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  1. Dolores Kazanjian

    Music. Making it, listening to it. It nurtures my soul.

    2 months ago
  2. Diane

    I love what Carol shared….as I continue to age (69 this year), I am more concerned about widening my circle of com-passion.

    That being said…I am most definitely passionate about being a wife (45 years!) and, against all odds, a mother of 2 miraculous daughters. I am also passionate about my spirituality. I am passionate about our sister, Mother-Earth and all her creatures…most especially my connection to her trees. As both a deeply spiritual person. and as a biologist, I have an affinity for trees and consider them my spirit-sisters.
    I am passionate about kindness and seeing all living things as Divine.
    Have a blessed day everyone! 🙏🌳

    2 months ago
  3. Yram

    I am passionate about creating and maintaining healthy relationships with people, and things.
    I am passionate about helping students who have dyslexia.
    I am passionate about being kind and respectful.
    I am passionate about growing elderly in a healthy way.

    2 months ago
  4. pkr

    I am passionate about my spirituality, the truth, Mother Nature, Redwood Trees, flowers, walking, personal growth, sowing good seeds in our broken world.
    Have a beautiful day All…✨

    2 months ago
    1. Diane

      I’m with you PKR!

      2 months ago
  5. Barb C

    I’m “prone to passions”: When I’m involved in an issue or topic, whether it’s work or volunteering, I give myself to it wholeheartedly. Some things on this list have always been true for me, others came along later.
    – The well-being of my family.
    – Traffic safety, especially for those made most vulnerable by outdated road designs that privilege driving over all other modes.
    – Equity and environmental justice–those wide, fast, busy roads were built through poor or historically Black neighborhoods, placing the burdens of commuter traffic and all the associated noise, pollution, and danger on them.
    – What we’re doing to our planet and whether we as a species can change enough, quickly enough, to survive with anything like a decent quality of life.
    – The right of every human being to be free and safe regardless of anything about their individual characteristics or their life circumstances.
    – Women’s rights.

    2 months ago
    1. Avril

      I like you Barb

      2 months ago
  6. Emmaleah

    I am passionate about environmental education for children. I feel it is very important and I also love doing it. Lucky me ☺️

    2 months ago
    1. Diane

      Emmaleah….I am retired now but am a former teacher of life and earth science. I taught middle schoolers and my passion during those years was to teach these adolescents about the environment. I created a curriculum on environmental science that previously had not existed. I organized a T-shirt sale with the Nature Conservancy and over the years, we raised money to purchase and protect hundreds of acres of rainforest throughout the world. For Arbor Day, I created and taught an entire unit on trees and each year on Arbor Day I would take my students outside to hug the trees and say “thank you” to them for all the gifts they provide. I quickly became known as the “hippie-tree-hugger” teacher…haha. I arranged field trips to nature preserves, organized “adoption” of endangered species in NJ, started a recycling program and an after-school Environmental Club. I introduced animals into my classroom….over the years we had, bearded dragons, red-eared sliders, hamsters, guinea pigs, a fish aquarium, and students brought in their snakes, tarantulas, and other pets. An after-school “Critter Club” followed.
      And, like you, I loved doing it and considered myself very lucky. One of my students once said, “Mrs. Chambers, you are really emotional about the environment” haha. I considered that a compliment and only hope that the seeds that I planted in those young minds grew in them.

      Thank you for your response Emmaleah……it brought back such special memories for me!

      2 months ago
      1. Emmaleah

        Amazing Diane! Your story reminds me of a teacher I had long ago that ignited my passion for environmental science. Thanks for sharing and for all your work. ☺️

        2 months ago
      2. Nannette

        Diane, You are AMAZING!! Thank you for all you have done and do for children and our environment.

        2 months ago
      3. Michele

        I am sure you made many memories for your students and had an impact on them. (and our future)

        2 months ago
  7. sunnypatti

    I’m passionate about my spirituality, happiness, and love.

    2 months ago
  8. Carol

    The older I get the less passionate and more compassionate I become toward myself and others. I try to let more than get and give more than take and consider willingness my job.

