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  1. Robin Ann

    To me it is an ongoing practice to work on being grounded. Different friends, family and coworkers along the way have helped me but it is up to me to seek support. This community, my faith, therapy, yoga, exercise and support groups all help me feel grounded. My company did a Mental Health month this year and we learned about different Celebrities with their own challenges. We were offered a calm feature on our teams internal communication platform, chair massages, food truck day and many other sources of information. Wishing everyone a great week-end!

    1 week ago
  2. sunnypatti

    All of you, the pastor at our church, and the yoga teacher whose classes I still practice with on YouTube even tho she passed away a few years ago. And myself – I can’t forget me!

    1 week ago
  3. Carol

    Anyone who has gained the awareness of the importance of living in the moment, the NOW, is especially helpful to me at this time. While lying in bed yesterday struggling with not venturing into the future, I was graced with the words, “Life has only one purpose, BEING. What a gift and reminder that for our species to truly evolve, we must awaken or as Avril says experience and live “awakened love.” Moment by Moment, “This is It.” Or, as Meister Eckhart says God is Isness. “Be still and Know that I am.” Thanks for all your loving messages to me and for the wisdom, willingness and vulnerability I experience in this blessed community.

    1 week ago
    1. S
      Ana Maria

      So wonderful to be able to read your post today Carol, you are inspiring! I thank you!

      6 days ago
  4. Antoinette

    The meditation helpers/guides help me to remember to use the meditation method and this is great support. Feeling grounded is something I connect to Mother Earth. When I touch the earth with my feet like I did today I feel grounded. Touching the rocks and climbing up from my swim today was lovely.

    1 week ago
  5. pkr

    My daughter helps me to feel grounded. She has a very good head on her shoulders. She is wise beyond her years.😊
    I would also like to pose the question as What makes me feel grounded?
    My faith, connection to the Divine.
    Mother Nature. Meditating, doing yoga, walking are some of the things in my life that make feel grounded.
    Blessings to All here….😊✨❤️

    1 week ago
  6. Charlie T

    Who helps me to feel grounded?
    Hmmm…when I think of grounded,
    I think of connection. There have been
    times in my life that I have felt disconnected
    as if I were free floating and not connected.
    Not a good feeling. At least for me.
    So I’d have to say, the people I’m connected
    to, keep me grounded. Especially the
    people, like my wife and some old friends,
    who can call me out on my bul#*!t.
    It seems I need some gentle pushback.
    Is there such a thing as being too grounded?
    Too stuck to the ground? Too pragmatic?
    Too attached?

    1 week ago
  7. Barb C

    I’m fortunate to have two best friends who are always there if I need to check my perceptions or just tell a story and have somebody say “I hear you” in a sympathetic voice.

    My husband grounds me by being solid, reliable, the one who takes care of something before I even know it needs to be taken care of, the person I know will always be there when I need him, the one who makes me laugh. Laughing together grounds both of us.

    Many many wonderful poets also help me feel grounded. I often share links from the mindfulness collection at Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer ( is another favorite. The more I read poetry the more I find those words that capture a feeling, a moment, some element of life that I can understand in a new way. It’s all grounding.

    1 week ago
  8. Yram

    This is a very timely question for me. My grounded feeling is very insecure at present. Many of the “who” in my life has transitioned. The folks on this site and the many resources provided offer comfort.

    1 week ago
    1. pkr

      Dear Yram, I can relate to your mention of many of the “who” transitioning in your life. I literally & recently, have lost pretty much my entire “support system”, (family, friends, husband). I understand your feeling. I wish you love & healing. It is hard, I know.❤️

      1 week ago
      1. Yram

        Thank you for sharing! I wish love back to you.

        6 days ago
  9. Nannette

    I am not sure that there is a “Who” that keeps me grounded. My husband; of course is a great support…but my thoughts and beliefs are much different than his. The folks here are a wonderful support and are people that I feel I can share honestly with – without judgement. I look forward everyday to reading the kindness and the wisdom that is shown here. My faith will also restore me to groundedness whenever I stop and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit and truly listen.

    1 week ago
  10. Ngoc Nguyen

    I’m not sure, but I think who helps me stay grounded is myself. If I don’t actively seek sources to help me let go and escape, then I might feel lost, even if the means to stay grounded are right in front of me.
    Wishing everyone a nice weekend!

    1 week ago
    1. L
      Loc Tran

      Very well said, my Ngoc. People can help us, but it’s “You help you” at the end of the day. We’re the ones who are responsible in actively finding sources, understand ourselves the best, and have a more receptive attitude.

      1 week ago
  11. Josie

    The Spirit.

    1 week ago
  12. Mary Mantei

    Oops! I missed the « who » part of the question in my answer. I would say different people at different times. My husband, Peter, with his love for me, his calm approach to everything, and his whimsy can really bring me back to center in conversation. My longtime friend, Susie, who loves me unconditionally, tells me like it is! And lastly, being the 8th of 10 children, when I am at one of our two full family get-togethers a year, where we now have 4 generations gather, I feel grounded in ancestral history and present day connectedness.

