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  1. Carla

    There was another situation where others needed my patience—holding elevator doors open electronically, for three people with mobility limitations in an inner city teaching hospital. Two of them had perplexed caregivers, who paused when greeted by a smile and help with door openings.

    12 months ago
  2. Robin Ann

    I am practicing patience as well as can be expected. , Have a lot going on around me with family. I think I am doing very well at it if I don’t say so myself : ). My son and his fiance broke up 2 weeks ago and I did not initiate a chat with her but did so tonight. She will be moving down the street to her uncle’s house by Sunday. I am very glad we had a chat with privacy to do so. My son is also doing very well with the sudden change thank goodness so far. The first few days were not pleasant but everyone is processing this as well as can be expected. They both want different things in life, it isn’t that they do not care for each other. I am certain they will be remain friends at least for quite a while.

    12 months ago
  3. Charlie T

    I think that I need patience today.
    Patience and perspective.

    12 months ago
  4. pkr

    It is not so much who needs my patience but what. I am back in the Midwest for my daughter’s wedding on Saturday, June 3rd.
    I am out of my element big time!
    I need patience for & during this whole joyful celebration.
    I need patience for & with my daughter.
    I am in need of lots of patience, love, acceptance, kindness, peace, calm & serenity.
    I am working very hard on maintaining my peace, calm & serenity. It is so easy for me to get myself in an internal “tizzy”. I intend to not be that!🕊✨🙏🏻❤️

    12 months ago
    1. Michele

      today is June 3rd…. happy wedding day for your daughter. Bright blessings for a wonderful day:)

      12 months ago
      1. pkr

        Thank you Michele. My daughter’s wedding was beautiful, magical. You could feel the love.
        I just wish I could remember all the special moments; I feel like I was not even there! No, I was not drunk.
        My daughter & her husband were happy & pleased & that is all that counts.

        12 months ago
    2. Nannette

      PKR. I am thinking of you. Being out of your element and surrounded by lots of people and celebration can be difficult. But try to enjoy the moments…also give yourself the gift of being alone for a few minutes when you need to remove yourself from all the gaity. Breathe…remember ….to stop and give yourself permission to be who you are….This will soon be a good memory. Blessings to you.

      12 months ago
      1. pkr

        Dear Nannette, thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I will try to remember your sound advice. Peace & love to you.

        12 months ago
  5. Emmaleah

    My son will likely need extra patience today as he goes through some transitions. His behavior has been difficult lately, and I have been struggling with my patience and not feeling great about my reaction. Today I will take a breath and remind myself that his “acting out” is how he deals with the upset in his routine. I will try my best to be patient, kind, and understanding.

    12 months ago
    1. Linda

      You sound like a very good mother.

      12 months ago
  6. Banning

    I am not really sure who needs it today but I do know that I will approach everyone with understanding and grace knowing that I myself have faults that I need grace for as well. We are all humans just trying to do our best.

    12 months ago
  7. Carol

    I’m having computer issues…could not get the computer to power up for two days! I need my patience today…company arriving, computer issues, monkey mind…as Joseph often reminds us in his posts, we need to get that monkey out of our heads and on to our laps! May you all have a calm and fun-filled day. As my son often says, “Every day’s a good day, Mama! And if he can’t lift my spirits with that, He says, “It could be worse, you know.” Hugs to all in this beloved community!

    12 months ago
    1. Nannette

      Thinking of you, Carol. I hope your computer issues are resolved and that you are doing well. Take a few minutes for yourself…take a deep breath and move on…Enjoy your company (although I know it can be stressful)… Your son sounds like he is a smart young man…I see his wisdom!!1 Blessings, Carol!!

      12 months ago
    2. A
      Ana Maria

      Wise son! Thank you for sharing! You inspire me.

      12 months ago
  8. Yram

    My first answer is, myself. The next group would be my immediate family members!

    12 months ago
  9. sunnypatti

    My husband. And I can show patience by supporting him thru our work day, listening when he needs me to, and just being there to lift him up.

    12 months ago
  10. Nannette

    As others have replied…I need patience with myself…pure and simple. I have to do some self reflection…and think about me..if only for a little while.

    12 months ago
  11. Carla

    One of my coworkers could use some extra patience today. There’s an impromptu retirement party and many have voiced they are “just too busy to attend.” I’ll step forward and set up some of the event for her, the paper products, and such. I’ll cover the clean up too.

    12 months ago
  12. Joseph McCann

    Ah, Patience. That is one thing that I have become better at over the years. Planting, nurturing, weeding and then the harvest all takes patience. The results of all that patience can vary. Sometime outside influences can enhance or destroy the outcome. But if I can continue on with more patience, being in the present, much anxiety is nipped in the bud so to speak.

    12 months ago
    1. Josie


      12 months ago
  13. Laura

    I need my patience today with not just accepting my own human limits but respecting them as I try to do with others. When there is so much to do, especially at work, I tend to chide myself for not doing more.

    12 months ago
  14. W

    My toxic co-worker. I need to reply to their questions with complete answers, not single syllable responses. I need to look at them when they are talking to m,e and when I reply. I need to be grateful AND express gratitude if they give me an end of the school year gift. I need to say, “enjoy your summer” with a positive tone.

    12 months ago
  15. EJP

    The garden with its young vegetables and flowers needs my patience today. I will water it, get rid of the weeds and provide much tender loving care while I patiently wait for all to florish.

    12 months ago
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