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  1. P

    When a driver cuts in front of me and I catch myself making a negative assumption about why the person has done so…..and it usually not a good reason! In that moment when I can catch myself in that reactive mode…and I “see” it and can create another story ending as to why….that is kinder than the original one I reacted to…I am brought back to the present. The feelings inside of me are powerfully strong….that I can see things differently…..and in a more loving and compassionate way.

    3 weeks ago
  2. c

    remembering to be mindful, listen to what is going on in my mind, body and voice
    And now taking in the reflections that were posted

    3 weeks ago
  3. O.Christina

    What helps me to remember to be present in the moment – I will do my best to remember the Kindness.🙏 Hope everyone of you who share here has a good and refreshing sleep tonight.

    3 weeks ago
  4. Charlie T

    When I catch myself re-telling/re-living
    a past or future story in my head
    and I can feel the tension and anxiety
    in my body, I know it’s good time
    to remind myself, that right now,
    in this moment, I’m okay. I’m safe.
    I have what I need (and more).
    And to look around and notice the
    beauty of something/anything.
    And breathe.

    3 weeks ago
  5. Don Jones

    There are no rules for something so gentle as a heart. All too often, thinking seems to act as a defense mechanism, a way of avoiding insight, a way of not looking as what really is. My trouble has been too much analysis of life instead of living it. There is a precision around living now that needs to let go of all the analysis and stories.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      ‘There are no rules for something so gentle as a heart’ – love this, what a perfect statement:)

      3 weeks ago
  6. Robin Ann

    What helps me is listening to calming Celtic music. I love to listen to Enya on Pandora which gives me a nice mix. I love to hear the
    celtic instruments. Helps calm my mind back to the present moment.

    3 weeks ago
  7. S

    By stopping – slowing down that’s what helps me

    3 weeks ago
  8. Barb C

    Really and truly looking, seeing, observing, paying attention to what is in front of me. Easiest when I’m outdoors, or when in a space with beautiful things like an art gallery, but always available.

    3 weeks ago
  9. Antoinette

    I pay attention to mind world. What is my mind getting up to? I notice and I let go of the story lines. That’s all they are are pictures and spry lines of me and my human mind world. Are those pictures and memories real ? No they are not! No one else has them right ? Just me so the Truth is beyond these thoughts, stories, pictures etc. when I let all of it go I am free of this. What a relief!

    3 weeks ago
  10. Nannette

    Everyone’s comments are so very helpful- and help me realize that I need to focus on the present. I tend to make “busy” my present. I pray throughout the day- the same prayers over and over whilst I do some tasks. But I need to stop and listen to my heart – let my mind go…and “Be Here Now”…thank you Kevin.
    I have missed a few days- my dog has been sick – causing me so much worry. I tried four veterinarians the other day- no one could see him. (We are traveling – so our vet is many miles away in WV). Finally yesterday after three calls to Emergency Clinics we were seen…5 hours total…but he was seen. Now hoping he starts to eat again. I miss all of you and your teachings when life gets in the way. Wishing you all a peaceful, joyful day. Thank you.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Michele

      Wishing your dog a speedy recovery:)

      3 weeks ago
    2. sunnypatti

      I’m so sorry that your dog is sick. It’s tough when a pet becomes ill, so I send you a hug and prayers that he will be okay 🙏🏼

      3 weeks ago
    3. Charlie T

      So sorry to hear your dog isn’t
      doing well, Nanette. I had a similar
      problem recently, where I live. All four local
      vets weren’t accepting new clients.
      So I had to go to the next town over.
      The vets there are excellent and
      took good care of my kitties. Just
      a longer drive. Hoping for the best for
      you and your pup.

      3 weeks ago
    4. Rabbit

      What was wrong with the pup? I have heard the Vet offices are really busy.

      3 weeks ago
      1. Nannette

        Hello Rabbit, Thank you for your reply. The Emergency Vet said he has colitis. He also has hemangiosarcoma which is a deadly cancer. I was worried that the cancer had spread- but the vet did not have an Ultrasound machine to see if that were so or not. I am happy to say that after 3 days of sickness…he finally ate yesterday afternoon, and kept it down and no incidents! He slept well and I now pray for a better day today…maybe back to our now normal. Thank you!

        3 weeks ago
  11. Carol

    Intention sets attention…Joseph’s reminder to “put attention” and Kevin’s reminder to “Be Here Now” are very helpful intentions. I also remind myself of the fact that I am a human–being not a human–has been or will be. My intention is “to be.” Old Shakespeare said it well: “To be or not to be. That is the question.” Or as the African saying goes: “It’s being that way.” Be-sides, I realized long ago that when I am living in the past or the future, I go there alone. I can’t change the past. I don’t know the future. The strength, the grace, I need is always and only available in the NOW. As I was taught in 12-step circles, “One day at a time.” Life is not was or will be. Life IS.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Barb C

      This line is a keeper! “…when I am living in the past or the future, I go there alone.”

      3 weeks ago
  12. devy

    I recite the words internally or verbally « Home ».. this reminds me to go home to my breathe which is my « home » when thoughts go racing through my mind..

    3 weeks ago
  13. Michele

    If I find myself being stuck in past memories (sad/traumatic ones) I will remember to tell myself, hey, stick to the present, happily this works:)

    3 weeks ago
    1. Rabbit

      How are you feeling? Just heard my retired nurse friend has Covid.

      3 weeks ago
      1. Michele

        Better thanks, although yesterday I did have a headache. I feel a little of that ‘foggy brain’ too a bit. I’m still taking it easy. How bout you?

        3 weeks ago
  14. Laura

    A breath.

    3 weeks ago
  15. EJP

    Stop. Look. Go.

    3 weeks ago
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