    1 week ago
    1. L
      Loc Tran

      Mary, you have a strong support system. Susie reminds me so much of Paw Mu from my answer. As far as ancestry goes, this is very similar to Asian cultures. Family legacy is prioritized over the individual whereas individualism rules in the west.

      1 week ago
  13. Mary Mantei

    When I go to bed at night, and reflect ever so briefly on my day, when I can honestly say, « I made that day worth it. », I feel in sync and grounded with the Universe.

    1 week ago
  14. L
    Loc Tran

    Paw Mu is a big sister Burmese friend a couple years ago I met from the Minnesota State for the Blind school in the early 2010s known to be a strong caring traditional woman who speaks the truth as it is on the spot. Clashing is to be expected when 2 opposites on different ends meet. Her base is more authentic whereas mine is mathodical. Going through adversity whether it’s in miscommunications within my marriage or family members due to cultural and generational differences respectively has given me a new found appreciation for Paw Mu. I’ll always appreciate her presence at one point in my life giving me direction when I was lost no matter how far we may drift away which was to be expected. Discomfort on my end was obvious and normal.
    Around that same time, I dated a couple western women I also met at the Blind school around the same time. Long story short. One was known to go great lengths to get her way. The other one was different from who she appeared to be. They happened to be besties and have long hair and a natural sweet voice, my prefered style. I can see why people like my mom and Paw Mu have warned me about sweet women over the years. Both, especially Paw Mu, have shorter hair and a strong voice.
    Paw Mu’s convenient communication style along with her advice from: needing a partner, being careful about sweet-sounding women, cleaning everything in the mind, to staying closest to people from my: family, culture, and elders… reminds me of the beginner’s mind concept. Reading Shunryu Suzuki’s “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” book a couple years ago was the break through. I’m reading it again for right understanding. The main ideas of the book are right practice, attitude, and understanding.
    “Zen Mind; Beginner’s Mind” has continued to help me be able to fluctuate between my prefered style of clarrity and a convenient communication style. These misunderstandings are common between parents and children. Parents have a lot on their plates. The delivery in their messages don’t always come out nicely. This leads to 2 extremes in children. One case is that the children become hardened up and become more insensitive to the needs of others others. The other end is hypersensitivity where children feel misunderstood, resentful, take things personally, rebel, feel lost, and don’t have the necessary skills needed to overcome adversity. Fortunately, my parents are the most leaniant of the Asian standards, but the base is still there. I’ve experienced some of both.
    There are some passages in “Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind” where Shunryu talks about the master telling his student to go away. The student munk did exactly that. It turned out that what the master meant was “Be careful.”
    The dynamic between Paw Mu and me felt like Shaq and Kobe but less intense. She’s clearly smaller than me in size but has the protective and caring qualities of Shaq. The real Shaq was lazy which was why the real Kobe was irritated and called him out for being fat frequently in the later years. Paw Mu’s work ethic is even stronger than mine. My gentleness and goal-oriented mindset has drawn comparisons to Kobe from those closest to me. A teacher from the Blind school nicknamed me “Lockerbe.” It’s Loc, Laker, and Kobe. Speaking our mind is the obvious commonality between Paw Mu and me even if that’s shown in different ways. Memories of her runs deep. Therefore, they’ve kept me grounded. Not only that, the foundation she laid down for me has played a part in paving the way for such a beautiful relationship between Ngoc and me. Another element covered in “Zen Mind, Beginners Mind” that reminds me of Paw Mu is repetition. This is why Asians are known to use the “More is more” philosophy.
    As much as I’m a clarrity guy, I can see some drawbacks more clearly now. Hypersensitivity, self-obsorvedness, entitlement, and trying to please everyone are some examples that jump out. I’ve checked all those boxes. Clarrity is beautiful, but I can also see how it can become exhausting and complicated gaining a better understanding of eastern cultures.

    1 week ago
  15. Joseph McCann

    This community of thoughtful, grateful, compassionate, kind folks who share their insights, wisdom. trials and tribulations, with each other and whomever visits this site. It is a comfort and a great help in keeping myself grounded. Namaste.

    1 week ago
    1. L

      So very true. I may not respond very often, but I’m always reading the responses here every day. So much wisdom on this site. Thank you all 🙏

      1 week ago
      1. L
        Loc Tran

        Hi Lauryn, I remember you being the passionate Warriors fan unless there was another person with the same name. I may have gotten the wrong spelling. But anyways, you’re the Steph Curry to my Kobe Bryant. I’m the asian mamba.

        1 week ago
    2. L
      Loc Tran

      Well said, Joseph. That’s another answer I was about to have. Here I am on the reply. Reading all the responses have provided me great insite and has kept me grounded.

      1 week ago
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