    2 months ago
    1. pkr

      Carol, I too am striving to be more compassionate to others as well as myself as I grow wiser. Love is the answer.
      Bless you….❤️

      2 months ago
    2. Ngoc Nguyen

      Transforming from pasionate into compassionnate. I love it!

      2 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    Luckily, I am passionate about a few things.
    Connection, nature, my spiritual path,
    Riding my bike (downhill 😁), and of
    course my wife, Elena. And luckily, she
    is passionate about me. Very very

    2 months ago
  10. Nannette

    In addition to my response to todays question; I wanted to say Thank You to all who responded to my post yesterday concerning…Finn getting out for many hours. I Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for your kindness and love in your responses. A better group of people I have never, ever known. God Bless You . I would also like to say how much I miss Kevin. I hope that he and his family are well.

    2 months ago
    1. Michele

      Kevin has been on my mind too. Loving kindness to him.

      2 months ago
  11. Nannette

    Passionate is a word that seemed to take on the “buzz” effect the last few years. People are passionate about exercise, golf, working out…Me…I don’t know what I am passionate about. I don’t have any hobbies, or anything like that. So…I guess what I would say is my love of all animals and I am passionate about animal rights. It seems animal abuse is something people do and there are not any consequences. The other day- a landlord had evicted tenants in a NYC apartment. The people were cat hoarders and left all the cats in the apartment. The landlord and a cleaning crew entered the apartment and began throwing the cats out of the windows (an apartment building)…the cats were sick, scared, hungry, and being thrown..clinging to the building if they could. Of course this story has many facets and many who should be punished…that is what I am passionate about…being responsible for your animals, and no one has the right to abuse any animal.
    Of course I am also passionate and care deeply about my husband, our home and land and our pets.

    2 months ago
    1. Michele

      My daughter recently returned from vacationing in Guatemala. She was very upset seeing many stray dogs everywhere. She said there were as many as they have squirrels in PA.

      2 months ago
      1. Nannette

        Thank you, Michele for your reply. Yes, traveling to other countries can be very disturbing. Many years ago, I traveled to Greece….the country is so beautiful but there were almost herds of dogs running the streets. These dogs were high dollar dogs…bought as Status symbols!!! Then the owners decided the dogs were too much trouble and abandoned them. Cats were also everywhere.. I was a graduate student at the time (age 45)…and studying the health care system of Greece. I was known to not eat my dinner and bring it to the dumpsters for the cats…my heart broke for the animals. Later in Egypt…where I was on 9/11/2001….I saw many dogs abused…There did not seem to be any respect for the animals…very hard to see.

        2 months ago
    2. Ngoc Nguyen

      I was scrolling through this site, pondering what I am passionate about, until I saw your post. It reminded me of the many animals in my home country. There are numerous pets that are neglected by their owners for several reasons: Some cannot continue to give birth to more babies for selling, others are old, while some have been in accidents and become disabled animals. However, there is a bit of sweetness in the bitterness. A couple has organized an animal shelter and is raising money for animal wheelchairs. Hopefully, there will be no pet owner with a cold heart who uses animals to make money and then discards them when they are no longer useful.

      2 months ago
  12. J

    I’m passionate about education and learning. I simply like to learn new things, still read medicine (my profession from which I am retired), and love to share and discuss new ideas and thoughts. I encouraged my kids in their education, and I have tutored grade school kids for about five or six years, and still do.
    I am also passionate about helping those less fortunate than me: food, clothing and shelter are what we all need, and I can at least help out at our local food bank.

    2 months ago
  13. Michele

    My kids, family, and any pets I have
    Helping others

    2 months ago
  14. Butterfly

    I am passionate about this beautiful planet on which we are privileged to live and experience.

    2 months ago
  15. Laura

    Being someone with a fairly even temperament, passionate doesn’t really fit with how I see myself. But what occupies most of my efforts and motivation throughout a typical day is trying to do the polite or kind thing in any given moment.

    2 months ago
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