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  1. Robin Ann

    I do!! There are supportive folks (Friends and family) that I love and admire that give me subtle hints of certain directions they see fit but in the end it is me!!!

    5 months ago
    1. Nannette

      How wonderful!! Congratulations and may you share many joyful years together!!

      4 months ago
  2. A
    Anna Wolfe

    My beloved, who today asked me to marry him!

    5 months ago
    1. S
      Ana Maria

      Beautiful Anna! Congratulations and blessing on your journey together.

      4 months ago
    2. Yram

      Very lovely!

      4 months ago
    3. Michele


      4 months ago
    4. Joseph McCann

      Congratulations, Anna.

      5 months ago
    5. Robin Ann

      Congrats, how exciting!

      5 months ago
  3. Dolores Kazanjian

    Among my humans, there is one friend in particular who has a love of life that is amazing and inspiring. Whatever is going on in her life and no matter how overwhelmed she is, there is always a joy and an energy and a deep spirituality. I asked her once if she came out of the womb that way, and she said “yes.”
    My dog is a constant reminder of living in the now and loving life. When we walk him, he frequently gets on his back and rolls around, paws waving.. Just the sheer happiness at being alive.

    5 months ago
  4. Don Jones

    I can be a bit of a cave dweller, but there are a few friends whose approach to life encourages me to go outside and be kind to others. My focus for ‘aliveness’ these days is purpose, Grace and ease. But unfortunately, that road is rarely congested these days.

    5 months ago
  5. Nannette

    Right now- it is me who demands that of myself…if I need encouragement I know that my husband will be there for me. But this is my life and I am responsible for being the most alive and the best person that I possibly can be. I may not always do well…but I am trying.

    5 months ago
    1. Yram

      Thank you for these words. I needed to read them. When I feel alone I want to count on me.

      4 months ago
    2. Robin Ann

      I agree it is myself : )

      5 months ago
  6. pkr

    The Divine…✨

    5 months ago
  7. Emmaleah

    My son. He is very sensitive to energy and mood & he deserves my best, so I try to give him my most alive self as much as I can.

    5 months ago
  8. Carol

    My 101 year old uncle who passed over on January 31st inspired me in many ways but most of all to be my most alive self. My son, also, definitely qualifies as one of my most profound teachers in this category. I think the secret to their being so inspiring is the example they set of showing up, accepting what is and realizing that the spirit with which we live our daily life is the key to being our most alive self. I share a quote from Kahlil Gibran’s Book “The Prophet.” Gibran’s writings, too, have always inspired me to show up as my most alive self.

    “Your daily life is your temple and your religion.
    Whenever you enter into it take with you your all.
    Take the plow and the forge and the mallet and the lute,
    The things you have fashioned in necessity or for delight.
    For in revery you cannot rise above your achievements nor fall lower than your failures.
    And take with you all men: For in adoration you cannot fly higher than their hopes nor humble yourself lower than their despair.
    And if you would know God be not therefore a solver of riddles.
    Rather look about you and you shall see Him playing with your children.
    An look into space; you shall see Him walking in a cloud, outstretching His arms in the lightning and descending in the rain.
    You shall see Him smiling in flowers, then rising and waving His hands in trees.”

    5 months ago
    1. Joseph McCann

      May your 101 year old Uncle rest in Peace, Carol.

      5 months ago
      1. Carol

        Thanks, Joseph.

        5 months ago
  9. Charlie T

    Hmmm, I’m not sure I’m “inspired”. And
    most days I have to dig deep. But I do
    show up with positive energy. And I do
    show up. Sometimes I even have to fake
    it. Kind of a joking over caffeinated coach.
    But the funny thing is, this usually turns
    into real enthusiasm and energy.
    I think I’m usually just grateful to be able
    to get out of my head and start my day
    with others.

    5 months ago
    1. Carol

      Charlie, I learned the mantra “Fake it til you can make it” in 12-step gatherings and found it sound advice. It’s a statement of willingness and you know that staying open and willing is important to me.

      5 months ago
  10. Yram

    A myriad of folks. My husband, friends and my boys.
    The contributers here.
    All who have survived a multiple of issues.
    Those that encourage hope and remind me it is possible.

    5 months ago
  11. Mary Mantei

    Like so many of you, there is not just one person or scenario that inspires me to show up as my best self. It occurred to me how many people in my life fit that response. And then it occurred to me that is not by accident. I have learned to be discerning in my relationships, not exclusive, discerning. Sounds kind of snooty when I actually say that, but not at all. The result is energized relationships that give me energy to hopefully make this world a little better place.

    5 months ago
  12. Carla

    The Ancestors before me who touched my life in myriad ways. I watched them and saw how to be “wholly” me, all the way out to my edges. I am a Beloved daughter of the Creator, hearing the call to rise and Shine this day! ☀️

    5 months ago
  13. sunnypatti

    My husband, our dogs, my job.

    5 months ago
  14. O.Christina

    my boss, friends and loved ones who do their best inspire for equanimity and not losing hope for transformation against all odds. Playing music and singing highly supports being alive, so why not? Thank you for this question.

    5 months ago
    1. Carol

      Yes, the power of song! I have always said that “I sang to me through me.” Music is the universal language!

      5 months ago
      1. O.Christina

        Singing feels to me being a quality in itself, only free when unbound to images or thoughts, just unfolding, the beauty as such, all brokenness and vulnerability being included. Sometimes there is a possibility to sing in a church, just for the holy spirit, for the joy of singing and worship.

        5 months ago
  15. Avril

    I am inspired by various people and beings who help me be the best version of myself. My 13-year-old daughter, who is a gifted artist, is one of the sources of my inspiration. I want to support her in achieving her dreams and avoid any regrets. My husband is also a source of inspiration; his commitment and forgiveness are qualities I admire. Furthermore, my spiritual teachers remind me of my true aspirations. My chosen deity, Green Tara, personifies wise action and is associated with compassion. Whenever I reflect on her, I feel empowered to overcome my self-imposed limitations.

    5 months ago
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