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  1. Melissa

    Humor, honesty and a wiliness to commit to stick together as long as it feels right.

    9 months ago
  2. Malag

    Vulnerability: that it can emerge for both of us.

    9 months ago
  3. d

    I am concentrating on being the friend I would like to have and for some reason, that in itself, just makes me happy! True blue.

    9 months ago
  4. Haley

    Not afraid to tell it how it is (someone who is real, no lying, no judgement) honesty!! Match/ bounce off each others sense of humor. Match/ bounce off each other’s interests/ hobbies. Always down to have a good time, but can always sit down and talk things through with you/ be a shoulder to cry on.

    9 months ago
  5. ADP

    Qualities I look for in a friend is someone I can be open and honest with and will be that way towards me. Trust, loyalty, and genuine are very important to me. My circle is small only a people have these traits and qualities.

    9 months ago
  6. Elaine

    Mutuality. Mutual appreciation, mutual intimacy, mutual interest, mutual delight, mutual responsibility for nurturing the friendship,

    9 months ago
  7. Tak0yakii

    Honesty, Accountability, Active listener, Witty, Vulnerable

    9 months ago
  8. Tracy


    9 months ago
  9. devy

    Someone who will accept me for who I am, who will be there to lend me their ear when needed and who relies on me for support if they need it, someone who laughs along with me and enjoys my company. I only have a few real friends. I still remember my father telling me that as you go through life, the majority of those in your life will be acquaintances..

    9 months ago
    1. Barb C

      Devy, thank you for this reminder that I use the word “friend” too casually. I’ve been trying to substitute other words that are more accurate, like colleague or acquaintance. I need a word for that in-between space of more than acquaintance, not yet friend of the heart. Your description of a friend gets at the fundamentals.

      9 months ago
  10. Don Jones

    The rare few who exude incredible warmth and vivacity. Whose presence is a joy.

    9 months ago
    1. d

      for some reason this makes me smile just reading it

      9 months ago
  11. M

    I appreciate friends who are kind, trustworthy, honest, have a sense of humor, humility, generosity of heart and a true confidante. Quite a tall order, a rare find indeed and a great blessing.

    9 months ago
  12. Linda

    I appreciate someone who can listen well when I need to talk.

    9 months ago
  13. Mica

    I gave my friend the wrong address yesterday for where the class was, and she missed most of it but she wasn’t cross with me at all! I would have been awfully cross with her if it had happened to me. I gave her some correct info in my email, at least, so she did arrive.

    9 months ago
  14. Barb C

    Reading all these qualities makes me think about what kind of friend I am to others and what they’d write if they were writing about me, as well as what qualities I’m grateful for.

    Spontaneity and openness to whatever experience comes along come to mind. I have two friends who are great for the “what do you feel like doing today?” or “want to run errands with me?” kinds of expeditions, whether that’s a bike ride or a walk through downtown saying “want to go in here?”. I appreciate that we don’t have to have some big planned thing at the heart of our time together; we can just be together.

    Listening to me, sure, but also opening to me and showing that I’m a trusted friend they can confide in–I’m grateful for that.

    Sharing my values and willingness to stand up for what we believe in. I have “want to go to the protest with me?” friends.

    Friends who are my chosen family. I had that conversation recently with a friend and was honored to have her tell me she considers me family. She could call me at 3 in the morning and I would help her, and vice versa. Each of us is reliable.

    I think I’ll send cards to my friends today to tell them how much I appreciate them.

    9 months ago
  15. Laura

    A listening ear, sense of humor, fundamental kindness, empathy.

    9 months ago
    1. Carol

      Laura, You read my mind!

      9 months ago
      1. Laura


        9 months ago
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