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  1. Angelo Pasquariello

    Credere in me, alzare costantemente il mio valore, ringraziare ciò che ho e decidere di aiutare gli altri. È nel momento in cui si prendono delle decisioni forti che tutto accade! il futuro è nelle nostre mani.

    7 months ago
  2. Malag

    That I am able to get through challenges

    7 months ago
  3. Palm

    A saying from my parent’s village that has stayed with me lately:
    “Life is just a look out the window” 🖼

    7 months ago
  4. O.Christina

    Taking initiative to do something which might help me centering in the very moment, through meditating, or like today, sitting on our bench outside in the sunshine and listening to the monk warbler`s beautiful singing while allowing to be withdrawn from apprehension which started to come up, or do something which may be of service for others. To find back to equilibrium is not always easy of course, while in the mean time, this inner balance allows to find back to the joy of the moment. Today, among others, it was the contact with dear friends of mine which altered the feeling of apprehension about the future to being present. Our shared friendship did help me to stay centered and trusting that the right thing will be, in us, in me as well as in the world.

    7 months ago
  5. Don Jones

    The future only seems to be an issue in the domain of time. Timelessness is absent of these ideas.

    7 months ago
  6. Hot Sauce

    When I feel apprehensive about the future, it helps to remind myself that, even if I would like to know my future, it is okay to not know what my future holds for now because I still have a lot of time to decide what I want to do. The “hurry up and figure it out” voice in my head is just harsh commentary that my own head has constructed, not a rational one.

    7 months ago
  7. pkr

    I pray. I meditate. I walk. I talk to the trees! I ground. I look up at the sky. I look for flowers. I focus on my breath. I try to stay in the present moment. I am trying to be much more aware, present to my thoughts. When I become aware of my “fears” about the future arising, I try to change them & make a conscious u turn to the light. I come from a long line of worriers & fearful people, I am trying hard to break that “spell” with myself. It is hard changing the conditioning, the imprinting. I am a work in progress. I try to stay in the present, this moment, after all this is all we have. Peace & Love to All. ❤️🙏

    7 months ago
  8. Linda

    I try not to worry about the future. I can do my best today, to be kind to others and to live in this moment. This brings me peace.

    7 months ago
  9. alara

    Good question because it started me down my familiar path of trying to grasp some kind of control by thinking/planning/doing/stewing, dwelling/worrying/shutting-down, etc. Going off into never, never land, again.

    OMG! (as the kids say). I have a new tactic. It is to stay here, and here, and here and be surprised by the ordinary. I have experience now, and it gives me more than strength – gratitude.

    Again, thank you for the question.

    7 months ago
  10. c

    hmm– still searching– maybe it will be one of those things — a friend told me about a Michael Singer talk … the gift of seeing what will happen next — Oh look what it did now!” and “who would of thought it would do that”

    7 months ago
  11. Marnie Jackson

    Using the mantra “this too shall pass” and seeking connection with others who have also struggled – so that I know it is normal to feel nervous and scared. Being grateful for what I have today – my and my families’ health, my relationships…..

    7 months ago
  12. Mary

    Getting outdoors helps me to get out of fear. It always helps.

    7 months ago
  13. L
    Lee Anne

    “There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in,” wrote Leonard Cohen in his Anthem song. I believe in the gift of life each morning with brand new 24 hours ahead. I believe in the basic goodness within each human being, regardless of that which the news media chooses to bombard our eyes, ears, and souls. I believe in impermanence, for everything always, always changes. I believe in seeking mindfulness in each precious moment of my day and my life. I know the sun will rise and the birds will sing and the winds will carry the breath of the God of your choice, whispering good things. Just listen. It is always present within us.

    7 months ago
  14. Barb C

    My first thought was, “Not looking straight at it!” It’s not apprehension I feel–it’s existential dread for our entire species and all the ones we’re taking with us. If I look straight at that I feel utter despair and overwhelming grief.

    My work (the work I get paid to do) fortunately is a contribution to creating a different world. Knowing that even in a small way I’m making a genuine difference gives me strength.

    If the apprehension is about something smaller than the climate emergency, consciously deep breaths and doing the next thing I can do give me strength. I can’t ever do everything. I can always do the next thing. And next things add up.

