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  1. k'Care-Reena


    My accomplishments, strength & courage is calling out to be recognized today. I have spent many days focusing on what I have to be doing and what Im doing wrong, also the need to do more with that being said, I am in the process of rewiring my mind to be peaceful and relaxed vs rushed and anxious.

    2 years ago
  2. Malag

    That amidst all the fog of what was, what could have been or what might be, there is here, now. And that is something I forget and remember many times in the day, the more the merrier because when I remember I am here.

    2 years ago
  3. M

    Today evokes nothing for me. But the question itself brings to mind the many people who have had my back over the years, including many for whom it must have been a thankless watch.

    2 years ago
  4. Mark

    My Mother.
    It’s extremely hard to think about her and not get upset, But today I will remember the amazing women she was…

    2 years ago
  5. KC

    Mother Earth and all her flora, fauna and creatures …

    2 years ago
  6. Hot Sauce

    Since 9/11 was just two days ago, today is a good day to remember the victims of those horrible attacks, as well as the first responders who risked their own lives to save others. It’s also good to remember the Muslim community, which, unfortunately, has often been scapegoated for the attacks, even though an Islamic extremist group like al-Qaeda clearly does not reflect an entire religious group.

    2 years ago
  7. n

    Bad things need to be felt, remembered, forgiven and healed in order for them to come out of us, allowing us then to be our truest and freest selves.

    2 years ago
  8. devy

    Remembrance means the past. And for me goIng back there s well as 👀 what may happen in the future can bring out personal issues for me. When we do look at the past, I do tend to look at the happy and good times, but often the bad things pop up. That’s why my current strategy is to look and live in the present, yes remember the past but let go the bad things and try not to guess. What the future will bring..

    2 years ago
  9. TofuLove

    Loved ones who have passed away.

    2 years ago
  10. d

    I can always change my mind. 🧚‍♀️

    2 years ago
  11. Don Jones

    For me, the past is best left in the past. I cannot change it and I often find myself wondering how accurate those memories actually are anyway. I suspect every time I rerun them, they get rewritten a little.

    Life is lived in the here and now, so my mantra is “This second”. So, my remembrance is, “now”.

    2 years ago
  12. d

    My memories can be quite torturous. I suppose i can keep in mind that memory is part imagination.

    2 years ago
    1. Mica

      Dear dcdeb, that’s a sad sort of memories. Warm wishes to you, and may your memories get better!

      2 years ago
  13. F
    Fat Toad95202

    The floor for me to get a new mop

    2 years ago
  14. Linda

    The kindness of my father, who lived to help others, especially his family.

    2 years ago
  15. Holly in Ohio

    Remembrance can help or hinder us. Sometimes it is the human thing to keep a loss or wound alive, like picking at a scab, preventing it from healing. In my own family we have seen a wound mythologized in this way, and expanded and made worse. It takes concerted effort to reconstruct the truth and not exaggerate it.

    And then there is the powerful tool of “reframing,” a deliberate selection of memory and placing memory into a healing context. So when I ask myself, “What is calling out for remembrance?” I proceed thoughtfully, with some caution.

    When my parents died, I deliberately chose not to remember the dates of the anniversary of their deaths. Anniversaries of sad events can be very hard on people and we already had an unfortunate family anniversary, that took decades to heal. I did not want more of that kind of remembrance. So instead, on my parents birthdays, I try to do something they liked to do, and I do this every year, and also for my sister on her birthday. This keeps the remembrance positive, and it feeds my spirit instead of taps it.

    Two days ago was the anniversary of 9/11, something which affected us all to different degrees. My brother was on an American flight which left Logan airport in the very same hour as the other American plane which left that hour to go to its fate. It could have been us. We were lucky. But I choose not to observe the remembrance of 9/11, and I turn off the news the day before and day of, so that I would not feel sad or stressed. That’s just me. I find it easier. There is no one right choice. We must all find our own way.

    But I do like, as much as I’m able to, feed the positive and let go of the negative.

    “Inside of me there are two dogs. One is mean and evil and the other is good and they fight each other all the time. When asked which one wins I answer, the one I feed the most.”

    ― Sitting Bull

    With remembrance, I like as much as I am able, to play with the happy dog, and let the one that hangs onto sad things have a much deserved rest.

    What is calling out to me, today? Nothing. This day calls out for me to enjoy it.

    2 years ago
    1. Michele

      Excellent writing Holly. Thank you.

      2 years ago
    2. Mica

      Thank you, Dear Holly, for reminding me of the wonderful quote! Maybe I’ll share it with my granddaughters when I see them next weekend 🙂

      2 years ago
    3. Elaine

      Your response is wise Holly. My family also mythologizes wounds – I appreciate the cogent language. Thank you for giving me a thread to pull on.

      2 years ago
      1. Holly in Ohio

        Thank you, all, my gentle friends. ❤

        2 years ago
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