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  1. A

    Nature walk, sitting on the porch, reading, exercising.

    1 month ago
  2. Robin Ann

    The ocean, nature, my children, family ,friends, pets and my faith

    1 month ago
  3. Susan

    I love the season fall! Everything about it makes me happy.
    PSL, sweaters, pumpkins, fall leaves, crisp air, soup.

    1 month ago
  4. Lisalisasmile

    The simplest things are always the greatest this that bring me joy♥️ I love loving at evening sky and seeing the bright moon shine back, the trees covered in a fresh light layer of snow, the smiles on my kids and grandkids faces, hot chocolate on a cold winters day, nice cup of coffee in the morning, a fresh clean bed to climb into at night, Eskimo kisses withy grand babies, snuggles while reading a book or watching a movie with my grandkids, laughing with coworkers, a walk in nature, a good song on the radio, my list can go on and on!!! I have much joy in my life ♥️😍

    1 month ago
  5. Val Dombey

    Spending time with my dogs! My coffee time, time at the gym so many to name. Joy is where we find it- in simple everyday things.

    1 month ago
  6. Greg

    Often the concrete world around me observed in quiet contemplation. For me, there are moments throughout everyday where something will catch my attention, the bend of a tree branch, the pattern of leaves on the ground, a scent in the air, an isolated sound, that bring clarity and joy with my attention to them. I leave myself open to these things all day, every day. It is, perhaps, the best part of being a human.

    1 month ago
  7. devy

    Seeing the birds in our feeder.

    1 month ago
  8. Rabbit

    Well, rabbits! Home and family. Books. Nature. Sense of accomplishment. All of you.

    I sent my dog niece, Lily, a Halloween card and my friend Patty sent me a video of her opening it. She is a loving happy dog. She lives in a Chicago high rise with a view of Lake Michigan. She brought us much joy when she lived here.

    1 month ago
  9. Lydia

    Sunlight on the mountains that surround our small town…coffee and chats with friends in my favourite cafe…our dogs and their comical dog lives…finding secondhand bargains…my partner’s cooking – especially the cheese souffles and banana muffins…sharing laughs with my triplet brother and sister who live far away…sunlight sifting through leaves. Sometimes I forget what miracles light up each day – thanks for helping me recall!

    1 month ago
    1. Rabbit

      Triplets are a miracle.

      1 month ago
      1. Lydia

        Thank you Rabbit, I believe you’re right! We were born in 1960 in London, rather premature, yet even then the technology and care was available to get us here and thriving!

        1 month ago
        1. Rabbit

          I went to high school with a set of triplets – Mary, Carol, and Sue. They looked a lot alike but if you knew them a bit and put some effort into it you could tell them apart. Often wonder what their lives were like all these many years later. Do you all look alike?

          1 month ago
          1. Lydia

            Hi Rabbit, sorry for late reply! We are two girls and a boy. My sister and I looked very alike as kids, though we have different eye colours, two of us left-handed, sister right-handed…and very individual personalities. I’m so grateful to have them in my life; we will always look out for each other’s welfare and want the best for each other – a real blessing!

            1 month ago
  10. Erich617

    My simple things are similar to some of the other people who have already posted, but I must say that they are not so simple.

    I take joy in my morning coffee, but I live nowhere near a coffee plantation. (This is purely tangential, but I believe that farmers are attempting to establish a coffee plantation about 40 miles from my house. It’s an interesting project, and I will gladly support it when it comes to market.) That people grow and harvest coffee, transport it, and roast it so that I can have a cup is actually quite complex.

    I walk my little one to and from school most days of the week. I am terrible with distances so I don’t really know how far it is. I live near a park and walk along the perimeter, where the big trees shade the path. That practice always soothes me. That said, not everybody has the capacity to walk that distance. I am quite fortunate that I have the physical ability, time, and environment to do that.

    And, of course, my child brings me joy each day. I must say that I am not in any way advocating that others have children or trying to make anybody in a different situation feel less than in any way. I made the decision to have a child after a lot of thought and care, and I was quite fulfilled prior to having a child. I am LAO very fortunate that I was able to have a child when I chose to.

    All that said, each day, she says or does something so wonderfully funny, curious, or interesting that I can’t help being joyful. Human development is really quite complex, but a simple question or joke from my little one really does bring me joy.

    1 month ago
  11. c

    witnessing kindnesses, happiness, life unfolding , meditation

    1 month ago
  12. O.Christina

    Today it was the golden autumn leaves shimmering in the sunshine where I am right now. Such a beauty created by nature´s natural rhythm of things. I will see if I can add a photo in the Lounge of a special moment today gifted to us here to share with you, my dear friends.

    1 month ago
  13. pkr

    Walking in my neighborhood surrounded by Redwood Trees.
    Autumn colors, some bright & bold, others soft & subtle.
    My morning coffee with the birds singing in the background.
    My serenity bell, hanging from a tree by my back door; I ring it every morning as a “Hello” to All who have left this earth.
    The Moon & stars…

    1 month ago
  14. T

    Something that gives me joy was that today my class got canceled and it made me extremely happy. Also my professor brought us muffins today for working hard on midterms. Overall, I am so grateful fo the really small things that made me really happy

    1 month ago
  15. A
    Ana Maria

    MY three and a half months granddaughter. She just found her thumb, she has worked so hard to get it into her mouth but her whole hand was going in. As soon as she went from having a fist to open hands the thumb appeared! Lesson for me in this process is that everything happens in its own time. We could not have taught her this process, it was all her in her own development time. What a joy to be with her.

