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  1. O.Christina

    It is when possibly perceiving and entering the space behind the door between two doors.

    4 weeks ago
  2. Robin Ann

    Sachuest Point National Wildlife Refuge close to Newport RI. I do not visit in my mind but will go there in person when feel need to lift my spirits. Lots of nature/walking and ocean views.

    4 weeks ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    Where I go in my mind is to repeat the Lord’s prayer or the 23rd Psalm over and over. Singing a comforting song or hymn, aloud or in my head s another “go to.” Accompanied by deep breaths.
    Many who responded talked about physical places they go. As I child, when things got crazy, I sat under a beautiful, big pine tree in our front yard. I read or just daydreamed and self-soothed. To call my family dysfunctional would be a huge understatement.

    4 weeks ago
  4. pkr

    Redwood Trees. My walks & visits to the Redwoods is my special place. I feel very close to the Divine amongst these almighty trees. They calm & soothe, they have & are my healing balm. They are peace.✨🙏🏻🌲

    4 weeks ago
  5. Barb C

    We live very near a large park full of big trees, a patch of the original forest, and that’s the first place I think of. I don’t know if the trees are old-growth but they’re beautiful. Maintained trails wind through the woods and down to the waters of Budd Bay, where birds are always in sight. When we first moved to this town we lived in a short-term rental house and I first got to experience the park; then we ended up buying a house nearby and I was so happy that it could become part of my personal geography. I walk throughout the park often, taking different routes. Definitely shinrin-yoku, forest bathing. I smell the pine and cedar, hear running water in the stream that drops down through the park, listen to birds and squirrels, the water washing the shore, the quiet padding of my feet on the trail. In one area near the shore there’s a large pond that’s often full of buffleheads, such funny harlequin birds. If I encounter someone there we always smile and greet each other. When I ride my bike downtown I have a way home that involves riding up through the park on the road to the parking area, then through a short section of trail to reach neighborhood streets. I always smile coming through the park at the moss, green-green-green everywhere, and this time of year the blooming flowers and bushes.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      You have described an enchanting place of refuge Barb. What is this parks name?

      4 weeks ago
      1. Barb C

        Squaxin Park, named for the Squaxin Island people who were first here and are still here. It used to be called Priest Point Park and the city renamed it a few years ago.

        4 weeks ago
  6. Yram

    My first response is any place near water. After reading the responses, I have to say being by a tree. I have a tree near my house that I have named. I often visit it and gain confidence by its magnificent strength and reaching out of its branches. It talks to me of life and death.

    4 weeks ago
  7. Charlie T

    When meditating, I often imagine
    myself sitting at the base of a great
    tree. With the exposed roots forming
    a kind of armchair and the solid trunk
    behind me. The tree represents the
    people in my life. Past and present.
    There was/is such a tree where I grew
    up. We called it the throne.
    I also like to recall a few natural hot springs
    I’ve been to. Magical places of warmth.

    4 weeks ago
  8. Butterfly

    There is nowhere else I can personally go to except within myself. So my special place is inwards to pure consciousness where there is always calm and peace.

    4 weeks ago
  9. Josie

    My “go to” place is a lake/ park actually called Peace Valley Park. I go there regularly. Whenever I spend time walking, picnicing or sitting in prayer there, I always return home with deep peace. For the grace of this place I am truly grateful.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      There’s a Peace Valley Park in Bucks Co, PA [Doylestown,Pa] that I used to go to. My daughter, Kerry, volunteers at AARK near there. Beautiful area.

      4 weeks ago
      1. Josie

        That’s the one, Michele!!

        3 weeks ago
  10. Ngoc Nguyen

    The place that calms me down, and creates space for me to visit my mind, is this website. I’m grateful for finding our community, where I can detach myself from the busy life and listen to my soul. So, I’m staying positive.
    Then, may I please ask those who have more life experience than me for their advice? I believe that I can find some useful answers here. I find it challenging to get involved in a group, especially with people my age. Even in my native language, I don’t know what to say to them. I observe myself as being too different from others my age. I enjoy volunteering as an English tutor for beginner elderly individuals. However, as many people have informed me, if I can’t communicate or get involved in a group, even though my grades are really high, I may struggle to get a job. So, I’ve found that being introverted doesn’t make much sense for my future opportunities. My major is computer science, and besides interacting with our community, I only talk to AI models. I am concerned about myself. I know for sure I need to make a big change for the better, but I don’t know where to start. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for the opportunity to share. <3
    My email is [email protected] to keep in touch if you are comfortable with that.

