateful for all of them because they have formed the character I am today.

    3 months ago
  14. Antoinette

    I’m grateful for all my relationships! How could I pick ? Thank you for caring about me and helping me through life and I’m grateful!

    3 months ago
  15. L
    Loc Tran

    I have a great relationship with the Traditional American culture. My impressions of these people are positive. They align well with my values. They’ve been known to value honesty above all else and are gentle and open-minded. It’s why I get along the easiest with western older adults. The American value system has helped me persevere through my autism, bipolar mania, and low vision to develop into the person I am today and feel comfortable in social settings.

    3 months ago
    1. D
      Tyler Muskrat

      What a positive perspective toward The Eagle

      3 months ago

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