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  1. Layla

    That their actions are really about them and not you. Hurting people hurt people. Healed people help heal people.

    11 months ago
    1. KC

      Thanks Lydia. So helpful and true … ‘hurting people hurt people. Healed people help heal people.’

      11 months ago
    2. Michele

      ‘Healed people help heal people’ – love this:)

      11 months ago
  2. Malag

    That is surely the bridge to empathy and from that comes better communication, compassion, kindness, love, help. Basically what the world needs.

    11 months ago
  3. B
    Brown Rose

    A completely different world view.

    11 months ago
  4. d

    a gentle heart

    11 months ago
  5. mam_gigi

    I was having some issues with a co-worker, whom I felt was putting a lot of extra work and unreasonable expectations on me, then I met her supervisor, and realized that she was being put under a lot of pressure and that her supervisor could be pretty harsh; it made me realize why she was doing what she was doing, and it was not anything personal with me, she was just going through it. That really helped. Sometimes I make everything about me or personal, but in reality, when people seem snappy or upset, it often has to do with their own issues, and it is better to help them overcome than take it personal.

    11 months ago
    1. Barb C

      So true that things are about us a lot less often than our ego is able to recognize. I’m reminded of the advice for living from The Four Agreements: don’t take things personally.

      11 months ago
  6. diane venus

    People are crying out for hope from all walks of life, all over the world.

    11 months ago
  7. MEG

    Without the need to add much more to all the lovely reflections already mentioned by others … not sure if this makes sense but I will give it a go … 🙂 … I wonder if sometimes there is also the need to for us to be understood , to be able to at certain times and situations for us also to better be able to see through the eyes of others. (?) 💕💞

    11 months ago
  8. Hot Sauce

    When I endeavor to see through the eyes of others, it becomes clearer to me that all of us want to be good but fail at times because of our own pain, fears, and insecurities. It helps me be more forgiving when I see that others are acting poorly because they themselves might be wounded in some way.

    11 months ago
  9. Bre

    When I endeavor to see through the eyes of others I understand that all of us have unique challenges and difficulties. I am not alone in my struggles and most certainly will not be to first or last to feel this way. I have learned (and consciously try to practice) kindness and compassion for others. We truly never know what someone else is facing.

    11 months ago
  10. Mica

    What this brings up for me is that I frequently have a critical thought about someone and then realize I could apply the same critical thought to myself.. But sometimes I forget and remember this useful practice only later.

    11 months ago
  11. Linda

    I am helping a new Afghan refugee settle in the US. It is challenging because of Covid, and also because of the numerous roadblocks new immigrants face in trying to get the documentation they need to work, find a place to live, and a myriad of other challenges. At times I feel somewhat discouraged with the process, but she is strong and it is so worth my time to figure all these things out for her. She is facing so many more challenges than I am, and yet she is happy and highly motivated to find her place in the US. It is very inspiring.

    11 months ago
  12. devy

    Empathy, love and compassion which lead to a better understanding of others and the reasons why they think or act a certain way. By doing so better acceptance of others and less self stress.

    11 months ago
  13. Kim

    When I pause and remind myself to endeavor to see through the eyes of others I am reminded that my own perspective and lack of understanding clouds my vision. I can never fully comprehend how others view the world/circumstance…and that reminds me to weave in compassion and curiousity.

    11 months ago
  14. JayJacks

    That it feels good to be heard. So I need to listen, and with true curiosity.

    11 months ago
  15. Journey

    A different perspective. An understanding.

