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  1. Robin Ann

    Today I was greeted by several people at the office with nice big smiles. That always makes my day but today even more so.
    My Dad (he is in his late 80’s) is dealing with some health issues right and a dear friend of mine is dealing with a family crisis so those big warm smiles were gratefully appreciated today.

    3 months ago
  2. Dolores Kazanjian

    She’s not quite a stranger, but she was until last week when I hired her to help a couple of hours a week with household chores. A few minutes ago she rang the bell to drop off the laundry that she had taken to the laundromat on Saturday. We did not ask her to do this or pay her to do this (yet). As I’ve mentioned before, so many people have been so kind since I have had health and mobility issues. I feel truly blessed.

    3 months ago
  3. Avril

    I just had a joyful experience with a new Starbucks barista.

    3 months ago
  4. Charlie T

    The water that runs out of my tap, at the
    turn of a handle, is something that
    requires many dedicated people to make
    this miracle happen. Not to mention the
    removal and treatment of the waste water.
    The coffee that I cherish, passes through
    many hands to find its way into my cup.
    And of course the folks here at
    that keep this resource going. 🙏

    3 months ago
  5. Ngoc Nguyen

    As many of you have mentioned, many of the pleasantnesses we enjoy are provided by strangers, such as the cleaned sidewalks I pass by, the food and vegetables I buy at the grocery store, or the Metro Mobility service I take to go to school. All of these are provided by people I’ve never gotten to know.
    I am grateful for the daily questions on this site. They broaden my perspective even more than I used to have.

    3 months ago
  6. Cathie

    Timely question- we had 2 strangers join our early morning prayer group today. So their energy helped the group pray and I now have more folks I know! So they are no longer strangers💕

    3 months ago
  7. Barb C

    So many! I awoke in a home with a roof, walls, and all the rest, and with the evidence of our remodeling everywhere I look. I put on a warm robe, comfy PJ pants, and slippers with cat’s faces embroidered on the toes–someone made everything that went into these. The heat is on (it’s 31 degrees outside), the plumbing works, someone built the microwave I used to heat the soup I’m having for breakfast and made the container and spoon I’m using and the crackers I put on top and-and-and. The strangers who have done a service I benefit from today are countless.

    I especially thank the stranger who planted a tree right outside the window of the room where I’m sitting now so I can watch the birds coming to our feeder while I eat, and whoever brought a pregnant cat to the shelter so we could bring home one of her kittens three years ago–Tiggs, Mr. Stripey Pants himself, whose meow I hear echoing through the house in a new way because we have new cork flooring and no furniture set up yet while the crew does some finish work.

    And of course, all the strangers whose service made it possible for me to read a question asked far, far away, read all your answers, and type my own.

    Far more unites us than divides us.

    3 months ago
  8. O.Christina

    Rather to say; what is not provided by a stranger, any day? From shoes, all clothes, home, all things which are used daily, or nourishment, supply of water, transportation, whatever I am allowed to be with is provided usually by someone else. So exciting as well as humbling that all which is, all of us, all of nature, all its beauty, all of its light everywhere, is offered by His Grace. Thank you🙏❤️🙏

    3 months ago
  9. Carol

    Every day strangers are providing me with services that I take granted. I can’t turn on a light fixture, adjust the temp on my heating or cooling system, prepare my morning coffee, check the weather forecast, answer the daily question online, etc., etc., without the help of strangers not to mention what Mother Nature provides me for free!

    3 months ago
  10. Yram

    Many have mentioned the ones I have used but a couple others are: the cup that held the coffee, the pen I wrote with, the paper/notebook I wrote in, the blanket that warms me, and chair I am sitting in.

    3 months ago
  11. Josie

    My initial reflection is guided by today’s quote & its synchronicity with an online Lenten retreat I’m making with Christine Valters Paintner from Abbey of the Arts. The Divine Abundance provided by my every breath is where I will dwell today.

    3 months ago
    1. Robin Ann

      I shall also visit this page. Thank you

      3 months ago
    2. S
      Ana Maria

      Thank you so much Josie for mentioning Abbey of the Arts! I had to go and check it out, I think I will be making them another stop in my daily routine. How beautiful!!
      You have provided a great service to me today, I am grateful to you!!

      3 months ago
  12. sunnypatti

    Coffee, internet, devices – earbuds, phone, and a laptop, running water, heat and electricity. Grateful for the heat and coffee the most at the moment!

    3 months ago
  13. Michele

    My home, internet, utilities, car, food, warmth from heating pad, phone
    Thank you:)

    3 months ago
  14. Joseph McCann

    I shall start with miners and farmers. The laptop (Merlyn’s Magic Box) I have read, is full of precious metals mined from the earth. The coffee I just made was from beans grown by a coffee farmer. Then we have the workers that assembled or made the product usable for market. Then there was some transportation involved. Then when it made it to market it was put on shelves for purchase. then a clerk rang it up. Since I deal with cash mostly there were another chain of folks who produced the raw materials. The folks who work at the mint to assemble the raw materials. Transportation again. More folks in the banking industry. The description of how our world conducts commerce so consumers can purchase those products involves many, many folks, each adding their stamp and cost along with a profit margin. We are all connected on a cosmic level and an economic level. Civilization!

    3 months ago
    1. Barb C

      Several years ago I read a book by Edward Humes, Door to Door, The Magnificent, Maddening, Mysterious World of Transportation. I work in transportation so the title drew me right away. He opens with a step by step description of everything that went into his morning cup of coffee and his phone, for starters. He tracks the processes start to finish. He tallied over *3 million miles* of transportation to make his work from home “commute” possible.

      3 months ago
      1. Joseph McCann

        Thank you for the link Barb.

        3 months ago
    2. Josie

      Once again, a powerful sharing which I was able to visialize thanks to your compelling writing style. This phrase captures me very specially today –“We are all connected on a cosmic level.” Thanks, Joseph.

      3 months ago
  15. Laura

    The builders who built the house, employees at the power company who keep the lights on. The geniuses who make sure I have clean fresh water for the plumbing. People in Kenya who picked and processed the leaves for my morning tea. The souls who ran the machines to assemble the clothes I wear. I’m sure I’ve left out dozens, but that’s all I can manage at this time of the day.
    Thank you for this question. What a great exercise!

    3 months ago
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