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  1. Robin Ann

    Today I am grateful for Professionals that give much needed guidance. My daughter had a private psych exam and I was told she may
    be a candidate for disability. So now I will explore this for her. I would have never figured all of this out on my own.

    6 months ago
  2. O.Christina

    for my bed. after a long, busy, joyful day, friends came along for sharing dinner tonight, for their presence and friendship. Have a good night´s sleep all.😴

    6 months ago
  3. Don Jones

    The simple gift of being. Especially so, when experienced from the Source.

    6 months ago
  4. Linda

    The presence of my sweet husband. The love of my family and friends. Mobility.

    So much to be grateful for!

    6 months ago
  5. pkr

    I am grateful for this gift of another day.
    For: the Sun, blue sky, clean water to wash my face & make coffee, my toast, electricity, birdsong, my flowers, site, for Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, for devotional writings, for the Divine in my life. I am thankful for it all…….🙏🏻❤️

    6 months ago
    1. Barb C

      I’m always grateful for Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer!

      6 months ago
  6. Nannette

    I am grateful for the gift of a new day…my warm bed and heat in our home. It was in the 30’s this morning…and brrr!! I am happy that I got all my plants in and those that I plan to over-winter are all set in the basement. I am thankful for the gift of words…and friends who come to this site daily. Maybe none of it is simple!! I am just thankful.

    6 months ago
  7. m

    Simple gifts I am grateful for today:
    My mindfulness tools: Being able to connect with communities like this through web pages, social media, apps, etc.
    My spiritual wisdom through maintaining my faith and being consistent in the word.
    Music: just the privilege to listen and enjoy music that touches me to my core.
    Movement: the privilege to move with intentionality and purpose with everything that I do, especially when moving to the music that brings me peace and joy.
    My voice: Having the ability to express myself clearly and confidently.
    My divine mind: Being equipped with the knowledge and understanding of my capabilities in this world is truly a blessing and a gift of itself. We are all beings of light with the ability to find ways to share that in the world through our works of service, passion, and being our true selves.

    6 months ago
  8. Carol

    What simple gifts am I grateful for today? The daily question has me pondering on the gift of simplicity. Trust me, I have always had difficulty keeping it simple because I struggle to stay in the present moment. My 100 year old uncle says that I inherited the “analysis paralysis” gene that plagues members of our clan. I wrote a simple but fervent prayer a few years ago and I share it below. It’s my way of keeping it simple and being grateful for this day: “Spirit of Wholeness, I offer myself to Thee—my darkness and my light, all of my sunrises and sunsets.  Let my light shine in the darkness and my darkness birth your wisdom. Let the lion and lamb in me find rest in your garden. Make me an instrument of your peace.” C. Conner, Dec 4, 2014

    6 months ago
    1. Nannette

      Carol, Thank you so much for this beautiful prayer. I too, will write it down and keep with my prayers.

      6 months ago
    2. S
      Ana Maria

      Deares Carol, I thank you for this beautiful prayer. I will write it down and have it with me when I need to pray and my mind is all over the place. How centering, how whole. Blessings to you and your wisdom.

      6 months ago
  9. Barb C

    For starters, I woke up this morning.
    My cat’s warmth curled up against me in bed (a new development in the new place I’m staying in; at home he doesn’t sleep with me, here he does. I guess I represent familiarity and stability in his changing world. Or he just really likes the silky plush blanket on top of the bed….).
    Coffee! Always, always coffee.
    Living close enough to a park that I hear an owl hooting in the still-dark early morning.
    Peace and quiet surrounding me.
    Food waiting for me to fix breakfast. I am fortunate to have plenty of food every day.

    6 months ago
  10. sunnypatti

    Sleep. Sleeping in. And a comfy bed! So grateful to be off today as well.
    And the fact that the dogs let us sleep in. They knew we needed it.
    The delicious coffee I’m drinking.
    The sun shining through the windows.
    Watching leaves fall and appreciating the changing of the season.

    6 months ago
  11. Charlie T

    Ahhhh, the simple gifts.
    My first thought was “what a
    softball question”.
    But now that I’m reflecting back on this.
    I realize that nothing is simple.
    This coffee, these flowers, this house,
    my security, a glass of water, etc…
    When I think about something, really
    ponder it, I become aware of all of it’s
    complexity. I guess I’m thinking about
    the word “ simple”. Is anything simple?
    Todays “Word Of The Day”, hits close
    to home, as I navigate uncharted
    territory with a family member.
    Thank you all for being here and
    contributing to this amazing
    resource. 🙏

    6 months ago
    1. Carol

      Charlie, I, too, found myself pondering the word “simple.” And yes, the Word of the Day hits close to home.

      6 months ago
    2. Barb C

      Agreed that nothing is simple, Charlie. As I typed “Coffee!. Always, always coffee” I thought of the many, many steps and human hands involved in bringing it to my cup. And yet the fact that a plant grows beans that yield flavor and energy when boiling water is poured over them is just…there. Simple, yet profoundly complex.

      6 months ago
  12. Ngoc Nguyen

    This morning, like the other days, I woke up early to work on a school project that I had put lots of effort into and I just finished it. It was wonderful to observe what I had done. Look at the cute pictures and icons, enjoy the peace sounding music that I added into my project is created gratefulness to me. I was not born with the initial intelligence, so every task I had completed was the result of arduous work and I am grateful because I still have enough physical and mental health to do this. Nowadays, life is busy. Many students work hard in their study to build credits and experiences for their career path but not all of them could finish it. Many students are facing physical and even mental issues during their school years. That is why I would say an ability to work hard is one of the simple gifts that I am grateful for today, every day.

    6 months ago
  13. Yram

    My day has just begun.
    Simple gifts so far:
    The gift of life
    Seeing the outside as I enjoy the heated house from the inside.
    The gift of tasting my flavored coffee.
    The gift of electric light to read these responses.
    The gift of possibilities.

    6 months ago
    1. Charlie T

      “The gift of possibilities”
      I love it!

      6 months ago
  14. Josie

    A wondefully refreshing sleep containing a hopeful dream.

    6 months ago
  15. Mary Mantei

    Heat in our home that changes the chill to comfort.
    Fleece, that is such a comfort to the skin.
    Early morning contemplative time.
    Good coffee.
    Autumn, and its magnificent landscapes.
    The ability of the body to heal and build back strength.
    This space to learn and connect.

    6 months ago
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