    7 months ago
    1. Javier Visionquest

      The journey might just go on forever but the only step we ever need to take is the next

      7 months ago
  15. Charlie T

    I am very familiar with that feeling and I’m slowly learning how to change my thought process to avoid going down that rabbit hole. A few things help me. I reminding myself that living in the past and the future are just distractions from being here in the present. And of course gratitude is one of the tools in my mental health toolbox. Oh yeah, and I have stopped consuming “news”. I get information from a few sources and I don’t do this daily. I realized a while ago that my daily consumption was just entertainment and another unhealthy distraction. Worrying should not be confused with taking action.

    7 months ago
  16. Carol

    Being grateful for this day helps a lot. It brings me into the present moment. I have also fond that reaching out and checking on others takes my mind off of myself. Read a meme a few days ago: “Traveling through life with curiosity not judgement is how one finds magic in each moment.” Erin Chatters on Facebook

    7 months ago
  17. Melissa

    God’s unconditional love. ♥️

    7 months ago
  18. Mary Pat

    Knowing I am not alone. Taking the time to meditate, and trying my best to take one day a week off to listen to my soul. Journaling. It sounds easy but isn’t. And on that day, not doing any kind of work if I can. This all helps me. Most times I cannot do one day, I have to do hours in many days. The important thing for me is to do it, whether in one day or many, to just do it….and it does give me strength….

    7 months ago
  19. Holly in Ohio

    Knowing that I don’t know everything allows me to act with faith that things will still work out, and I keep acting as if it will.

    Or in the words from the movie, “Shakespeare in Love,”
    “…the natural condition is one of insurmountable obstacles on the road to imminent disaster.”
    “So what do we do?”
    “Nothing. Strangely, it all turns out well.”
    “I don’t know. It’s a mystery.”

    7 months ago
    1. Palm

      I love those words, Holly! 🙂

      7 months ago
  20. Maurice Frank

    Remembering the difficult times from my past – I’m still here. And the Buddhist concept of impermanence: all things must pass.

    7 months ago
  21. dragonfly

    There is no telling what the future brings. There may be speculations and assumptions that sound or feel extremely realistic but they may or may not come to pass. When I fall into the trap of trying to predict a hazy future I tell myself that I will cross that bridge when I get to it. And even though I do not see myself as a Christian I agree with Matthew 6:34 “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.” One day at a time is enough on my plate. I do not need the strength for the future, only for today. And that in itself is very reassuring.

    7 months ago
    1. sparrow

      Well said,
      dear dragonfly . . . ♥

      7 months ago
  22. Laura

    The past and the present.
    I remember all of the difficult times I’ve weathered in the past. That gives me confidence to face future challenges.
    In the present, I do what is within my control today to bring about positive results in the future for myself and those around me.

    7 months ago
  23. EJP

    My faith gives me strength always.

    7 months ago
  24. Pilgrim

    Apprehensive is not a rock I climb onto and stay, viewing the world from that perspective. If and when I may get some of those feelings I am likely to refocus on the good, the now, the possible and particularly the joy I find in the gifts of my life.

    7 months ago
  25. devy

    Méditation, taking deep breathes, focusing on my breathing and being mindful in the present.

    7 months ago
  26. sunnypatti48317

    Pausing and breathing. Really focusing on my breath.

    Also, my faith and trust of the path that I’m on.

    7 months ago
  27. Kevin

    I am of the mindset that the future always contains uncertainties and challenges, and sometimes extremely so for some of us, no matter how well I and others may plan. Hopefully, there’s enough joy and “good stuff” blended into the whole of whatever the future deliverers that smooths out life along the way. Personally, I do not feel apprehensive about the future. It will come, and under its own terms, and my being apprehensive about it doesn’t serve me or anyone else an ounce of good. Besides, I’m focusing on living into the day that I have just woken up to. The birds are chirping away outside. The nearly full moon is falling behind the trees. I think I’ll go outside and say, “Good morning!”

    7 months ago
  28. Michele

    Faith and Love.

    7 months ago
  29. Hermann-Josef

    The knowledge I was taught or given, that the being that I am truly, can not be cut by weapon, can not be burnt by fire and can‘t be dried up by wind (Bhagavad Gita). Then my daily practice of meditation. Devotion , dedication, service along with prayer. Making music at least inside. Thinking of my daughter. Accepting what is at the moment. There are so many tools which really help me. I am deeply thankful for that.

    7 months ago
    1. Kevin

      Beautifully said, Hermann-Josef. Thank you.

      7 months ago
  30. Christine

    By looking forward to God’s blessing in the future.🙏

    7 months ago

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