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  1. J
    Jessica Pirrone

    anything in nature
    scuba diving, hiking, traveling. Seeing animals in their natural habitat
    when I am out exploring in the world, and just present in what I am doing.
    live sports or shows

    3 days ago
  2. Robin Ann

    A family of deer grazing in the back yard early evening and this morning a patch of beautiful purple flowers appearing in the front yard.

    3 days ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    All of them. Life is a miracle.

    3 days ago
  4. Linda

    This beautiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest!

    3 days ago
  5. L

    The moments when my cat senses I’m feeling down and cuddles up next to me.

    3 days ago
    1. Carol

      I relate. When I was upset, my cat would jump in my lap and pat my cheek with his paw. If I was out of town on business, when I returned, he would drape himself across my toes when I stood at the kitchen sink or sat down at the kitchen table or in the living room. He’s been gone for several years but I still feel wonder when I think of him.

      3 days ago
  6. null

    The moments where I slow down and truly observe what’s going on around me. The whole thing seems so unbelievable.

    3 days ago
  7. Liza

    Moments with my grandchildren.

    3 days ago
  8. Charlie T

    So many moments fill me with
    wonder. Being in nature and
    pondering geology. Or thinking about
    human evolution. Or considering
    engineering and architecture while in
    the city. Conversation and reading
    about the human condition and psyche
    has me wondering all the time.
    I often wonder how people can NOT
    wonder about what’s around them,
    and right outside the window, as I drive
    them through this beautiful and amazing
    place, filled with so much history and

    3 days ago
  9. Yram

    This time of season when we see the fruits of the seeds planted earlier in the year.
    The starry night when there are no city lights diminishing the brightness of the sky.

    3 days ago
  10. Barb C

    Every moment in which I really pay attention to the natural world fills me with wonder. Yesterday it was pine forested mountain ranges, a sparkling rocky river alongside the road, a hawk soaring overhead against a blue sky, patches of red, orange, green, and gold on a hillside as vegetation changes for autumn, the Columbia River cutting through steep bluffs and knowing that the river is what cut those bluffs, magpies flying across the road with their skinny long tails and their dipping flight pattern, dozens of ducks on the river.
    Human abilities often fill me with wonder. This includes the ones that may be obvious like singing or dancing or creating beautiful art. It also includes creating delicious foods or being patient with a toddler asking the same question for the 49th time or saying just the right thing to bring a tumultuous meeting into order and align people in a common direction.
    A wonder-full question!

    3 days ago
    1. Barb C

      I don’t know if people often go back and look at replies and comments from the day before. I saw that people had wished me safe travels on my long car trip across the state and wanted to say thank you where I thought you might see my appreciation. Special thanks to Nannette and Robin Ann! The list of natural wonders above is just some of the things I noticed on the drive. And it was a very, very long drive.

      3 days ago
      1. Michele

        yes, I read the daily question, answer it, then go back two days to read responses:)

        2 days ago
  11. Carol

    “If today gets difficult, remember the smell of coffee, the way sunlight bounces off a window, the sound of your favorite person’s laugh, the feeling when a song you love comes on, the color of the sky at dusk, and that we are here to take care of each other.” Nanea Hoffman

    For me, the quote above is a reminder that something that fills one’s senses with wonder does not have to be breath taking. Life itself fills me with wonder.

    3 days ago
    1. Michele

      Like Barb, I love this quote too and am going to c/p it to send to me kids. Thank you Carol.

      2 days ago
    2. Barb C

      What a wonderful quotation! Thank you so much for sharing it. One of the things I do in my journaling is write down quotations I want to be able to read again later and this one is going into my journal. I also share poetry and sometimes quotations with my daughters in the morning by recording a message for them in WhatsApp and I’m going to share this there too.

      3 days ago
      1. Carol

        I, too, love great quotes!

        3 days ago
  12. Carla

    Hoarfrost on a window pane in winter. Listening to a lake moaning and the crackle of thawing ice in the spring. Dew on vegetation and grass in the morning and the scent of freshly mowed alfalfa. Sunrises and sunsets. And always, the gift of a rainbow in the skyway. 🌈

    3 days ago
  13. sunnypatti

    Life itself. Sunrises and sunsets. Rainbows 🌈 Watching my dogs play. Watching waves roll in at the beach. Waking up next to my soulmate who loves me more than I ever thought I could be loved 💞

    3 days ago
  14. Nannette

    For me the moments of wonder always has to do with nature…the birds, the river, the ocean, the changing colors of the sky, the different “smell” of the seasons, the sounds of the forest- the chatter of the birds in the Spring and the quiet of the birds in the late Summer and early Fall. We are given such gifts each and every day…a new sunrise, the moon appearing in the dark sky surrounded by all the magical stars, our breath and our heart beating each moment…How can anyone not believe in a Supreme Being. We are a Blessed people.

    3 days ago
    1. Laura

      Nannette, I was just thinking yesterday while out on my walk that it is starting to “smell” like fall. You are so right that each season has its own distinctive scent.

      3 days ago
      1. Michele

        I recently booked my trip to Pa for mid Oct. I am soooo looking forward to the haunted hayride we go on and seeing fall up there.

        2 days ago
  15. Pilgrim

    Mother Nature often fills me with wonder. Yesterday morning I was looking out my back doorwall as I often do, taking stock of the “littles” … squirrels, chipmunks, birds greeting the day. I moved a little to the left so that I could see the wider area, and suddenly there was a tremendous eagle lifting from ground toward sky. It was an incredible moment of surprise and beauty. Made my day.

    3 days ago
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