    11 months ago
  16. Mary Pat

    I like all the other answers here on this page….and I can’t think of anything much to add….except this; I have a neighbor who hates me. She really does. She lives right next door, and even told me she was going to start world war three with me and complain to the city about me at every chance she could. She can put me in stress mode constantly if I allow it. What I have done to deal with this problem is remember what I represent to her….she has a home where there is never anything-not even a dirty dish-out of place, ever. Her yard is manicured to perfection, and what isn’t, does not exist in it. She will rip it out….weeds drive her crazy. Really. She is extremely critical of everyone, but I am the one who gets the most venom. She hates our dog. Truly. I worry that she may poison her someday. Really, it is that bad. Our dog is not allowed to bark over two minutes-I have had to time it only because I think that is reasonable-and then I bring her inside. I have told her husband that if I am in the bathroom or shower or out shopping, and my husband is home with her and she is outside, there is nothing I can do about that. Our townhome is on the side of the parking lot, so Joy loves to greet the neighbors going to their cars with some barking and tail wagging. And neighbors that walk around the back of our yard with their dogs…same thing. Our neighbor used to bang on our wall when we would open our closet doors…it is an adjoining wall in our town home. She has stopped that because her husband found out.
    This is an extremely stressful situation, and has been for five years. I try my best to see it through her eyes, through her mind.
    All I can offer is kindness, but firmness. Compassion for her, but that doesn’t mean I don’t stand firm. I get it….she has issues that run deep. And I try….but it has lead me to a better understanding and patience.
    So I have tried to look at life from her perspective….for her, my messy yard with abundant blossoms that are not always manicured, my front porch that is often filled with plants that are not picture perfect and often have people on it, it must destroy her idea of perfection. So now I have compassion for her. I try to bring this stress to meditation, and that has helped. I do believe this has shown me how to look at someone else’s perspective, but not give up my own. And that is key. That is revealed.

    11 months ago
    1. sparrow

      Your neighbor sounds very troubled,
      dear Mary Pat,
      and possibly dangerous.
      No wonder you were compelled to write about it.
      I am grateful you have found meditation to be of help,
      and indeed it has gotten you through five years of this…
      I will keep you in my heart
      that you are able to rise above the cruelty next door,
      with love…

      11 months ago
    2. Mary Pat

      Goodness, I am reading what I wrote yesterday and had no idea it bothered me enough to write all this out! That was revealing to me as well….thank you for listening, and supporting me in this….

      11 months ago
      1. MEG


        11 months ago
    3. Barb C

      You are rising to the challenge in this question with compassion for sure. What a strain on you and also on her, to live on high alert all the time. That must be exhausting all around.

      11 months ago
      1. Mary Pat

        Indeed Barb, it is. But it has shown me how important meditation can be in my life. And I don’t use the gift of meditation I can really feel the stress.

        11 months ago
  17. Maurice Frank

    How self-focused I am.

    11 months ago
  18. Aaron

    The importance of compassion, kindness and understanding in our interactions with others. And the need to get out of our own heads.

    11 months ago
  19. Katrina

    That I don’t know what I thought I knew.

    11 months ago
  20. sunnypatti48317

    A new perspective and a better understanding.

    11 months ago
  21. sparrow

    I’ve done this my whole life,
    but don’t know how or where I learned to do this,
    but I do it,
    often to my own detriment . . .
    I think this has something to do with ‘weeping for the universe’.
    It is felt viscerally . . .
    in my belly,
    in the pit of my stomach,
    and in my heart.

    But what is revealed?
    It is something deeper than compassion,
    Our connection with each other,
    that we are each other,
    that we are One.

    11 months ago
  22. Marnie Jackson

    It is always an aha moment when I see another’s perspective. It helps me to understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

    11 months ago
  23. Carol

    A new perspective that allows me to imagine walking a mile in their moccasins. .

    11 months ago
  24. Patricia

    I try to understand what they are facing… I’m more compassionate. But (to be honest) sometimes I’m just puzzled and flummoxed.

    11 months ago
    1. Dusty Su

      And there’s that! Hahaha!

      11 months ago
  25. EJP

    A whole new world of others reality.

    11 months ago
  26. Kevin

    The need for compassion.

    11 months ago
    1. Maurice Frank

      So true, Kevin.

      11 months ago
  27. Michele

    A different perspective is revealed when seeing through the eyes of others.

    11 months ago
  28. Dusty Su

    That more often than not they are doing the best with what they have/know. If they are not there yet, they can get there. I can see more clearly why they think as they think. Perhaps even see that we have similar values.

    11 months ago
    1. Maurice Frank

      That’s inspiring, thank you.

      11 months ago
      1. Dusty Su

        Thank you, Maurice 😊

        11 months ago

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