    1 month ago
  16. Barb C

    A long drink of cold fresh water when my mouth and throat are dry.
    Our cat purring.
    The cool side of the pillow.
    When my husband reaches out his hand to take mine as we walk, which is every time we walk–that open hand that knows mine will join it.
    Freshly picked raspberries.

    1 month ago
    1. Rabbit

      That reaching for your hand is a big blessing. How is your wrist?

      1 month ago
      1. Barb C

        Thank you for asking! Cast comes off Friday. I’ve had a fair amount of pain, sometimes keeping me from sleeping, and am having muscle spasms in fingers and forearm that are pretty excruciating. I know PT will help but this is going to be a long haul.

        1 month ago
  17. Charlie T

    It’s always the simple things. My morning cup of coffee. Finding a deer antler while on a hike. Relaxing and talking with my soon to be wife, after a long day. The list really goes on and on.

    1 month ago
    1. Rabbit

      Wow Charlie, congratulations. 💕

      1 month ago
  18. Carol

    My 1st cup of coffee in the morning, my daily walk, writing my daily Morning Med, the daily call from my sister, my son’s weekly visit, my grandchildren’s posts and messages on Facebook, a good book, sharing with others on this site are just a few things that bring me joy.

    1 month ago
  19. Avril

    My daily practice. I am committed to logging at least three moments of gratefulness daily. I’ll even try to take a picture. Then when I put them in my journal I can reflect on them. I love that it sends me a reminder about a month later of what I was grateful for last month. Going back into my gratefulnesses bring me joy. My gratefulnesses are diverse from looking out my window to the fall foliage, almost everything I see serendipitously on a walk, my cat, meals made by my husband, and, of course, my children.

    1 month ago
    1. Rabbit

      Is that an online journal that sends the reminder? Great idea.

      1 month ago
  20. Diane

    Sunrise on tall trees, the turning seasons, my granddaughter’s smile.

    1 month ago
  21. Eeevvv

    My cats when they decide to sleep on my stomach at morning in the exact moment I want to get up.
    Breakfasts with my partner.
    Pet all the animals I meet on the street.
    A cup of my favorite tea in the evening.
    Start reading a new book.

    1 month ago
  22. Joseph McCann

    The sunrise and sunset. I will echo Sunnypatti, the night sky here out in the boondocks with no light pollution to impede the stars brightness. Our young niece, nephew and grandchildren’s laughter. The migration of birds large and small each year. The changing each year of the four seasons. Everyone who reflects here daily. So much to be grateful for.

    1 month ago
  23. Michele

    Cats, nature, smiling babies, favorite foods/music

    1 month ago
  24. Helly

    Strong tea, a hot water bottle, and an episode of Poirot!

    1 month ago
  25. Laura

    My kids, a cup of tea and a book on a chilly day, music, all of the beautiful fall colors right now.

    1 month ago
  26. EJP

    Children’s laughter and a warm hug.

    1 month ago
  27. Pilgrim

    Morning coffee, birds and squirrels in my small backyard woods – especially the cardinals (my daily entertainment), Lake Michigan just down the road, trees changing in autumn, song lyrics from many seasons of my life that seem to pop out of my memory for almost any situation, my family gathered whenever possible.

    1 month ago
  28. Antoinette

    The blue sky and the sunshine.-
    Warm sand on my feet.-
    A hot cup of coffee in the morning.
    There are so many things that bring joy. Simba my lovely little dog gives me joy. Thanks for sharing here. Thank you for being here.

    1 month ago
  29. Kevin

    Waking up in the morning.
    A hot cup of coffee or tea.
    Salt air.
    Rowing in the harbor with my teammates.
    Out for a romp with Gracie.
    Silent Quaker worship.
    Live blues music.
    A good night’s sleep.

    1 month ago
  30. sunnypatti48317

    Our dog and his goofy antics. Our cat and his snuggly ways. The way the sun hits the giant pine trees at the front of our property near the end of the day. How much brighter the stars shine when you live in the country. Catching a rainbow, a sunrise, or a sunset. Baby frogs in the garden. Singing frogs from our pond after a big rain. Being in the ocean – swimming, surfing, or just floating around. The orchid plant my husband bought me a few weeks ago – I can’t believe the flowers haven’t fallen off yet!

    And music! Oh, how could I forget music?

    1 month ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      Sunnypatti, my youngest sister’s name is Pattie and her voice mail message has been the same as long as I can remember”……..and have a Sun Shiny Day.”

      1 month ago
      1. sunnypatti48317

        I love that! I may have to borrow it for myself. Thank you for sharing, Joseph 🙂

        I have been using “sunnypatti” for years now…. happy that I finally grew into the sunny side of me!

        1 month ago
  31. Don Jones

    A wagging tail.

    1 month ago
  32. Christine

    Singing, a walk in nature, a flower, a smile, a nice book, a feel good movie, apple pie, a summer rain, an autumn leaf, coffee………………..🤗

    1 month ago

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