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  1. O.Christina

    Just to be, i guess.

    5 months ago
  2. Ngoc Nguyen

    I am on the way to finishing this semester as soon as possible and preparing for a wonderful trip that I am going to return to visit my home country. Think of moments that I will be alongside my family as a fully energy charger. For this purpose, I wake up with a cup of coffee, visit this site as a daily routine and then start to work on my schoolwork. When my mind runs out of battery, there is a mobile app called Soothing Pod, where I enjoy some relaxing music and breathing exercise. How wonderful!

    5 months ago
    1. Yram

      Safe travel and beautiful memories.

      5 months ago
  3. Robin Ann

    I had the day off and started my day with an hour chair yoga. At the end was a short meditation. I also took one of the dogs for a very long walk. It was only 44 degrees today but mostly sunny with no wind. Had a bunch of other chores that needed to be done but those were my highlights of my day.

    5 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    I think I should take a couple of hours out for myself today. The resilience tank is running on empty, and the customer service battery is flat and about to catch fire, so best I tend to self and reconnect with the Ruach (breath).

    5 months ago
  5. Dolores Kazanjian

    A wonderful question. I started the day, as always, with thanks that I have one more (precious) day here on Earth. I woke up with a renewed determination to push my self harder physically. As I have mentioned, I have heart and mobility issues that make it easy to just want to stay planted in the nearest easy chair. So I started the day (a beautiful, sunny one although a little cold) by going to the backyard with my four-legged buddy Helios and doing exercise. It’s so good for my physical, mental and emotional health and generates renewed energy.
    What I “do,” I think, is not so important as the spirit in which I do it. Like many of you who have posted, I will endeavor to do whatever it is in a spirit of gratitude, kindness and love.
    World Gratitude Day? How cool!

    5 months ago
  6. Linda

    I have had covid for a few days–a mild case, thankfully. Today I am symptom free so will venture out and meet a friend. I am deeply grateful for the Covid vaccine as I know it has lessened the severity of symptoms. I am happy to be alive today!

    5 months ago
  7. pkr

    I plan to stay present. Breathe deep, be kind, practice gratefulness & look for the Divine as I go about my day.
    Happy Monday to All.✨🙏🏻😊

    5 months ago
  8. A

    I am going to sit back and relax and hopefully heal this hip and go out and hear live music with Rick tonight!

    5 months ago
  9. m

    Today I am prioritizing finding gratitude for change and new beginnings. I plan on embracing the joy within the present moment because honestly I am in a space where I am able to see through a positive lens of hope. I plan on sharing my good energy with others because since it has been graced unto me by divine circumstance, I am just happy to share it with others.

    5 months ago
  10. J
    Joao Cardoso

    Make the most of it. I noticed I started taking things for granted and forgot that we do not know how many days we have left. It is a blessing to wake up every day and have another chance to live and enjoy life. Sometimes, I get myself complaining about things are either not working as I’d like them to work, or just in general, when, in fact, it is a blessing to be alive and have another chance to make the most of it.

    5 months ago
  11. Nannette

    Today, I will be working around the house, laundry, etc. My mind is also on two friends. They are a married couple – in teir early 40’s. The wife was diagnosed 2 years ago with a glioblastoma…a fatal brain tumor. From that moment…they seized the day…they traveled widely and lived each moment. We were very Blessed to have them for lunch on Saturday. Yesterday morning – the wife had a 90 minute seizure- she was life flighted to a big medical center. Her tumor has grown two times the size it was 6 weeks ago. She is not really able to communicate or walk…but she is very aware and knows what is going on…She will be going home to live her last days. My heart is breaking for this couple…the pain they are going through…and at the end her husband will be a young man…alone. I will be praying for them throughout all my tasks today…and being grateful for all I have …not taking it for granted- as I so often do. My husband will see if he can go to the hospital to keep her husband company…but I think they may be getting things in order to send her home. Good health is a sacred gift…and of course we have different gradiations of that good health…but whatever I have…I am grateful today. Wishing you all a meaningful day.

    5 months ago
    1. Yram

      I send prayers also.

      5 months ago
    2. Maeve

      Thank you for sharing. Yes, our health is a sacred gift.

      5 months ago
  12. Charlie T

    I have a very busy day and week ahead, and
    I could list all of the things that I need to
    do, but instead, I will try and keep the
    bigger picture in mind, as I attempt to
    accomplish all of my tasks, and I will try
    to be as present as possible and
    continue to be available to the river of
    love that runs through this life.

    5 months ago
    1. Nannette

      I love that visual…”the river of love that runs through this life”…Thank you! Wishing you well on your busy day!

      5 months ago
  13. Yram

    I will accompany my husband to his medical appointments.
    I will be grateful for the insurance we have to cover the expenses.
    I will greet the clerks at the stores by their names.
    I will soak in the sun and the beauty of the day.
    I will reach out to a hurting friend.
    I will honor the body I have and treat it respectfully.
    I will savor the wisdom of this site and those who respond.
    I will say “thank you” where needed.

    5 months ago
  14. Carla

    As mentioned by Kevin, I too thought of Mary Oliver when I read today’s question. I’ll read a poem of her’s. I’ll incorporate a walk in the leaves today, while they’re dry and crunchy with each step. I’ll send a couple gratitude/: thanksgiving cards as well.

    5 months ago
  15. Josie

    Though weary from managing on-going health issues, on this World Kindness Day I will be taking two colleagues to visit another who lives an hour away. Reading entries prior to mine, I am inspired to strive to do this kindness cheerfully. Then I plan to take tomorrow to recover physically as a way to extend kindness to myself. Blessings, all!!

    5 months ago
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