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  1. O.Christina

    Everywhere, just looking around in the room here where I am is beauty. A room with space, light, beautifully equipped. The floor in tasty colors, a comfortable bed. Water offered in a dark blue esthetically designed bottle. Soon I will meet my Godchild who is going to marry his beloved girlfriend tomorrow. A moment of new beginning, of perspective and of deepening Love.

    12 months ago
  2. G
    Gaby Garcia

    In the chaos. Chaos for me is not necessary dramatic, instead, I would said that is kind of an stage. I just saw all the things that are in my bed, the things I need to get clean and all I can think is that there is beauty in that kind of stuff because it represents this precisely moment in my life with all the ups and downs.

    12 months ago
  3. Charlie T

    There is beauty all around me. But it requires that I am receptive to it. It’s all just an interpretation of reality anyway. It’s easy, and maybe even natural for me to fall into a negative outlook and the beauty vanishes. I try to remind myself that the sun is up there shining even on the cloudiest day. Right now, as I sit here on my patio, there’s a warm breeze, the sun is low and the light is getting golden. There are birds chirping and there are still a couple of flowers to add some color. The sound of the wind in the trees is like waves on the beach. A beautiful black raven just flew over me, made its call, and landed on the very top of a tree. Beautiful.

    12 months ago
  4. Robin Ann

    The sunset is beautiful tonight, pinkish red. It feels like a crisp fall day and the leaves are starting to turn

    12 months ago
  5. Mica

    Not my cat – he weighs 15 lbs. But the humming birds are small beauty – one is perched on the silk oak sapling on my balcony now 🙂

    12 months ago
  6. Emily

    The fresh air of fall, on my beautiful porch, and the laughter we share when we are here

    12 months ago

    Watching the trees turn assorted colors, and welcoming falls crisp air.

    12 months ago
  8. KC

    Looking out two windows, I see a canopy of green. One tall tree in the distance is turning red. Two neighbours are chatting as they pause from walking their dogs.

    Prayers for all experiencing the impact of hurricane Ian, and Fiona.

    12 months ago
  9. Erich617

    Right this moment, I am going over a mountain as the sun rises, and the light is hitting the trees in a beautiful way.

    I also have the small beauty of a child. Every day with her is filled with beauty and wonder. This morning, she pretended that I was potty-training (I am not) and gave me three stickers to wear for going potty by myself. As I was getting her bag ready to go out to the car, two of the stickers fell off. I didn’t notice, but she did right away and asked me what happened to them.

    12 months ago
    1. Mica

      Thank you, Erich – your daughter sounds wonderful in her ‘potty training’ play – thanks for sharing 🙂

      12 months ago
  10. Pilgrim

    Sunshine on the garden & trees, various birds enjoying. Inside, mantle decorated for fall. Prayers for those affected by the hurricane, and for the responders.

    12 months ago
  11. Barb C

    Small drops of dew are crystal beads hanging from the tips of the leaves on a tree we call the Dr. Seuss tree because it’s rounded on top, trimmed straight across the bottom, in a whimsical shape that makes me smile. It was like that when we moved in two years ago and we have kept it pruned that way. It sits right outside the living room window and I look at it every day.
    I also consider it beautiful that I hear the sound of my husband vacuuming–one of the many things he routinely does to keep our home tidy.

    12 months ago
  12. s

    I had to get my yard ready to sell my house and was able to purchase a topiary plant for myself that I’m taking to my new residence. That it is still alive and a reminder of peacefulness for me is the small beauty I noticed this morning when I went out on the porch. It seems so happy to just be in the sun and alive. I wish I were more like that a bit. 🙂

    12 months ago
  13. Carol

    As I read everyone’s post, I thought
    It is such a big beautiful gift that always leads to personal growth.
    Is there really such I thing as “small beauty?”
    I think not.
    Thanks to all for your willingness to share,
    for your vulnerability
    for your open hearts and minds
    It brings such welcome beauty into my life

    12 months ago
  14. Holly in Ohio

    Always! There are maple trees outside my windows that I enjoy every day. The large one in my front yard and another on the street are just thinking of changing color, so mine is getting a little orange on the outside edges of the leaves, as if it is getting guilded, and my neighbor’s has an orange spot where the evening sunset hits it. Right now I have a tree on my dining table… yes. The cold nights this week said it was time to bring my potted citrus trees indoors, so I have a pretty mandarin orange tree on my table, that towers over us. Soon it will be moved again to a sunny room, but I am enjoying our dinners this week, under an indoor tree!

    12 months ago
  15. c

    It is good to know that it is within me to appreciate my capacities and perceptions that allow for experiencing beauty. 🙂

    12 months ago
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