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  1. C

    Let me think some more kind of an abrupt gut reaction this morning to this…

    It would let me slow down and appreciate the moment without judging harshly nor wanting to rush somewhere else other than facing what is now

    3 weeks ago
  2. Robin Ann

    I have multiple friends and family dealing with health issues right now. Gratefulness allows me to take a step back, pause and think clearer on how I can assist with their current situations. Be their support person because I have been there and needed support as well. I am grateful for helping others when they need me.

    3 weeks ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    As I mentioned before, I have some serious health and mobility issues. My gratefulness practice has been the only thing that keeps me functioning and finding joy in life. I am grateful for every breath I take and for my friends on this site.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Yram

      Yes, yes, and yes.

      3 weeks ago
    2. Michele

      I am also grateful for this site and the friends we have made here.

      3 weeks ago
    3. Robin Ann

      Glad you find comfort here as I do!

      3 weeks ago
  4. Linda

    My husband has been compromised by a botched surgery. While it has curtailed many of our past travel adventures, we have also deepened our relationship by talking more and just being together. While I deeply miss our past, I am grateful for the time we have together.

    3 weeks ago
  5. Emmaleah

    Right now my son is struggling with a medical issue that is perplexing our doctors. It is frustrating to not be able to fix it and help him right away. However, I am grateful that I have a doctor who is trying to solve the problem, I have a loving family and support network who are there to help my son and I, and I have a wonderful job that allows me to take time off to care for my son whenever I need it.

    3 weeks ago
  6. sunnypatti

    Being grateful in a challenging situation helps remind me that I have been thru tough situations before, and I can get thru this one as well. Being grateful for THIS situation also reminds me that I could have stayed in the corporate world I was in… that poorly run store with no real leadership from the store level to the corporate offices in other cities. I am overwhelmed a bit with what I’m dealing with, but I chose this path and I am strong enough to do what needs to be done. I’m grateful for my capabilities, and I’m grateful I’ve been able to rise above in the past which helps me know that I can do it again.

    3 weeks ago
  7. Charlie T

    It’s strange how so much is determined
    by my perspective. This practice of
    gratitude, shifts my perspective from
    one of wanting and coveting, and of needing
    and scarcity, to one of contentment,
    satisfaction, and a letting go of attachment.
    When in reality, nothing has changed, only
    how I perceive a situation. My practice isn’t
    perfect and it’s definitely a work in progress,
    but It’s one of several tools I have for staying
    balanced and to lessen my suffering.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Carol

      Charlie, I relate…perspective is the key.

      3 weeks ago
      1. Michele

        My younger daughter has ‘perspective’ tattooed above her wrist, your reflection made me think of that:)

        3 weeks ago
  8. Barb C

    My first challenge of the day is a 7:00 a.m. meeting and I am grateful for coffee.
    I appreciate Joseph’s insight that we are not separate from whatever we are facing. We are moving through time and time is moving through us and a situation does not exist independent of everything else. It may feel as if it does but if I am approaching life generally grateful then if I encounter something that makes me stumble a bit I just keep going.

    3 weeks ago
  9. Yram

    Gratefulness defuses the the situation. It brings a sense of calm and relief.

    3 weeks ago
  10. Carla

    Gratefulness leads me to memories of recalling similar life experiences I’ve walked through that the current event has evoked. A current challenge of volunteering with an arrogant misogynistic male reminded me of having to do high school projects with similar minded young guys who were jocks. I never was led to have compassion for any of them. Today, I’m working on detaching from this “teacher,” to see how empty his tool box is. I’m working on detaching my work output from him. I’m not dependent “on a grade” this time.

    3 weeks ago
  11. Avril

    I am experiencing a turning point in my relationship with my father who has dementia. There are things I wish I could change from both of our pasts. There are things I wish I could change about our present. Gratefulness leads into mindfulness and I resist nostalgia and control-freakism. I am grateful for the man he was. I am grateful for the man he is—even if he doesn’t know it. Gratefulness is helping me to cherish my mother more and support her through this trying time. I am grateful for having amazing parents. I am grateful this to shall pass.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Barb C

      Such wisdom to be able to live and love what you have now, not cling to things past or things that never were. My mother had vascular dementia for many years and I have some idea of what you’re going through.

      3 weeks ago
      1. Avril

        Thanks so much Barb

        3 weeks ago
  12. Journey

    I have been unemployed for the past 4 months and have simultaneously been dealing with a very bad eczema attack. I am so so so very grateful for the timing of both. While it is scary to not have employment or know where I will find work next, I am deeply grateful for this time to heal in peace. For this unexpected gift of time in general. March is the 1st month since being laid off that I feel well enough to truly enjoy each and every day, I have no agenda, no to-do list, just going with the flow, exercising, practicing yoga, meditating, spending a bit of time looking for work. Family dynamics are also difficult right now but I am grateful for the opportunity to reflect on myself, seeking counselling and learning to work on myself better.

    3 weeks ago
  13. Butterfly

    I’ve had two challenging situations recently. The first one was water pouring through the ceiling into the downstairs bathroom. We’ve had so much rain that the flat roof became flooded and the drain was blocked. My neighbour kindly tried to clear the blockage but consequently the bathroom flooded. I was grateful that the water wasn’t pouring onto me in bed! I was safe and not personally affected. It was a mess but it was solvable and a very kind handyman sorted it out.
    The second situation involved a care assistent who was so chaotic and unable to follow my instructions. I was left exhausted and stressed and had to sort things out that she was incapable of doing which left me over-exerted, symptoms badly flared up and took days for me to recover. I was grateful that I could contact the agency and explain what had happened and, thankfully, they won’t be sending that care worker to me again.

    3 weeks ago
    1. Barb C

      That sounds like a lot of challenges indeed, Butterfly! I’m glad you’re through them and out the other side.

      3 weeks ago
  14. C

    Quell the reaction of the Beast Within

    3 weeks ago
  15. Carol

    I do my best to practice gratefulness in all situations and it keeps me open and willing to learn and to grow in self-awareness.

    3 weeks ago
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