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  1. Carla

    Blue skies with hints of sunshine on wintery days. 😊

    17 mins ago
  2. Michele


    49 mins ago
  3. Laura

    Kids, particularly my own, dogs, music, friends, the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.

    1 hour ago
  4. Joseph McCann

    Frolicking animals. My own mind. It is always cracking me up!

    1 hour ago
  5. Butterfly

    My two granddaughters, aged 5 and 2 and any young animal. Their openness, curiosity and trust in life is adorable.

    1 hour ago
  6. EJP

    Always my beautiful grandchildren make me smile.

    1 hour ago
  7. Avril

    I wish I could attach their pictures… Oreo and Orange Julius. My six month old crazy kitten brothers!

    1 hour ago
    1. Pilgrim

      Such great names!

      1 hour ago
  8. Mary Mantei

    My husband’s whimsical sense of humor.

    2 hours ago
  9. Carol

    A baby’s laugh…they can giggle before they can talk! Might be a lesson for me there!

    3 hours ago
  10. Kevin

    Our five year-old granddaughter, River, the youngest of seven, so full of life curiosity, wonder, and spunk, always makes me smile!

    3 hours ago

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