    4 weeks ago
  11. Carol

    I share something I wrote in my 2010 journal. The sharing it describes occurred many years earlier and the words my mentor spoke still ring truth for for me today. The special place I visit in my mind when in need of peace involves embracing what I have come to believe is true for all of us. There is a part of me and you that has never been afraid.

    Womb Love by Carol Ann Conner July 1 2010
    As good and wonderful as my mother was, I sense that her pregnancy with me came at a time of great insecurity for her.  Her womb was not warm and welcoming.  Perhaps, that is what one would describe as primal abandonment—a sense of being unwanted. Add to that the fact that I was what in those days was called a “blue baby” added to my distress. My father’s blood was A negative and my mother’s blood was O positive. Her blood was attacking mine and a baby born in such circumstances was in a battle to survive. At that time, medically there was no life saving treatment.
    As an adult, I still struggle with those abandonment issues.  Once when I was lamenting this struggle, my spiritual mentor said, “You need to remember that you were always there for you.” 
    When I took that statement into prayer, I could see the little girl in me and feel her pain but also her resilience.  Paradoxically, she is and always has been my weakness and my strength.  She has always dwelt in the center of my abandonment wound and I have no doubt that she has shown tremendous courage. 
    At another meeting with my spiritual advisor, he said, “Carol, please understand that there is a part of you that has never been afraid; that has never been touched by your abandonment issues.  You can call it forth at any time and it will pick up that little girl and comfort her; it will tell that fear-filled bully with whom self talk she struggles to sit down and hush.  No matter what has triggered your feelings of abandonment, your biggest battle will always be within.”
    As I pondered his words and applied the wisdom they offered me, I learned that those of us who live with abandonment issues must embrace the pain they generate; we must offer shelter and comfort to the fearful but resilient inner child who experienced that abandonment.  We must have compassion for his/her struggle. When we do this, we love the fear to death.  We must do this over and over until the day when we experience an inner resurrection, a true release; we must exercise this compassionate self-love until the day when our being knows a womb’s love. 

    4 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      Your words bring tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

      4 weeks ago
    2. Joseph McCann

      Thank you, Carol. Thoughtful and thought provoking.

      4 weeks ago
    3. Dolores Kazanjian

      Beautiful. As someone who also lacked a mother’s nurturing, in this case because of alcohol addiction, I find great wisdom in your words.

      4 weeks ago
    4. Yram

      Thank you for this sharing. The words..”we love fear to death”, will stay in my mind for a long time.
      I hope Ngoc is able to read your post. Wise words are never left undone.

      4 weeks ago
    5. Josie

      Your entry is full of such wisdom, insight & strength, Carol. I am specially touched by the phrase “There is a part of me and you that has never been afraid.” I sense that in you. Your words help me identify that blessing in myself, too. Namaste.

      4 weeks ago
  12. sunnypatti

    It’s all about the breath for me. If focusing on my breath isn’t quite enough, I can envision myself on the beach or in the mountains to boost the sense of peace.

    4 weeks ago
  13. Michele

    There are plenty of ASMR YouTube videos of calming relaxation meditations to choose from
    Hills Creek State Park
    Cemetery where my mom is and other family members

    4 weeks ago
  14. Mary Mantei

    Outside. It might be in my backyard, in the woods, on the beach. I seek places outside that are fairly deserted. I live in a wonderful city, and I must go to the woods often.

    4 weeks ago
  15. Avril

    I missed getting on yesterday—iI feel myself sighing this morning. I think this is an awkward question. I am blessed to have a meditation room in my home. It epitomizes tranquility. I have reminders of my teachers and my home ashram all over the room. But, I don’t necessarily carry it in my mind. When I need to calm, I reflect on my breath and I go into my heart space. I often bring my teachers into my heart space or another loved one. So. I guess my heart is my home and my breath is the vehicle to reconnect there anytime.

    4 weeks ago
    1. Josie

      Beautifully put, Avril.

      4 weeks ago
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