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  1. Anna

    Surely, coming here.

    2 weeks ago
  2. Robin Ann

    This is an appropriate question for me today. I was at work and know I needed distraction. I reached out to my good friend
    who reminded me of some restorative practices I could use right now. I signed up for 2 upcoming yoga classes. I listened to meditation radio on Pandora online music while at work today. Normally I love to go walking outdoors but today it is really chilly out for this time of year and it is dark when I get home. Spending time with the dogs helps as well as talking to someone who hopefully has an empathetic ear.

    2 weeks ago
  3. Barb C

    A hot bath with a good book and something to drink. Could be as simple as ice water or coffee, could be something more special if easily available but preparing the beverage can’t interfere with getting in the tub.
    Calling my best friend and talking with her while I go on a walk.
    Walking to the big forested park near our house and getting down to the shore of the south Puget Sound to look at the birds and try to spot a seal.
    Sitting outside in our back yard listening to birds.
    Giving myself permission to stretch out on the sofa and either read or fall asleep, whichever happens, without thinking about things I’m not doing in that moment.
    Looking at the sky.

    2 weeks ago
  4. Don Jones

    It is the day I set aside as my sabbath. I read, listen to music, get my hands in the soil, cups of tea and long walks.

    2 weeks ago
  5. Journey

    I end up eating junk food on the couch a lot especially when I am tired or stressed. I am trying to redirect myself and use yoga, meditation and prayer to restore myself instead. Loved reading all your posts, there are so many things to do to restore instead of eating until you can’t stop. I very much hope I can change.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Robin Ann

      Appreciate your honesty, I am a nervous eater also and try to have lots of popcorn at home!

      2 weeks ago
      1. Journey

        Thank you for the tip Robin. I love popcorn as well.

        2 weeks ago
  6. Erich617

    Being outside helps me quite a bit. I often walk places, and I take solace in that. I try to put away digital media. I do meditate and practice singing. I exercise. I drink a cup of coffee. Sometimes I am able to journal. Having a task or something to put my hands or mind to can really help as well. I also have a wonderful child. Sometimes I need a little break from being a parent, but — more often than not — it actually recharges me and helps me stay focused.

    2 weeks ago
  7. Dolores Kazanjian

    First and foremost, music. Making it and listening to it. Napping, prayer, being by the water and petting the dog all help, too.

    2 weeks ago
  8. Emmaleah

    Hiking in the woods, jogging on the beach, or swimming in the ocean or a stream.

    2 weeks ago
  9. O.Christina

    Meeting friends like tonight, for dinner all together. Sometimes reading, sometimes listening to music or singing, or playing music. Slowing down is not so easy but currently needed, and so it is. May you have a lovely evening, all.

    2 weeks ago
  10. Linda

    I like to do online puzzles of all kinds. It centers me, lets me use my brain, and is a wonderful alternative to the negative news of the day.

    2 weeks ago
  11. Ngoc Nguyen

    Some of my go-to restorative practices are singing songs which have meaningful lyrics, going to read some inspiration quotes. Overall, I try to input positive information into my mind to raise positive thinkings and actings.

    2 weeks ago
  12. Nannette

    Just sitting and looking at the trees and all that I can see from my windows at home…the joyful songs of the birds. Being with my dog and two cats….and walking in the country. Being by the water…is a great one for me – just watching and listening to the sounds of the water passing by.

    2 weeks ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Gotta love water passing by Nannette.

      2 weeks ago
  13. pkr

    Walking amongst the Redwoods. Those mighty trees are my healing balm.
    Prayer, meditating & yoga also restore me.
    I loved reading others practices here this November morning. Thank you All.❤️

    2 weeks ago
    1. Emmaleah

      The redwoods are the most amazing medicine! It has been too long since I set foot in a redwood forest. Thank you for sharing. 🌲

      2 weeks ago
  14. a

    When I need some healing I usually listen to music, read, drink tea, and just get all cozy. I also spend time with my wife and pups. They help put my mind at ease and fill me with so much love.

    2 weeks ago
  15. null

    Rest, meditation, nature, journaling. reading.

    2 weeks ago
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