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  1. n

    The belief that there is a higher power that is there to ensure that I am and I will be taken care of
    The confidence that I have an active role in connecting with that higher power
    The power of self-observation that helps me to see how my actions and thoughts are shaping my life
    The practice of mantras that helps me change my life positively
    The cultivating of a mind that helps me to be calm and patient in all situations

    1 year ago
  2. Michele

    Thank you – I learned something new:) I mentioned this to my kids and apparently my middle one, Kerry, learned about this in the 6th grade and has been saying it with her best friend, like a competition, who says it first. Now Mama is in on it! Next month the 1st also coincides with a new moon.

    1 year ago
  3. Malag

    Mindfulness, meditation, retreats, and when I occasionally do so journaling. Also those close to me reflect some of that back.

    1 year ago
  4. Andrea

    That might sound funny, but what supports me in looking at my life as it is and embracing it as it is is standing with a tree. I have a tree friend. Her name is Esther. I stand with her almost daily cheek to cheek . She teaches me to embrace what is and and whatever comes, she teaches me to have patient and to trust the universe that it will provide exactly what I need.

    1 year ago
    1. Hermann-Josef

      Wonderfull. Thank you

      1 year ago
    2. Malag

      I also find my centre when I am in close proximity to trees, Andrea.

      1 year ago
  5. ADP

    I am struggling with this right now. I have always counted on my husband and my family to support me in life struggles or stressors. My husband is no longer my support and I try not to dump to much on my children, they have their own struggles and stressors. I am going to try and support myself. I like what Haley had to say. I need to look inward and figure out what I need and handle my struggles and stressors myself. Hopefully sharing daily and some meditation, this can be done.

    1 year ago
  6. Haley

    I think I support me. I’ve never felt that anyone else has; well, they have on the outside but not who I am on the inside. I look inwards for support. I’m only 20 and it seems as though people my age don’t “get it” as they say. I love to sit on my apartment balcony and just think. Think about what my stressors are, what’s made me happy today, my family, pets, day-dreaming about my future career. So yeah, I guess overall I look inward to see a direct view of my life and try to sort through what emotions/ actions I’ve perceived and which are reality

    1 year ago
  7. Michele

    Thanks I never heard of that I just googled the meaning of rabbit rabbit rabbit on the 1st of the month I’ll have to give it a try🙂

    1 year ago
  8. Don Jones

    Perhaps a deep personal honesty, seeing what really is rather than what I might like it to be or influenced by likes and dislikes. A further key context is the pursuit of Truth. A deep, unrelenting yearning to know the Truth.

    1 year ago
  9. pkr

    Yes, yes, 🐰🐰. Happy March…..

    1 year ago
  10. Linda

    I am 67 and it seems the years are flying by! I don’t have unlimited time and I want to use what I have left for good. I am probably not doing enough, but I am helping others in several ways, including caring for my husband. It is important to take stock, and today’s Daily Question is a good reminder.

    1 year ago
    1. Michael Mac

      You are not alone Linda! 67, and feeling the same. As Bob Jesse, the founder of the Council on Spiritual Practices, said when asked where do we start, “Do what’s in front of you”. It’s always helped me when I start to wonder what to do or thinking too much about how little time I may have left. Remember, if you are walking the walk, you will touch people in ways you will never know about in ways you could never imagine. Blessings – Mike

      1 year ago
      1. Linda

        Good reminder, Mike. Do what’s in front of you. I can do that!

        1 year ago
  11. Elaine

    Gratefulness practice is a core support. It is a reliable guide to being real.

    1 year ago
  12. Mica

    Thank you, Javier and Cathie, for introducing me to this new custom!

    1 year ago
  13. Mica

    The patio doors and windows I face as I sit here at my computer, showing me the sky as it is at this moment

    1 year ago
  14. Barb C

    Making time for reflection in a formal way is one element. Paying attention to the reality of this moment is easier when I’m in nature, even just walking around the block between countless meetings. And right now, the news reminds me to recognize how insulated I am from terrible events like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and how lucky I am not to have to pack my belongings and flee war or drought or famine. Waking up to my privilege supports me in examining my thoughts and actions, checking my assumptions, and explicitly recognizing the limitations of my perspective and lived experience.

    1 year ago
  15. O.Christina

    looking at my life directly as it is! with all beauty, responsibility, difficulties, joy and love for what I am allowed to live! and not to forget: Gratitude!

    1 year ago
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